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MUSE | Taeyong by caiuscassiuss
MUSE | Taeyongby caiuscassiuss
"You are the apple of my eye, the stars in my sky; you are my muse, and most importantly, you are mine." Safe. In all ways, you have always played it safe, nev...
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My Baby Boy (Changlix fanfic/smut)  by soojin_unnie
My Baby Boy (Changlix fanfic/smut) by soojin_unnie
Felix was always quiet and tried to stay out of everyone's way, but he couldn't seem to stop being the centre of attention, he dreaded school until the 'bad boy' of the...
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stray kids smut :) by jessicaszzx
stray kids smut :)by jessica
i have no life so i'm writing stray kids smut :) feel free to request!
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Barriers - Taehyung by kpoplove_RA
Barriers - Taehyungby kpoplove_RA
What was supposed to be the summer of your life ended up being that and so much more. A part of your job is to take care of some of the world's most handsome men but you...
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Nomin Smuts+ by chickennnnnout
Nomin Smuts+by skkurr
just Nomin smuts one shots Jeno - top Jaemin - bottom Special Chapters - Norenmin, top Jaemin, Noren {ONLY SOME EPISODES WILL CONTAIN DOM JAEMIN }
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Nct Smut.  by Guanheng_hendery__
Nct Smut. by Honey.
nct smut.. request are open
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Stray Kids [Smuts] by QueenS_17
Stray Kids [Smuts]by QueenS_17
So it turns out I'm better at writing Smuts. I think Requests? Contact my insta: Skz.felix02 I try to make this gender neutral
🔞 Señorita | Jaehyun NCT x Joy Red Velvet  by nctsvelvet
🔞 Señorita | Jaehyun NCT x Joy joy
"You say we're just friends But friends don't know the way you taste" -nct x red velvet -jaehyun x joy -rated M
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Our hybrid (bts ff) smut & fluff by redcherrysoda
Our hybrid (bts ff) smut & fluffby redcherrysoda
Bts has a new pet kitty! What they didn't know she is a hybrid. After finding out they decide to become her new owner!! These are little scenes of bts members with a hyb...
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Bts AMBW imagines by PRINCEGUKK
Bts AMBW imaginesby Mimi.
Since us melanins don't get enough credit - BTS x black girl - REQUEST STAY OPEN
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bts oneshots | smuts by kindlyoongi
bts oneshots | smutsby keira
a bunch of oneshot smuts because i seem to be incapable of upholding a decent storyline
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stray kids smut. by incavfe
stray kids 𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖞𝖐𝖎𝖉𝖘
daddy shit🥵enjoy your stay
Bts Smut by Daniellecat1
Bts Smutby Ari❤️
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𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐘 ; 𝐓𝐊. ☑by 𝐣𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐞.
Where Taehyung, a straight fuckboy has Chemistry class with Jungkook, the school's shy rebel. "Don't you think we have a lot of chemistry?" "Shut up, jack...
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His Little Prince (Changlix fanfic/Smut)  by soojin_unnie
His Little Prince (Changlix soojin_unnie
Book two for My Baby Boy Changbin and his Boyfriend / Little Felix are recovering from a rough past, with plenty of problems on their shoulders, they rely on each other...
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BTS AND BLACKPINK SMUTS by jungkookiemaknaeuu
BTS AND BLACKPINK SMUTSby jungkookiemaknaeuu
-Rough -Hard -Deep -Thrust -Lick -Suck -Bite
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Kpop Smuts by Trash_4_Kpop
These are all smuts so read at your own risk!! I will take requests even though I probably won't get any but yeah! Hope you like it if anyone is even gonna read them!!!
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Taehyung smuts & imagine  by JIMINSUGABABY
Taehyung smuts & imagine by ☁︎ JIMINSUGABABY☁︎
This smut book is very cringy and dirty so read at your own risk but other then that thank you for reading ;) 1st on beware? 9/5/18 293 on kpop ? 9/10/18 13 on taetae?9...
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Kpop Smuts by Astro_fan13
Kpop Smutsby Astro_fan13
Just a bunch of one shots
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