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Out of Bounds (Book II) by 4evahannah
Out of Bounds (Book II)by Hannah
"The course of true love never did run smooth." - William Shakespeare A forbidden love in a foreign country with a Prince that is no...
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Something Inside ✔️ (Published) by OutOfMyLimit17
Something Inside ✔️ (Published)by Kenadee
Ashton Miller was the richest, most powerful and sexiest man alive. Being a multimillionaire, he had everything he could have ever wanted; girls, cars, and so much money...
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The Infamous Rafael Valiente EBS2 (Unedited Version) by MsDreamerGirl84
The Infamous Rafael Valiente MsDreamerGirl84
WARNING: LOADED WITH GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! He ran away from all the scrutinizing eyes of the Spanish people, after the wedding is off. A realizat...
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Hating You Sweetly by romolavinia91
Hating You Sweetlyby Lavinia
Laura hated his every move, his every breath and Chris hated Laura with every fiber in his body. So how is it that they find themselves in a heated passionate twist of l...
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Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated
Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestoryby SoulMated
Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all r...
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good girl; h.s. a.u. by misterstyles94
good girl; h.s. -
"Now, be a good little girl, and show your daddy how much you want him," Includes mature themes, daddy kinks, bad language, and age gaps.// ...
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Fifty Shades of Salvation by SongbirdSara
Fifty Shades of Salvationby Sara
Bonnie, college student, has to step in for her best friend Elena to go to interview Mr. Salvatore. Though she is unsure about going she accepts the request of her best...
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Wolfsbane: Lucy & Geoff by BethanyShayPorteous
Wolfsbane: Lucy & Geoffby Bethany Porteous
What's a young wolf shifter to do when the boy she grew up taunting and pranking comes home from college changed and grown up? Lucy and Geoff spent years toying with one...
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Being Lost In Your Arms by spdhegdepranav
Being Lost In Your Armsby Pranav Hegde
A poem for the love of my life
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The Love between you and me by khalidreyes
The Love between you and meby khalidreyes
This book shows a young adult that has gone through alot of hard times
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Daddy's Little Girl   by CarlyWritesStories
Daddy's Little Girl by Carly
Savanna Hollings is a seventeen year old girl living in Cheshire, England along side her grandmother and her grandmothers cat (Mittens) to keep them company. Savanna is...
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what?I have kinks too Dean by kayla-fanfik
what?I have kinks too Deanby kayla
Destiel oneshot college AU Castiel decides to show dean his kinky side. Just a short story because im writing a longer one and i couldnt fit this idea in anywear.
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Alpha mate to three? by Danger25point5
Alpha mate to three?by Danger
Jin Silverfange is a young and only daughter to the Alpha of the Equinox pack. When she goes into her first heat she is hoping to find out if her human boyfriend is her...
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I'm A Christian, He's A Player. And We're Roommates?! by cyndiebookaholic
I'm A Christian, He's A Player. cyndiebookaholic
What happens when Destiny Riley, a devoted Christian ends up with Brandon Simpson, an all time player as a roommate? Apart from the fact that there will be unavoidable c...
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Passion for swimming by FiliahKahar
Passion for swimmingby Filiah Kahar
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Connected No Matter What~Toni Kroos and Erik Durm by princeerikdurm
Connected No Matter What~Toni princeerikdurm
Zoë and Erik Durm had been dating for over a year and they loved each other. Erik's career is growing and he leaves Zoë alone and pregnant...with twins but what would ha...
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Book of Poems - Loss of Innocence by LucidEnigmatic
Book of Poems - Loss of Innocenceby LucidEnigmatic
Dark poem
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Declaration Of A Lost Soul by TheHeroComplex
Declaration Of A Lost Soulby Aynnie Rose
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Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
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The Girl Underground by _WriteMeThis_
The Girl Undergroundby Milla
***The Girl Underground, Book 1 *** "Loving him was a mistake, I knew that. It was the most beautifully evil thing I have ever done." In the case of forbidden...
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