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Schizophrenic ✔ by TiffanyRobles16
Schizophrenic ✔by Tiffany Robles
Schizophrenia • A brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. • Symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking. • Treatment is usua...
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Sleep Disorders  by cosmic-thoughts
Sleep Disorders by whimsical.
He couldn't sleep. She couldn't stay awake. What do these two completely different teenagers have in common? They both fell victim to the treacherous clutches of a sle...
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The King Likes Men by Crys_Tells
The King Likes Menby Crys_Tells
Korea goes into an uproar when its announced that its faceless King, Kim Namjoon, likes men and only men. In an effort to get him married off, his grandmother holds a co...
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Him -- Book I & II ✓ by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Him -- Book I & II ✓by Daisy
| a true story of a boy who wants to be saved, a girl trying to save him, and a friend who knows it's impossible | Hayden Aileron is everything Helena never knew she nee...
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The Downside to Perfection ✔ by originalverbivore
The Downside to Perfection ✔by Jessy
Jason King is perfect. Whether it's the British accent, his flawless fashion sense or having been able to pick up life again after having been through trauma as a result...
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Group Therapy by ilikewritingcrap
Group Therapyby An Mcr Stan
Five troubled teenagers gathered in one room, a room where it's safe to let your guard down, to let go. HIGHEST RANK/ #1 in group therapy #4 in teenage drama #4 in ment...
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ᴄʀʏ. | ᴠᴋᴏᴏᴋ by SpookyChim
ᴄʀʏ. | ᴠᴋᴏᴏᴋby 𝐠𝐨𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐬
"Big Boys Don't Cry."
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Crazed Addiction ~Larry Stylinson Au~ BoyxBoy #WATTY2019 by LarryShipperForLife
Crazed Addiction ~Larry LarryShipperForLife
When Des Styles runs out of time to pay Louis back for his supply drugs, Louis is furious. So instead of going after Des, he goes after something, or someone, that belon...
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What's Really Hollywood by jayhunnnna
What's Really Hollywoodby Jade
|| Chris Brown || The sequel to What's Really Hood. It's been five years since Michael, China, and Chris left to begin their new luxurious lives in California, leaving...
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deku | villain au by edgykiri
deku | villain auby k
Completed Villain Deku AU|Tododeku Izuku Midoriya isn't what people think he is. One of the most popular students at U.A high school, Midoriya had only just began his jo...
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College Students by courtneyrxsee
College Studentsby — 𝓬 ༄
First day of college. Darcy Winters is a new student, she's quiet, quirky, lovable but not what people expect when they really get to know her, she puts on an act to mas...
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Living with the boys  by horses1234omglol
Living with the boys by Kim
(This book is not EDITED! It will have spelling and grammar issues! When I finish the book I will be fixing it!) "I don't know what to say alley" "Say w...
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Foreigners Of Yesterday (Boyxboy)  by B_Beth00
Foreigners Of Yesterday (Boyxboy) by Betty
(Love stories in the perspective of a boy. ) I have always been blind, but I never knew I was this awful at reading people and dealing with my own emotions. I was only...
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Feisty Omega(not edited yet) by somebunnylovesyou
Feisty Omega(not edited yet)by
Omega deku gets captured after passing through a unknown territory to his misfortune he is captured and thrown in a cell to be prepped as the perfect omega for the princ...
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Compulsive (Robert Downey, Jr.) by JustAlilfan
Compulsive (Robert Downey, Jr.)by Carly
This mysterious good looking guy makes a sudden and big appearence on Emma's life. She has no idea why or his reasons for his doings. What happens when she tries to find...
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Miss Understanding (Bokuto x Reader) by MadameColdSmiles
Miss Understanding (Bokuto x Madame Cold Smiles
You and Bokuto haven't known each other for long but he already knows something that not even your best friend knows...
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100 random rhyming poems by commonauthor
100 random rhyming poemsby ||-//
The title pretty much explains it all, this is an ongoing book (which will be completed once I've written 100 poems). Most of these poems are about depression and mental...
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Let Me Show You How to Love Yourself (Larry Stylinson) ✅ by larry_love_ED
Let Me Show You How to Love larry_love_ED
Harry Styles lives in a flat in London with his roommates Zayn and Liam. When Louis -- a handsome and spunky magazine writer -- moves in across the hall, he quickly deve...
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Difference  by garicksons
Difference by devyn ‘97
A story of teenager Adonis, living with post traumatic stress disorder, as well as a world of other issues involving his family, his school, and his own thoughts. He eve...
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Suicide Quotes II by MysticalNobody
Suicide Quotes IIby Lover
The second edition of suicide Quotes. Includes depression, suicide, eating disorders, OCD (which should be considered a mental disorder), schizophrenia, bipolar disorder...
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