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I'm Alive | Portgas D. Ace x Reader by kaizoku-neechan56
I'm Alive | Portgas D. Ace x Readerby kaizoku-neechan56
Ackerman D. (Y/n), carries the burden of baring her family name. At the age of 7, the world government put a bounty on her head, in hopes to cover up their tracks. Howev...
The Secret of Me by 0stormyblue0
The Secret of Meby The Dreamer
Three odd boys. Perhaps, just maybe, they were normal boys, who did normal things, but then again the only boys I've met have threatened to kill me... Two having a dark...
Transported (A ONE PIECE Fanfiction) by Star_Crystals
Transported (A ONE PIECE Fanfictio...by Tala☆★
Tala Ramirez. A fourteen year old is an otaku. Her favorite anime is One Piece. And just like every fan, her only wish is to see the ending of her favorite anime. ...
Nemesis [Trafalgar Law x Reader] by redskybluecherry
Nemesis [Trafalgar Law x Reader]by Redskybluecherry
Your life as a med student had been going perfectly fine... until Trafalgar Law came along. You hated him. You hated him so very much. Mini-Series. Modern AU. Warnings:...
[OP] ♠️ Seven Letters ♠️  [Ace x Reader] AU by TsundereNami-chan
[OP] ♠️ Seven Letters ♠️ [Ace x R...by TsundereNami-chan
Y/n has only seven mysterious days ... to decipher the letters and find the Anonymous Writer ♠️. But will her love for a certain raven, that unfortunately holds the repu...
One Piece x Reader Oneshots by redheadedpineapple
One Piece x Reader Oneshotsby Bamse
Loving Touches (Ace x Reader)✔[EDITING] by Saakurako
Loving Touches (Ace x Reader)✔[EDI...by KONO DIO DA
- Be mine! - I'm already yours What if a lonely girl whose life has been really tough for years and learnt not to trust people have some random pirates save her. What if...
Our Little Sister by MultiKpopFandoms
Our Little Sisterby –.– .––. ––– .––.
One Piece modern!au, where YOU are the little sister of Ace, Sabo and Luffy. DISCLAIMER: THE COVER, NOR THE CHARACTERS USED IN THIS FANFICTION ARE MINE. THEY ALL BELONG...
One Piece Oc X Ace ,Luffy, Marco, Zoro- Part 1 by Luna_Christine
One Piece Oc X Ace ,Luffy, Marco...by Luna
Yuki has travelled through seas with her nakama but they betray her and the ones who didn't got gravely injured. They all got caught by the Marines and rescued by other...
Fire And Ice by lyntaria
Fire And Iceby lyntaria
2 opposites that may be more similar than they thought. She stole his blazing heart and it thawed her frozen one. **** Fire melts ice. Simple as that, right? If only i...
The Love(Discontinued) by hunterxhunter234
The Love(Discontinued)by FantasyLover
Luffy is going to be a girl named Monkey D. Luffia, but goes by Luffy. She was raised by her parents, Monkey D. Dragon and Gol. D. Mary, Grandpa is the same. Gol. D. Mar...
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece) by NatashaHannan
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece)by Natasha
I do not own One Piece nor the picture. For years, I have been watched over humans for long time. However, I did not except this to be happen. Not one bit. Where the Gri...
Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds by Livy_The_Ace
Warm Memories and Brotherly Bondsby Liv
In the middle of some strange ruins, Luffy disappeared. As the rest of the Straw Hats try to find him, they end up travelling through his memories and are trapped in the...
Multiverse & Memories Of Monkey D Luffy by NatashaHannan
Multiverse & Memories Of Monkey D...by Natasha
Do not own One Piece and the picture. At the verge of Ace's death, pirates and few good marines are suddenly appeared in the room where they would watch Luffy's alternat...
Illusion Queen  by KamisamaBooks
Illusion Queen by KamisamaBooks
Reborn into the world of One Piece, Tsukimi is trying to live a peaceful life while pursuing her dream of being a great detective. This time, she won't get killed. To le...
Ace x reader: Come with me! by eve-is-me
Ace x reader: Come with me!by eve-is-me
If you've seen everything already, if you've been everywhere already... what's the point in continuing? Being an incredible genius, you've already figured out where the...
Daily daycare for kids by Shiro_Neko_Nezah
Daily daycare for kidsby Red Hawk
This will be progressive story but basically in terms this is a large daycare for One Piece charchters both males and females from all ages as kids being taken care of b...
Love Me (Portgas D. Ace x Reader)  by PicachuWithAC
Love Me (Portgas D. Ace x Reader) by Quite Lovely
Portgas D. Ace x Reader- The 16th Princess of the Kashi Tribe, a tribe home to over a hundred thousand people being protected by the Royal army and the royals themselves...
The Chronicle by ThiefofStealthEricha
The Chronicleby ThiefofStealth
The Death of Ace. Most of his fans didn't like his death, same with me. Welcome to The Chronicle series, where is me, suddenly got thrown into One Piece world. I'm insid...
One Piece x Reader One Shots! by Pokeharvest
One Piece x Reader One Shots!by Pokeharvest
A collection of One Piece x Readers! They'll mainly be Straw Hats (and by Straw Hats I mean Zoro) and requests are CLOSED! No lemons! All of the stories here are cross p...