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Watching his memories by strawhatmena
Watching his memoriesby strawhatmena
A One Piece fanfiction where many characters from One Piece watch Luffy's memories. I do not own any of these One Piece characters just my OC. These characters belong to...
A Cross Between Time | One Piece FanFiction by Shiorya
A Cross Between Time | One Piece F...by 𝒮𝒽𝒾𝑜𝓇𝓎𝒶
The Moby Dick was sailing through the sea towards a mysterious island no one really knew when suddenly a scream was heard in the sky, a certain straw-hatted boy appeared...
Our New Home by generalyumi1021
Our New Homeby generalyumi1021
When Ace, Sabo, and Luffy first got captured by slaves they never anticipated being forced to stay there for a year. They especially didn't expect getting rescued by a g...
ASL brothers by Lee21Dust
ASL brothersby Lee21Dust
The original was made by ThyBirdMan and the story's name it The three brothers. They hadn't updated in a while so i decided to 'take' a few ideas. (i will change most o...
Percy Jackson banished to One Piece by Magizen
Percy Jackson banished to One Pieceby Magizen
Percy betrayed and banished from his world finds himself in a world filled with pirates. Secluded on an island with his two dragons he thinks he can stay forever alone...
Luffy's memories (one piece fanfiction) by vicky42ruth
Luffy's memories (one piece fanfic...by vicky42ruth
One piece characters watches Luffy's memories!! I own nothing from the anime/manga!! Enjoy!
String of Fate (One Piece) by Miyamusubi
String of Fate (One Piece)by Miyamusubi
Who knew that Marine Admiral Sakazuki had a daughter. Yet this daughter was unknown to the world. A girl who had tried to gain her father's admiration and acceptance...
Illusion Queen  by KamisamaBooks
Illusion Queen by KamisamaBooks
Reborn into the world of One Piece, Tsukimi is trying to live a peaceful life while pursuing her dream of being a great detective. This time, she won't get killed. To le...
Luffy's Older Sister • One Piece x Reader by FairyLucyNamiPiece
Luffy's Older Sister • One Piece x...by سمية
a d r e s t i a the greek goddess of revolt Monkey D Adrestia, the daughter of The Revolutionary Dragon and the older sister of Mugiwara. This is her story, of how...
Promises || One Piece x OC by nanisukehiro
Promises || One Piece x OCby 𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐢-𝐬𝐚𝐧
the story of luffy's older sister, Kat, and her journey with the straw hat crew. takes place during thriller bark. please do not read if you're not past enies lobby !
FireBlaze Born by kluvsop21
FireBlaze Bornby kluvsop21
This is where Marco and Ace become Parents! This is my own version, so don't be surprised if there's not a lot of things that are right with the pregnancy! I don't know...
A New Start ( Whitebeard pirates × Child Reader) by luffytaro1106
A New Start ( Whitebeard pirates ×...by luffytaro1106
crdts to manga/Pic : (tumblr) hiddenmangaka story: (Archive of our own) Silver_KitsuneNeko
150 Things Portgas D.  Ace is NOT allowed to do by WittyPiglet
150 Things Portgas D. Ace is NOT...by WittyPiglet
The division subordinates are getting mighty fed up with Ace's antics. What better way to deal with him? Make a rule list of course! Only Ace has some thoughts about the...
A new beginning starting an old end by Dracodaddy
A new beginning starting an old endby Beckyplays! wooo
After an incident that happened to luffy whilst he was three, he falls into the hands of a group of pirates. Will this shape his life for the better? Or worse?
ASL's Healing Fox [Crossover] by getwow21
ASL's Healing Fox [Crossover]by getwow21
Even with the combined forces of both the Straw Hats and Whitebeard Pirates, Ace still gets a fatal blow, as did Whitebeard and Luffy from his previous poisonous injurie...
Watching His Memories (One Piece Fanfiction) by Darkleer-Senpai
Watching His Memories (One Piece F...by Raven
One piece watches Luffy's memories!! I own nothing from the anime/manga!! Enjoy! A mysteriously cloaked man gathers characters of his realm One Piece to watch a Straw H...
Flaming Wings by ShadowTakerZero
Flaming Wingsby Zero
[A One Piece Fan-fiction] What happens when a ball of fluff ends up on Whitebeard's ship.
Yandere one piece one shots by PirateQueen14
Yandere one piece one shotsby PirateQueen14
All of our wonderful boys and girls from one piece being yandere. Don't steal my stories. (I don't own one piece or the cover picture)
One Piece by Princess-Sharks
One Pieceby Princess-Sharks
Much like my One Piece Cupcake one shots i will be doing one piece again! Now I won't be taking requests, but there are some stories from the old book that I'm gonna add...