A Cross Between Tim...
By Shiorya
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The Moby Dick was sailing through the sea towards a mysterious island no one really knew when suddenly a scream was heard in the sky, a certain straw-hatted boy appeared and crashed onto the deck. Ace was with Thatch and Haruta when he heard the crash and quickly to his father's side in case it was an attack, he was surprised to find a familiar face staring back at him when the dust cleared. -I DO NOT OWN ONE PIECE OR ANY OF THE IMAGES- -Warning: grammar mistakes, cuss words -I DO NOT ALLOW THIS STORY TO BE UPLOADED ANYWHERE ELSE- (I do not own One Piece, but I do own the concept, alternate universe, and most importantly, the time, and effort I have put into this story. This story isn't anywhere else, it is only here on Wattpad. If you see my story on any other website, please message me about it.)

A Familiar Figure

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