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Illusion Queen  by KamisamaBooks
Illusion Queen by KamisamaBooks
Reborn into the world of One Piece, Tsukimi is trying to live a peaceful life while pursuing her dream of being a great detective. This time, she won't get killed. To le...
The ASL+One by 2020OfficlySUCKS_ASS
The ASL+Oneby FUCK 2020
What if Ace, Sabo, and Luffy had an older brother? What if there brother was apart of a crew? What if there brother and his crew betrayed the trupe? What if they aren't...
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece) by NatashaHannan
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece)by Natasha
I do not own One Piece nor the picture. For years, I have been watched over humans for long time. However, I did not except this to be happen. Not one bit. Where the Gri...
Yandere one piece one shots by PirateQueen14
Yandere one piece one shotsby PirateQueen14
All of our wonderful boys and girls from one piece being yandere. Don't steal my stories. (I don't own one piece or the cover picture)
With different eyes by _PhoenixLuna
With different eyesby _PhoenixLuna
A 22-year-old student ends up in the One Piece world, but unfortunately not the way everybody wants it to be: She ends up in the body of Portgas D. Ace and he doesn't th...
ASL brothers by This_emo_thing
ASL brothersby This_emo_thing
The original was made by ThyBirdMan and the story's name it The three brothers. They hadn't updated in a while so i decided to 'take' a few ideas. (i will change most o...
A new beginning starting an old end by Dracodaddy
A new beginning starting an old endby Beckyplays! wooo
After an incident that happened to luffy whilst he was three, he falls into the hands of a group of pirates. Will this shape his life for the better? Or worse?
One Piece x Reader by Erza0019
One Piece x Readerby Erza Scarlet
(__) is many things. She's kind, lovable, friendly, and beautiful. They say when people look at her they can't help but stare. Her looks alone make men crave her. What h...
Show me How (Ace x Reader) by xmokji
Show me How (Ace x Reader)by xmokji
Nothing hurts more than losing someone dear to you. A chance to turn the clock and do it again. Everything done wrong you could have righted. Saying the words that we...
The journey to begin by mhagames
The journey to beginby mhagames
whitebeard sat there in his chair as he looked at Dragon. why the most wanted man around would want to meet up with whitebeard no one knew until they saw a small child...
Miss Anti-Fan (Sabo x Oc) {ON HOLD} by xxsunflowerrrxx
Miss Anti-Fan (Sabo x Oc) {ON HOLD}by ♡♥InfinityLight♥♡
Blair D. Rouge is average girl who attends school like any other girl her age. But one day, that suddenly changed when she got herself involved in to a really famous and...
Captains will by mhagames
Captains willby mhagames
The government finds out Luffy's is Dragons son. In order to protect the things he loves Luffy makes the hard decision of leaving Ace and Sabo and the mountain bandits...
String of Fate (One Piece) by Miyamusubi
String of Fate (One Piece)by Miyamusubi
A young marine girl, who was trained at an earlier age. Constantly moving around on the seas and training hard. Training hard to become stronger, in the attempts to le...
My One Piece Fantasy Vr.2 by ganesh12334
My One Piece Fantasy Vr.2by Ganesh Savvithru
My re take on the previous version I am not very good at descriptions Tho so you will have to read it. DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THEIR...
SEASONS [Anime Quotes]  by Abigail_gif
SEASONS [Anime Quotes] by Gifsy Abigail
... Even though the seasons change, this feeling will remain the same. A collection of awesome Quotes from Various Animes. "Why is it that the beautiful things are...
Phoenix and the ASL by mhagames
Phoenix and the ASLby mhagames
Marco had been trying to track down a run away pirate who some how made it all the way to the East Blue, Gao Kingdoms or Dawn island. Marco finds the person he's after a...
Delaying the Inevitable by spisovatelli
Delaying the Inevitableby Author Nim
A fanfic story about Roronoa Zoro. Credits to Eiichiro Oda. Reminder: It is a fanfiction. If any of the character or parts of the story is inaccurate, it's because it's...
The Waters We Stand On by mhagames
The Waters We Stand Onby mhagames
Luffy has always been an energetic kid, his brothers, Ace and Sabo, have been watching over him since he was 7 Everything seems to be normal Ace Sabo and Luffy going abo...
Male Celestial Dragon Reader X One Piece by TheOriginOfAll
Male Celestial Dragon Reader X One...by TheOriginOfAll
follow Y/n and the straw hats as they cause all sorts of ruckus around the world.
Beautiful - Lovely Trilogy Book 3 by lovelystrawhat
Beautiful - Lovely Trilogy Book 3by LovelyStrawHat
Book 3 and conclusion of the Lovely Trilogy 16+ "We did it, Luffy," I cried, tears crawling up my face from the speed of our fall. He gave me a determined grin...