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One Piece {Warlord Imagines} by Op-Law
One Piece {Warlord Imagines}by Em
This book will have different scenarios for the warlords and how they react to them. The Warlords featured in this book are the one's on the cover art but if there's ano...
Mihawk x reader (Red haired Twins) by _miz_r
Mihawk x reader (Red haired Twins)by M
(Although I haven't finished my other book, I couldn't stop thinking about this story :p) Shin (aka y/n) makes and appearance in marineford, "War of the best"...
One Piece x y/n by preciousonly1
One Piece x y/nby preciousonly1
Y/n is a celestial dragon. Her father kept everything to himself. Every time she walked inside the room he would hide things away. But she doesn't think much of it. She...
A New World by karensama13
A New Worldby Karensama
Y/n, just a girl coming home from summer camp. Suddenly finds herself stranded on what seems to be a deserted island only to find that it was the home of Dracule Mihawk...
Hinokami Kagura by ILike-Tacos
Hinokami Kaguraby iLike-Tacos
When Vice admiral Garp adopts a small child from his old friend things are about to get interesting ____________ One piece various x Tanjiro!Reader Reader uses They/Them
The strange cats and shy girl by Mangletube_3
The strange cats and shy girlby
In the real world a woman just moved out of her parents to her own home far in the woods to live in cabin but one day she hears meowing from outside to find cats?..but s...
The Sadistic Swordsman by JinwuSung
The Sadistic Swordsmanby Jin wu Sung
"Know your place, Fool." If you know, you know;) One Pieces is owned by Eiichiora Oda. I just own my ocs.
Im blind? |One piece various x Avatar! reader by JewelryBon
Im blind? |One piece various x Ava...by jewelry bon.
What happened when you got hit by a truck and woke up in one piece as Toph from Avatar the last Airbender? Read more to know what happened next! *Disclaimer!: Slow upda...
The baby brother of ASL by Apparently11
The baby brother of ASLby HistoryMaker
Shanks and Mihawk were one of the strongest and most influential pirates in the whole world. However they too had a being that they both would gladly lay their life dow...
Smokeless War - One Piece by kateisnothere007
Smokeless War - One Pieceby why hello there
Eyes like gold and a gaze like steel, even without the sword as large as he was, he gave off a terrifying aura, one his enemies would never forget. "What if I come...
The Adopted Charlotte by Zir_Kira
The Adopted Charlotteby Lucifiara Gehenna
Candy is big mom's adopted daughther. 20 years ago when katakuri is still 28 years old, they found a teen that atleast younger than Cinnamon . That teen had no memories...
Hell's Nursery ~ One Piece x Reader by piratequeend
Hell's Nursery ~ One Piece x Readerby PirateQueenD
Here's a collab story from D.A that I wanted to share! A link to my partner and uploader of this story! : http://knightannabeth.deviantart.com/
Love In The Dark [One Piece Fan Fiction] by u4ryah
Love In The Dark [One Piece Fan Fi...by jinxed
A certain woman suddenly entered a strange dimension which led her in the world of One Piece. Mihawk x Reader [On Going]
One piece cats x reader by qtHaru3
One piece cats x readerby Qt Haru ;)
What happens when the most handsome, funny, crazy one piece characters turns in to cats and gets thrown to our world. The cover doesn't belong to me neither are one piec...
Freedom by QuietNowPlease
Freedomby Quite Please
This is were it begins, running around having adventures with your captain but that all doesn't last after his death, sent to the lowest level of impel down (level 6) to...
One Piece X Reader ~ Oneshots by TsundereNami-chan
One Piece X Reader ~ Oneshotsby TsundereNami-chan
" Beware, thou shall see...Danger will occur if warning is ignored. " °*°*°*°Beasts are still lurking from the shadows, as One Piece world combines with the My...
My Little Demons (one piece x reader) Daycare style by MangoDawg
My Little Demons (one piece x read...by _Lemmoni_
{Currently slow on updates, beware the procrastination monster!!} You're given a job as a caretaker at Sunny Go Daycare Center. You hadn't planned it, but now you had to...
My second chance ( Onepiece x reader ) by preciousonly1
My second chance ( Onepiece x read...by preciousonly1
No one knows my story. And why or what I'm doing IT for. But THEY gave me a second chance, even though I'm a screw up. All I want is my family back. She's able to show p...
One Piece Seven Minutes in Heaven by Op-Law
One Piece Seven Minutes in Heavenby Em
Seven minutes in a closet what could go wrong? Some will be longer than others depends on how well I know the character but hoping I can still make them a good length. F...
HUSBANDS x reader (OnePiece) by iamkims
HUSBANDS x reader (OnePiece)by hana
Publish 6/2018 Husbando for you weebs