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Thatch Stories

108 Stories

My Idiot // Luffy x oc by PirateQueen14
My Idiot // Luffy x ocby PirateQueen14
Lily has always felt like she doesn't belong. One day she finds out that the person she calls her father has been lying to her. Don't steal my story. (I don't own one pi...
ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by ultimatelytired
ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece Fan-Fi...by vibe check
(COMPLETED) Portgas D. Atami was her name, eldest daughter of Gol D. Roger & Portgas D. Rouge & older sister of the ASL. ... i know that the new book cover is Lightning...
A World Beneath The Stars (One Piece x Reader) by Rejectedapologies
A World Beneath The Stars (One Pie...by Rejectedapologies
Left alone on an unnamed island two years ago as a child by her hateful father. Left on the island trying to survive she has a run in with whitebears pirates Thatch and...
Flaming Wings by ShadowTakerZero
Flaming Wingsby Zero
[A One Piece Fan-fiction] What happens when a ball of fluff ends up on Whitebeard's ship.
7 Minutes In Heaven. {One Piece x Reader} by KiraReno
7 Minutes In Heaven. {One Piece x...by ღKatakuri's eyes.ღ
This request is long overdue and I'm very sorry about that, I've been shit recently. I've been mulling over it for a while now, I've made a mess of my notepad as well as...
One Piece; Book Of One Shots! by -cora-san
One Piece; Book Of One Shots!by yamato is a KING
• currently not taking requests, sorry! • Get ready to fulfill your fantasies of getting with one of your favorite OP boys or girls... or maybe both! (づ ̄ ▽ ̄)づ have fun~...
Heart's Fire [One Piece] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Heart's Fire [One Piece]by Ashley
In search of her long lost brother, Lacey finds herself in danger of losing sight of her goal as she falls for the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. T...
Cupcakes One Piece one shots.....Discontinued by LitttleMissOreo
Cupcakes One Piece one shots.....D...by Erica Pugh
This is nothing but fluff for One Piece characters. If you have any ideas shoot me a message or comment. I can do OOC or xReader. So... enjoy!
Ikari ][ One Piece ][ by XxScarletMaidenxX
Ikari ][ One Piece ][by Ashley
OC X Portgas D. Ace Random notes: -Debate over Jinbe vs Jimbei both are used but I'm just going to use 'Jinbe' hopefully that doesn't cause any disputes -Ikari (ikari)...
Changing the Future by chrisymd
Changing the Futureby Christina
I didn't understand what was going on. I should be dead. Why am I not dead? I questioned before realizing something once I got a hand on the newspaper. I wasn't in my wo...
Time frames [Ace? Marco? x Reader] by AbyssCronica
Time frames [Ace? Marco? x Reader]by AbyssCronica
You're Whitebeard's "precious daughter", with a bunch of overprotective and pranking older brothers. Life can be difficult, but could be worse. And will be wor...
Summer Days (AcexReader) by Kleptocat321
Summer Days (AcexReader)by Taylor
"Do you love me?" ~ New town. New house. New neighbors. And one freckled hottie that's caught your attention. The only problem is that you have no romantic...
Family?    × One piece, Ace x oc × by Chanti_choo
Family? × One piece, Ace x oc ×by Chanti
Family? Love? I don't know those words Until... This one specific day. Where both of them learned what it actually means. The young girl Hikari is alone since she is...
A Little Older (Marco x Reader) by SunkissedSaya
A Little Older (Marco x Reader)by Sun-kissed Saya
After moving back into Edward Newgate's home after college, you found yourself surrounded by his rowdy sons. While trying to figure your own life out you also have to st...
Mia - My OC ❤️ by Natsu_No_Ame
Mia - My OC ❤️by Firebub Waifu
This book just contains info about my OC, Mia. meep meep, the art is done by me, yes, unless mentioned otherwise. and don't judge if it ain't good! I'm not the best art...
A Ninja Pirate by candysweet111
A Ninja Pirateby Mandy Cabrera
After battle with madara, uzumaki naruko was betrayed and killed by her so called "best friend". Kurama used a forbidden jutsu to sent her to other world. Whe...
Ace x Reader x Thatch (LEMON) by Nouis_Horanson2319
Ace x Reader x Thatch (LEMON)by D A B I
Ace x Reader x Thatch threesome. (Requested)
I'm not sorry by Shine_like_moonlight
I'm not sorryby Shine_like_moonlight
Pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Fan-fucking-tastic
Little angel by MyDogOlive123
Little angelby Bitch_IDK
She was put through hell all of her life.She never knew the love of a mother instead she knew the hate of the world. She never got looks of happiness from the villagers...