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The Ultimate Vampire Weapon by demondarkwriter
The Ultimate Vampire Weaponby Kara Danvers
This is just an idea the first chapter will be a little of her backstory and anyone who has any idea of where it should go just dm and I will see if I can't add that to...
Let's Be Insane Together (CWAC Book Three) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Let's Be Insane Together (CWAC Lone-wolf-fanfics
Wade Wilson crashes, rather literally, into Harley's life. They bond, play and kill for fun together until it is shattered by her former lover, The Joker. Wade must turn...
Naruto The Silent Genius  by angrmz
Naruto The Silent Genius by Madam Potato
He Who Weaves Nightmares | The Oneiro Brothers Book 1 by IraCrow13
He Who Weaves Nightmares | The Ira Crow
When the three gods of the dream world accidentally caused a mass homicide, their father, Erebus, decided to punish them and send them to the mortal realm. The oldest br...
Beaten, Bruised, and Kissed by RachelFine
Beaten, Bruised, and Kissedby Rachel
"Don't let me fall Ryder! Don't let me fall," back then, I had no idea the truth behind that plea. With my feet in his tiny, 5 year old hands, he held on tight...
His Angel by MyNameASH
His Angelby ASH
He is the famous gang leader of EST named Machine Gun Kelly. He ruled the town like he owned it. Everyone feared him cause he never care about anyone. Selene is the opp...
Selene ☿ KLAUS MIKAELSON by CrissBiancaPuffy
Selene ☿ KLAUS MIKAELSONby Bianca
❝Who is she?❞ ❝Selene. Her name is Selene.❞ -------------------------------------- ❝You don't scare me, Selene.❞ ❝Well, we'll have to work on that. ❞
Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~ by rilakumalover305
Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~by Riri
Serena has been in Hoenn for about half a year now. It's summer so she decides to visit Alola. The best place for a summer vacation! Who knew that her one week long vac...
Child of the Moon by truly_me_0320
Child of the Moonby truly_me
When reincarnated as a newborn baby and sent to earth, Amaris is given a mission. A mission to save the wolves sworn to the Goddess of the moon. She is found in the mi...
The Feral Child by Poison_Darkness
The Feral Childby Poison_Darkness
When the Fletchers, a family of werewolves, take a trip to their new island, they did not expect to find a girl living there. She called herself Mud and she too was a we...
War Inside My Head // Achilles by lettersfromA
War Inside My Head // Achillesby A
When a Princess Warrior meets Greek's mightiest warrior. What if they fall inlove with each other? What would happen to Troy? *Highest rank: number 1 in search for Achil...
Angel in disguise - Stiles Stilinski (2) by MysticAllen
Angel in disguise - Stiles MysticAllen
Now with the threat of the hunters gone Selene can finally relax. That was until the Alpha pack came to Beacon Hills and threatened to ruin everything all over again. Al...
Wolf's Claim by minnie_mouse262
Wolf's Claimby Leis
"What are you doing here?" he questioned, his voice a husky of depth. "This is reserved land, tourists aren't allowed here." "W-who are you?&quo...
Chat Me, Love Me (COMPLETED FULL VERSION) by Samarra_Blair
Chat Me, Love Me (COMPLETED FULL Gazchela Aerienne
Ebook: July 15, 2018 P50 "Tinatanong ko nga din ang sarili ko kung ano baa ng mayroon ka at masayang-masaya ako kapag kasama kita" Unknown: Teka, kanina pa tay...
Underworld: Bloodlines (BEING REWRITTEN/ON HOLD) by disaster_ace
Underworld: Bloodlines (BEING --
300 years ago, Izabela Corvin was born to Lycan parents and thus was one herself. Though she was a Lycan, Izabela never really cared for the Vampire-Lycan war and did he...
The Lone Wolf by Major_Nich
The Lone Wolfby Major_Nich
Perseus Jackson, The son of Koios, Titan of the North, Meets with Selene, Titaness of the moon. What will happen with this meeting? Note: I do NOT own Percy Jackson, He...
•❤•The broken arrow•❤•(Gladion x reader)• by StrawberrySylveon
•❤•The broken arrow•❤•(Gladion x ♡S y l v e o n♡
❤nσ α/n❤❤αll chαptєrѕ αrє 1000+ wσrdѕ❤❤cσmplєtєd❤ (y/n)-I had a great journey.. Taking my last breaths I was ready to call upon my own death. And with a few words all m...
Loving MGK ( His Angel Sequel ) by MyNameASH
Loving MGK ( His Angel Sequel )by ASH
You have to read the first book HIS ANGEL to read this book. This book is the sequel.
All It Took by vxixvxi
All It Tookby vxixvxi
Selene D'Alleva grew up rich and popular with her football playing twin brother, Sean D'Alleva, and best friend since birth, Cassie LaBeau. She's cunning, and adventurou...
Selene by paraweirdo
Seleneby 🌒
(A Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction) What if Queen Channary HADN'T died from regolith poisoning? What if Princess Selene HADN'T been caught in the fire and sent to Earth? Wha...