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Watching The D Memories by Matsukawa_Tsuki
Watching The D Memoriesby Matsukawa_Tsuki
the strawhat is in an island where alot of noble live. there he meet Sabo suddenly the world stops and they got teleported to a big theater in the middle of a void. They...
Hear No Evil (Deaf! Loki) by LexyDunbar
Hear No Evil (Deaf! Loki)by Lexy Dunbar
#8 in loki #2 in "Signlanguage #1 in "Hearing" #1 in Frigga #3 in "Comfort" "If its all the same to you I'll have that drink now?" Hi...
One Piece pics by OneAceLiz
One Piece picsby PirateQueenRizu
Hi my lovely readers I have made this so we all can just sit back and relax with laughs this book contains one piece images that I find all over NONE OF THESE ARE MINE A...
Our New Home by generalyumi1021
Our New Homeby generalyumi1021
When Ace, Sabo, and Luffy first got captured by slaves they never anticipated being forced to stay there for a year. They especially didn't expect getting rescued by a g...
[Luffy harem] Fanboying over Luffy [One Piece] (English version) ✔  by Milky_milly
[Luffy harem] Fanboying over ⓂⒾⓁⓁⓎ
Not only Coby, Hancock, and Bartolomeo who fans over Luffy,it turns out that also some people secretly fans over Luffy! warning: OOC Bad grammars Bxb area brothers confl...
The Rise of a Legend by SapphireCelest
The Rise of a Legendby Sapphire
This is a female Luffy fanfiction that includes a haki knowing 7-year old that has a powerful devil fruit and relations to the yonkou, the seven warlords, and even the n...
~}> Luffy's Older Sister <{~ 《Versailles.D.Xenosa》 by Ypnako
~}> Luffy's Older Sister <{~ 《 Ypnako
~ [❗ON HOLD ❗] ~> As said in the title ^ ~> Versailles D Xenosa is Luffy's older sister, Sabo and Ace's little sister. Basically the middle child as Sabo is. ~>...
Twist of Fate by RCherry_
Twist of Fateby RCherry_
⚠ the story isn't mine, this book it is written by Takuku . please go check out her/his fan fiction page in the link below ⚠
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece) by NatashaHannan
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece)by Natasha
I do not own One Piece nor the picture. For years, I have been watched over humans for long time. However, I did not except this to be happen. Not one bit. Where the Gri...
One Piece: A Wizard From Another World by Drowned_In_The_Water
One Piece: A Wizard From Another vLooD dEaleR
When a 14 years old girl who traveled with Luffy turns out to be an S-Class wizard from Fairy Tail, how will the people who has no knowledge of Magic going to react? ו×...
Family Of Fun and Troubles! [One Piece Modern!] by Drowned_In_The_Water
Family Of Fun and Troubles! [One vLooD dEaleR
When an 18 years old mercenary, one who has wealthy background, got to meet the adorable and energetic ten years old Luffy, she finally realized how lonely her life has...
Scarecrow: Defender, Impostor...Littlest Brother by Anonarra_Rorokitake
Scarecrow: Defender, AmandaJean12
Sometimes Kakashi doesn't know where he really is. That's fine. It doesn't stop him from defending his three new precious people in this diverse, chaotic world he finds...
One Piece: The Journey Of The King Restarted! by Drowned_In_The_Water
One Piece: The Journey Of The vLooD dEaleR
When everyone died because of the war that broke out accidentally, one caused by the man named Teach, every single one of Luffy's friends died. Because of his misery, L...
Just a Merc (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by ultimatelytired
Just a Merc (One Piece Fan-Fiction)by vibe check
She was only young when her island was raided by the likes of both marines & pirates, her family slaughtered like they were animals while her & others her age were kidna...
Lovesick (a one piece yaoi) by Kai_01Meow
Lovesick (a one piece yaoi)by 2_GlitchOtaku
"Love complicates things Luffy-ya, and thats not something I want to deal with" He merely smiled. The light focused around him, a crown of sunshine temporarily...
characters watching one piece by fairyDiamond
characters watching one pieceby fairydimond
some one piece characters are gathered to watch the anime one piece in the kingdom of wisteria characters: straw hat pirates- luffy , Nami , zoro, usopp , chopper , sa...
ASL's Big Brother by littleblackdevil069
ASL's Big Brotherby akumanomi
The reincarnation of the fan of One Piece to the One Piece World. Will he be able to save the person he want to save? Well, check it out. P/s: I didn't own One Piece. Th...
Luffy's memories (one piece fanfiction) by vicky42ruth
Luffy's memories (one piece vicky42ruth
One piece characters watches Luffy's memories!! I own nothing from the anime/manga!! Enjoy!
ASL's Big Brother  by Kakaopulvr
ASL's Big Brother by Kakaopulvr
If you read this be aware that my first language is not English and I might make some mistakes so please don't judge. And there might be some mistakes because of autocor...