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Asl Stories

476 Stories

One Piece: The Journey Of The King Restarted! by Drowned_In_The_Water
One Piece: The Journey Of The King...by bLooD dEaleR
When everyone died because of the war that broke out accidentally, one caused by the man named Teach, every single one of Luffy's friends died. Because of his misery, L...
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece) by NatashaHannan
World Most Darkest Man (One Piece)by Natasha
I do not own One Piece nor the picture. For years, I have been watched over humans for long time. However, I did not except this to be happen. Not one bit. Where the Gri...
|| One Piece || Together for Always by nachuu558
|| One Piece || Together for Alwaysby A Certain Fujoshi
The ASL trio has been on the run for many years after the World Government learn the truth about their heritage. They resort to any means to keep themselves alive but wh...
Family Of Fun and Troubles! [One Piece Modern!] by Drowned_In_The_Water
Family Of Fun and Troubles! [One P...by bLooD dEaleR
When an 18 years old mercenary, one who has wealthy background, got to meet the adorable and energetic ten years old Luffy, she finally realized how lonely her life has...
ASL brothers by This_emo_thing
ASL brothersby This_emo_thing
The original was made by ThyBirdMan and the story's name it The three brothers. They hadn't updated in a while so i decided to 'take' a few ideas. (i will change most o...
To The Moon by YoloItFnaf
To The Moonby Emma Stone
"Who are you?" ASLR. Ace, Sabo, Luffy, and Rue. A fleeting glimpse of memories, locked in a box. A big-top circus. Some mountain bandits. A few idiot boys. A...
Monkey D. Luffy by Elizabeths-World
Monkey D. Luffyby Lizzie
✔️COMPLETED✔️ What if Luffy was raised by Dragon?
Sons of Beasts by kittyface27
Sons of Beastsby Khylie Egger
Ace protects something precious, something he never, EVER parts with. When he meets and becomes best friends with Sabo, his precious object he carries around everywhere...
My Brother's Keepsake  (Sabo x Reader) by foryoureyesonly1
My Brother's Keepsake (Sabo x Rea...by Rhea
After the death of Portgas D. Ace, the Navy wish to prevent the continuation of the bloodline of the Pirate King. They send soldiers to an island on the Grand Line where...
Unique (a one piece yaoi) by Kai_01Meow
Unique (a one piece yaoi)by 2_GlitchOtaku
"Love complicates things Luffy-ya, and I want to deal with" He merely smiled. The light focused around him, a crown of sunshine temporarily adorning his head...
Soliloquy of the Broken Soul by ArriatheDragon
Soliloquy of the Broken Soulby ArriatheDragon
Luffy, Ace, and Sabo grew up together on Dawn island. But by the unfortunate tempts of fate, happened to visit Makino when a Celestial Dragon decided to pay the small to...
Luffy's memories (one piece fanfiction) by vicky42ruth
Luffy's memories (one piece fanfic...by vicky42ruth
One piece characters watches Luffy's memories!! I own nothing from the anime/manga!! Enjoy!
I'm in One Piece!?!? (One Piece fanfiction) by Darkleer-Senpai
I'm in One Piece!?!? (One Piece fa...by Raven
'Okay, ocean- Check!, island-Check!, Three brats trying to steal basically nothing on me- Check!! Wait.... WHAT!?'
The Dragoness(Ace x Reader)  by KMoonWolf
The Dragoness(Ace x Reader) by K. Wolf
This is an Ace x Reader story, but it also goes around the main character's life and so on. Most of the characters are from either One Piece, Fairy Tail or some other se...
Dont Hate Me. {Student!Portgas D. Ace x Teacher!Reader} by Hidrome
Dont Hate Me. {Student!Portgas D...by Hidrome
Portgas D. Ace and you just didn't click. As a teacher to student? You just wanted to educate him more. However, as person to person? You wanted to be something more. ...
Broken Faith by SagiDraconis
Broken Faithby SagiDraconis
[F!ReaderxASL] It's hard sometimes to accept who or what you are. That thought came to you when you were only six years old. Because being one of the infamous World Nobl...
Purple Night Terrors, a One Piece Fan Fiction by AprilDBernal
Purple Night Terrors, a One Piece...by AprilDBernal
Ever since Ace's death, Luffy still have nightmares about him dying over and over again. But after a chain of events leads them to a mysterious dream world and familiar...
Phoenix and the ASL by mhagames
Phoenix and the ASLby mhagames
Marco had been trying to track down a run away pirate who some how made it all the way to the East Blue, Gao Kingdoms or Dawn island. Marco finds the person he's after a...
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Rebirth of Marco the Phoenix by Aoka_MidoKuro
Rebirth of Marco the Phoenixby SeventhAssassin
Phoenix, that's my name... Well I believe it is until Anna called me in a different name. Marco, who's Marco? What connection do I have with the Whitebeard Pirates? Why...