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I Was Never Yours by JessGirl93
I Was Never Yoursby Blair
When Arianna marries Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. ...
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Death can't have her by KuraChan-ya
Death can't have herby KuraChan-ya
A wanderer, a student, a marine, a traveler, and now, a pirate. These are the titles Shiki had once owned. She doesn't care what she is, as long as her precious friend i...
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All's Fair by JanePeden
All's Fairby Jane Peden
Grace, a high-powered attorney, is forced to work with small-town lawyer, Jack. Sparks fly as their case goes forwards, but will their love be overruled? ...
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The God Fruit (One Piece) by Lillie1512
The God Fruit (One Piece)by Lillie1512
The Straw Hat Pirates, after defeating Doflamingo, depart from their new found friends and make their way back into the New World. They end up on a small summer island c...
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One Piece One Shot Reader Inserts by Kendra064
One Piece One Shot Reader Insertsby Tsundere with a laptop
One piece one shots x reader inserts. Taking requests
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One Piece Boyfriend Scenarios by AcesFuckingCrazy
One Piece Boyfriend Scenariosby Ace Of Spades
♚COMPLETED♚ ⚠️NO MORE CHARACTER REQUESTS⚠️ I really dont see many of these so I decided to make one! •••Keep in mind I never seen all the episodes so if I mess up don't...
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Eternity of Love (One Piece x Reader) by Solatium
Eternity of Love (One Piece x Sphere of Solatium
"Saṃsāra,The Wheel of Eternity"--An epithet to an old legend in Paradise. Of course, you were one of those who knew it wasn't the case, since you were the wiel...
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Once a Voight, always a Voight | Jay Halstead [on hold/editing] by novacarpediem
Once a Voight, always a Voight | novacarpediem
Alexandra Voight, daughter of THE Hank Voight. After 2 years away, Alex finally comes back home, and joins the Intelligence Unit of her father. But will she be able to l...
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And Be Mine Forever. by Slim-shady101
And Be Mine S.H.A.D.E.E.
**SEQUEL TO 'MARRY ME.' PLEASE READ IT BEFORE YOU READ THIS** All hopes for a happy ending for IVABELLE are ruined as the couple seperate. He is the one filing for a di...
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Under the Mask by Lillie1512
Under the Maskby Lillie1512
After Lillian gets out of the hospital, she gets a late start to her first year of medical school at Marineford University in Sabaody. Everyone around her seems to have...
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The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 2 by Hot_Chocolxte
The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 2by 우유
"As a tactician and a sister, I have my ways to handle Luffy." This is where Monkey D. Anzu makes her appearance in the One Piece story as a known Tactician, o...
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Lovedependent by ola-kai-tipota
Lovedependentby οnεiroparmènh♡
"Αυτοί οι δύο; Τι να σου λέω ! Χάος!Μαζί δεν κάνουνε και χώρια δεν μπορούνε.Η σχέση τους;Ποια σχεση; Τραγωδία σκετη!" Προκειται για μια γεωμετρικη τραγωδια,το...
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Living With the Choices We Make (Domestic Violence / Abuse)  ✔️ by SallyMason1
Living With the Choices We Make ( Sal
When Rena met Brent, he was a dream come true. He was a real gentleman, funny, caring and even her overly protective father liked him. But then, she discovered a d...
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Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa Love Story)✔️ by arummees
Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa arummees
Abubakar Aliyu his parents's puppet. They make all the decisions in his life for him due to their social standards. But he escapes using his arranged marriage. He ga...
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Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Complete) by Gemaxxo
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence( 🌻💛🇱🇹
The story title explains it all! Sorry im bad at photoshop! Madelyn rans away from home. She was abused and the person who was taking care of her was just dreadful. How...
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One Piece Oneshots by AcesFuckingCrazy
One Piece Oneshotsby Ace Of Spades
☯ON GOING☯ UPDATED EVERY FRIDAY REQUESTS:OPEN I do as many Characters as I know.I don't know them all so keep that in mind!I haven't finished the anime yet❤️ * "One...
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My Idiot // Luffy x oc by PirateQueen14
My Idiot // Luffy x ocby PirateQueen14
Lily has always felt like she doesn't belong. One day she finds out that the person she calls her father has been lying to her. (I don't own one piece only my ocs. The p...
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Love's Counterpart by Ruechari
Love's Counterpartby Ruechari
Annabelle is frightened as her first season in London approaches. Marriage? She always hoped it would be for love. But what does she know about love. When looking for cl...
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Harry Potter and The Marriage Law by AFallenAngel121
Harry Potter and The Marriage Lawby Rachel
Now the War is over, young couples everywhere are being put into arranged marriages for the sake of the Wizarding World, some are pleased with their chosen soulmates whi...
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Calming The Storm🌌 (#wattys2019)✔#wattpadindiaawards by Elegiac_Damsel
Calming The Storm🌌 (#wattys2019)✔ Shubhadittya Roy
#1 indian on 15/02/2020 #1 hotheaded on 20/07/2019 #1 mumbai on 17/10/2019 #1 court on 04/02/2020 In the beginning there is nothing... You begin in the void and continue...
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