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LawLu Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
LawLu Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Trafalgar D. Water Law x Monkey D. Luffy
Death can't have her by KuraChan-ya
Death can't have herby KuraChan-ya
A wanderer, a student, a marine, a traveler, and now, a pirate. These are the titles Shiki had once owned. She doesn't care what she is, as long as her precious friend i...
One Piece one shots. by CinderVirusSurvivor
One Piece one CinderVirusSurvivor
Just a few one shots between Reader-San and our favourite characters from the One Piece world. Enjoy~
Trying: Roles have Switched (Dad!ASL x Child!Reader) by TheLittleBrownLegacy
Trying: Roles have Switched (Dad! Legacy
(A One Piece story, the parallel version of Kirakux's story: Trying. Go check it out if you want to, it's a great story.) Luffy, Sabo, and Ace were all adopted from the...
One Fairy by onepiecelawfan
One Fairyby onepiecelawfan
Fairy Tail mage Dragon slayer Lorea and her partner Eksheed Eliza were given the mission by their master to go into another world to save Ace because his father was frei...
Stained Heart [Trafalger Law] by Yuki1014o
Stained Heart [Trafalger Law]by Shounen Trash
Stained. Stained, Roxi was stained with the blood of countless on her hands. Roxi. The young genius. The next vegapunk. The prodigy of the marine scientists. Ha! What a...
One Piece Highschool? (AU)One Piece x Reader by IDontFreakingCareMan
One Piece Highschool? (AU)One ArtisticMonkey
Just a modern AU featuring, well, you. Hope you enjoy! Buuuttt, some features will be made up about the character, so just roll with it! Disclaimer; The One Piece plot a...
Huntik One Piece by onepiecelawfan
Huntik One Pieceby onepiecelawfan
Zeera meets the Captain of the Heart pirates during a 'expedition'. She soon catches the Dark Doctor's attention and he wants her to join his crew. Asking the mysterious...
Eternity of Love (One Piece x Reader) by Solatium
Eternity of Love (One Piece x Sphere of Solatium
"Saṃsāra,The Wheel of Eternity"--An epithet to an old legend in Paradise. Of course, you were one of those who knew it wasn't the case, since you were the wiel...
Trafalgar Law x Reader One Shots by bookloverbria
Trafalgar Law x Reader One Shotsby Bria
For all of those other readers who love the 'Surgeon of Death' as much as I do :) If you have an idea for one of these or you want me to try and write one with a specif...
Freedom (Trafalgar law) by BumBumDeDum
Freedom (Trafalgar law)by BumBumDeDum
Kanna, the daughter of Donquixote Rosinante (Corazon), is searching to find the truth behind her fathers death. After being kidnapped and sold off as a slave, Kanna is...
[OP] 🔱With You🔱 [ Trafalgar Law x Reader ] by TsundereNami-chan
[OP] 🔱With You🔱 [ Trafalgar TsundereNami-chan
🔱 With You 🔱 ~°~°~°~° It's about meeting The One, set in the past. Sounds just like one of those typical love stories, right? Well, it is not entirely true, though. ...
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others) by simswimsbob
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)by Dre
One Shots from One Piece! You can request some if you'd like!
Where Fate Led Us by Nekuru
Where Fate Led Usby Nekuru
[C O M P L E T E D] One Piece Fanfic: Alyseia Shiroku, she is half japanese, half german. Her fair skin and pure black hair are from a Japanese heritage by her father, w...
If Love Were Real  (Law X Reader) by well-damn
If Love Were Real (Law X Reader)by Rem senpai
Just another love story between reader-chan and Trafalgar Law. I do not own any characters from one piece or pictures used. Reader-chan is a free spirited individual an...
One Piece One Shots  by DisappointDisappear
One Piece One Shots by Fire
This book is now discontinued but I hope you enjoy the parts I have left for you to read. ~Fire-Heat-Heart Start date: 29.07.16 ( End date: 20.2.17 Kinda still...
Fallen Petals - Trafalgar Law x OC by 0-rinne-0
Fallen Petals - Trafalgar Law x OCby Rinne
Kaira is a pirate hunter, one of the best in her line of work, although her ruthlessness has earned her the title of the Heartless Assassin. She is trying to forget abou...
Stuck Between Three Demons (One Piece Fanfic) [Continued by jordybaby97] by 7Panda7
Stuck Between Three Demons (One 7Panda7
OC X Law, Luffy or Kid. A pirate ship isn't the first place that most people would have wanted to wake up on, but that's exactly what happens to 17 year old, Misaki Ryut...
Untold Secrets (Law x Reader)  by Mpho3nix
Untold Secrets (Law x Reader) by Mpho3nix
Living life on a submarine as if nothing had ever happened and everything was normal. Under that cheerfulness, there was pain and secrets...pain that cannot be described...
Steal My Heart and Leave Me Breathless =Trafalgar Law= by XxScarletMaidenxX
Steal My Heart and Leave Me Ashley
Trying to run from the demons of her past, Felicity seeks refuge on a rural summer island in the Grandline. A mysterious cool pirate captain stumbles upon her hideaway a...