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Toxic Love  by BlackWind7
Toxic Love by Princess
***COMPLETED*** Needs editing. Mafia romance, action and mystery story, give it a try 😉. "YOUR MINE DAMN IT NEVER FORGET THAT" Anastasia. All her life she...
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Noxious  by VintageLDR
Noxious by •{Baby}•
Noxious (nok-shuhs) adjective 1. harmful or injurious to health or physical well-being She was innocent and he was Noxious.
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Kidnapped by lotuswritingbomb
Kidnappedby lotuswritingbomb
Please Read, Vote and Comment. I wanna know how I'm doing and if you all are feeling it or not
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Acceptance by britbrat1980
Acceptanceby britbrat1980
Sequel to Famiglia su Tutto (Family Over Everything) Alessandra Mazzanti, 18, was promised to wed Vincenzo Bianchi, 25, while she was still forming in her mother's womb...
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A Withered Rose  by Toxic_Mg
A Withered Rose by Bhavna Verma
Overall best #43 in Chicklit He who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose. Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving n...
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Remember Me? || Bakagou, Todoroki, Midoryia x Reader by Probably_a_yandere
Remember Me? || Bakagou, Probably_a_yandere
{This is a yandere villain BNHA au} (Y/n) was a girl who currently lived in the USA. She was born in Japan and lived there until a tragic happening when she was going he...
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|| Addicted to you || (J.JK ff) [COMPLETED] by diminepabo
|| Addicted to you || (J.JK ff) [ dimine
⚠Story consists of strong language, sexual abuse, drug,mature content. If your are easily triggered by this subject then don't read this book. ⚠ "Sir, can I know y...
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Ozzy x Thrax (Discontinued) by Osmosis_Jones
Ozzy x Thrax (Discontinued)by Xx_zero_xX
I'm in my good old Osmosis Jones phase ^^ Second Wattpad Member to write about this ship, mostly this is going to be shots .I'm not good when it comes to story lines 0_0...
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Toxic love (Colby x reader) by stay_fruity
Toxic love (Colby x reader)by stay_fruity
We both fell for each other, but what happens when were both the leader of a gang. Read more to find out
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Can't Help Falling in Love {Ryan Blaney}✔️ by -blaney
Can't Help Falling in Love {Ryan K
"Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you." A story in which Lara Hendrick breaks free from a toxic relationship and can't h...
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Toxic love ~A Naegiri and Togafuka story~ by RavenFire2023
Toxic love ~A Naegiri and вℓυѕнιиg~
When Monokuma announces a surprise is waiting in the chemistry lab the unsuspecting students find something that is not what you would call a good surprise. Naegiri POV...
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Toxic Love by Lil_Baby_16
Toxic Loveby 𝖲𝗁𝖺𝗒𝗅𝖺
A five teen-year-old freshman girl named Lily Stone she met someone that could change her life to something light to dark. A relationship that she never felt before a ba...
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Dear lover, | ✓ by qzee__
Dear lover, | ✓by ze
all my limbs beg for you, but how can i beg when i'm burnt to the core?
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toxic-zalex by meteoritehearts
toxic-zalexby grace
"i don't like you, i love you." [completed]
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LOVE ME WHOLE - HAIKYUU!! by Gabbriella_Niquole
LOVE ME WHOLE - HAIKYUU!!by Gabbriella Niquole
" love me whole " HAIKYUU!! X MALE!OC ( previously ' aubade ' )
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Stay [h.s.] | short story  by filipinafairy
Stay [h.s.] | short story by a.j.
Do you believe in second chances? • Don't read in dark/night mode [short story] © FilipinaFairy, 2018. All rights reserved.
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words by IAmTheEnglishFangirl
Actions Speak Louder Than Wordsby l
(A Joe Goldberg Fanfiction)(Netflix, You Fanfiction) A dancer walks into a local bookstore after moving away from her home country. Little did she know, in her search to...
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Toxic Love by CamoFoxAlpha
Toxic Loveby CamoFox Alpha
you are a famouse stripper but people know that you are kind and amazing.well they think that you are actually a well serial killer but people don't know that per say. o...
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Poisonous words and enchanted lies by phosphenex_s
Poisonous words and enchanted liesby Tani
who knew that lovers could rot from within a collection of poems dedicated to broken lovers
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Rain for the Dead Flowers by glueckschmerz
Rain for the Dead Flowersby farha
❝you just became another soul on this earth i couldn't intertwine with, no matter how much i tried.❞ PART #2 IN THE LOVE YOURSELF - SERIES © glueckschmerz - July...
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