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A life time by mero_zymr
A life timeby mero_zymr
The story does not follow Karasevda theme.. it's completely AU. That's why I didn't write a summary.Let it be a surprise. Hope you'll like it. . . . This is a rewrite an...
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Road to Jannah by drasticallyliving
Road to Jannahby Fatima J.
At first, I didn't know how to react, I was faced with an internal battle of either hugging her back and giving in to what I've always wanted to do, or do the sensible t...
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SA NJOM JE DRUGAČIJE by watermenow
SA NJOM JE DRUGAČIJEby pickmelikeaflower
Nakon teške prošlosti Jessie se odluči za novi početak u New Yorku. Ni slutila nije da će tamo upoznati njega. John Rixton,vlasnik ogromnih kompanija,ženskaroš,i muškara...
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FALLEN KING by Nicole2141
FALLEN KINGby Nicole2141
ALPHA CYRUS - BOOK 2 Not your usual Werewolf Love Story
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My Older Alpha Mate by lolskylaaarrrr
My Older Alpha Mateby sometimes skylar
Orphans, Aurora and her brother, move into a new pack only to find out that the alpha who is 6 years older than her is her mate. There will be ups and downs in their rel...
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Line of Fire by Amen-Genesis10
Line of Fireby Genesis Mason
"Your father raped me so it won't hurt if I do a tiny bit of hurting to his son right? Now stop whining and let me ride you." - Sage Hill
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We meet again (kajen ff) by prisonerofmyfeelingx
We meet again (kajen ff)by 🖤🖤
This is a short story about Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget. What happens when Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget meet again? Do they hate each other or do ol...
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Their Vengeance- A Chronical Of Revenge  by cedarssolace
Their Vengeance- A Chronical Of Cedar's Solace
⚪A chronicle of friendship, loyalty, brotherhood, love and a blood thirst for vengeance.⚪ "Why did you do that?" She broke the silence still staring at the wat...
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My art book by kittybakura4
My art bookby kitty bakura
This is a book that I thought that I could post some of the art I make, made, and some I just felt like making!
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I'd Come Running  by TremaineKatie
I'd Come Running by TremaineKatie
Six months ago, Emily had everything. She had her rich, sexy boyfriend, Christian, and the perfect job at as a reporter. But after a misleading photo was taken, accusati...
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The Grey Billionaire by RasheenRebel
The Grey Billionaireby Rasheen Rebel
Daniel walks, talks, eats, sleeps and breathes arrogant asshole syndrome. He dated super models and famous celebrities, he never dates the same girl twice nor did he bel...
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Art, News, Updates. by ThelittleKaioKincaid
Art, News, TheLittleKaioKincaid
Me bored, WillowArts apparently consumed a milk glass :)
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The Result by Loonabish18
The Resultby Loonabish
The feelings I discover. The emotions I uncover. The cyclone in my head. I cry alone in my bed. The hurt I intake. It won't be long until I break. No one is perfect...
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Passion Poems by wolfgirl204
Passion Poemsby Sempiternal_Lies
These are the words I have trouble expressing. I hope some of these feelings can find a home for you as well.
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Shepley by ClassicWhiteGirl_
Shepleyby ClassicWhiteGirl_
Shepley's lived a... complicated life. The product of a messy affair, she's lived her life hidden away and shamed because of her parents actions. Finally, she's in colle...
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Red Alert by X_Kim_1
Red Alertby KRIS
Jeon Jungkook's desire to obtain Kim Seok Jin again passed all limits and boundaries of love.
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The billionaire in my pants  by Jenniferwest2018
The billionaire in my pants by Jennie_barbxz
Jennifer•••• I gained admission into one of the best college in the city through my scholarship exam. Have always been different in everything though, I had my eye on so...
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Dear You by mastories90
Dear Youby mastories90
Sarah Swansport after losing her college sweetheart at just 29 , Sarah has to learn who she is and how to be a one and no longer a two. Now after 8 months of mourning a...
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Haru's New and Improved Artbook by haruhifujioka25486
Haru's New and Improved Artbookby Haru
I decided to scrap my old art book and make a new one. I hope you enjoy! :D
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Un prince autoritaire / JIN BTS by crisroom
Un prince autoritaire / JIN BTSby crisroom
Jin est le futur roi de la communauté des vampires de la Corée du Sud. Le roi actuel, lui a imposé une règle fondamentale avant d'hériter du titre, il doit se marier. Pl...
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