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Challenging love by VEuphoria1
Challenging loveby V Euphoria
it's my First love story so support me. I know that love is very difficult to describe in words but I have portrayed love differently from my thoughts and feelings. Lo...
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Hot Pursuit  by MaxManuel305
Hot Pursuit by Emmanuel Matovu
" I know you want me so here i am for you to have" I do want him i thought, but I wasnt gonna let him see that. He wanna see how he affects me well lets just w...
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A NOVEL OF MAD PASSION!!! A STORY OF LOVE, BETRAYAL AND HATRED. A STORY OF IDENTICAL TWIN SISTERS Rake vows. She vowed never getting involved in dating again. ...
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I Am Shais by hermosalily
I Am Shaisby AIS
Life is really deceiving, isn't it? One moment it will make you feel like the happiest person living on earth. Then the next day, it'll make you wanna immediately disa...
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SHUT UP LOVE by Yonawo
Le prince charmant. On en rêve toutes depuis notre enfance. On rêve de le rencontrer rapidement, à nos 14 ans, nos 15, voir nos 17 ans... On rêve rapidement de vivre...
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"THE ONE" {poetry.passion} by Bano_Kanwal
"THE ONE" {poetry.passion}by Bano Kanwal
Date: 16.04.2020 Poetry is my passion and my pleasure. I write the verses either English or Urdu; whenever I got a specific mood 😋 This is the collection of some of my...
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A Life Worth Living by stayserene
A Life Worth Livingby stayserene
Life Series #1 Asaiah Jera Alcantara
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Our Perfect Girl *•Waterloo Road•* by _X_Sammii_X_
Our Perfect Girl *•Waterloo Road•*by 💫💍Sammii💫💍
Aimee Boston. Nikki Boston's daughter. When she was in her final year she got into an affair with her executive head Max Tyler. They managed to keep it quiet. Up until M...
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Fading Promise  by samantha111cherry
Fading Promise by manu
"Thinking of Daily updates" It's too dark, I started Running in to deep woods.... But Some one traps me to a bulk tree O God am dead now.... I hear a hus...
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Our Love Story. by Shy235
Our Love Shy235
A short romantic story filled with emotion, love and sex.
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faraway yet closer by 02butterscotch
faraway yet closerby 02butterscotch
The past will always come to haunt you , the future will never wait for you. Alina Campbell 17 year old girl who is everyone's favourite and the most snobbish , self- a...
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Time Tunnel by Aureum_Ghuleh18
Time Tunnelby Aureum_Ghuleh18
Stories I wrote in my teenage years and that I kept hidden in a forgotten notebook.
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the myst, and time by marrsbarrs
the myst, and timeby nora
Time is the controller of man. It has always been, and would always be this way. Humankind has always thought that they chose their own paths, that they are the writers...
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The Broadway Of Magic by _denny_d
The Broadway Of Magicby _denny_d
*Prologue* We were standing face to face looking into each others eyes.After these years I was looking at him the same way as the first time.Completely in love. "I...
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The Billionaire's Princess  by leestories1234
The Billionaire's Princess by leestories1234
Camila a simple village girl with a big heart and an innocent soul like no other, sent to the biggest city in their country to persuade hers and her parents'dreams. What...
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Memories of Aziel by imjynxx
Memories of Azielby Jynxx
Some of the experiences I am having, even right now, will remain in my heart always as your memories. -Nathalie Santiago
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Hold Me Tight  /BTS/ by gleijn
Hold Me Tight /BTS/by Laejin
A story that spans for 10 years. A story that depicts school, love, work, dream, passion, agony, heartbreak, and reality. A story that revolves around different people i...
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Conquering What Is His. by blissfullyindreams
Conquering What Is Kensi Gregory
Xavier Thorn was denied his birth right as rightful Alpha; therefore, he was stuck as a omega in a wolf pack enduring abuse by pack members. His life was meaningless and...
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When Love Came Knocking (Forbidden Love Series Book 3) by Zxcvbnm1974
When Love Came Knocking ( Rituparna Darolia
Thirty-six year old Allen McAllister was very heartbroken when his fiancée ran away with her boyfriend. He had faced failure again. His wife had betrayed him after givin...
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