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Kissing My Ex by free_the_writer
Kissing My Exby Chelsea 'Free' Fryou
Alexis 'Lexi' Young has four goals; pass her senior year of high school, buy her own wheels, get accepted to culinary school, and forget that her ex-boyfriend ever exist...
WANT MY DAYS BACK by jigglypuff_green
WANT MY DAYS BACKby jigglypuff_green
This is a story about two souls who gets to live together by the name of marriage.... Two souls with two different past Will this past affect their present? or play a vi...
Bound by revenge by gp121006
Bound by revengeby unicorn
"Nothing and no one-including you-can stop this from happening. You will become my wife by tonight." Anika Patel led a perfect life. She had a loving family, a...
My Italian Billionaire  by jclark20
My Italian Billionaire by jclark20
Her name is Emery Rose. His name is Angelo Romano. Emery is sarcastic, impulsive, and the most clumsiest person you will meet. Angelo is like every other billionaire but...
Love Under the Moonlight by summersadam
Love Under the Moonlightby Summer Adam
Elena Russo, 24, her usual life is about to get more interesting when she met Luca Moretti, the heir to the Moretti clan. He was dark and dangerous. But what happens whe...
Mírame 10 Veces Más by maggichandss
Mírame 10 Veces Másby Magic Hands :)
¿Es cierto que los opuestos se atraen? Ellos realmente no lo creían. Sus diferencias eran tan grandes que llegaban a desencajar. Sin embargo, muchas veces estas diferenc...
Sister's Ex by katiecotterill
Sister's Exby katiecotterill
"I love u y/n" "I love you too but my sister"
Duende | Kth by narcissus2004
Duende | Kthby narcissus2004
"I like to believe that there is more to this world...more I could draw and paint...more i could experience. It can't happen in one day or one'll take my...
Irrational Love by ama_fh
Irrational Loveby ama_fh
"How could you do this to me! I trusted you I thought you changed " "well , I owe all this to your boyfriend, without him you wouldn't be in this situatio...
Resist the Passion #2 by Fraulino_Aly
Resist the Passion #2by cuteness018
Kyra prioritizes her family. She wanted to graduate to help her parents. She wanted to be a policewoman but because it was so dangerous she just did not continue. She...
Drawn to you (Holby city) by Carolineeexx
Drawn to you (Holby city)by Caroline
Grace march is the little sister to Zosia. She's a wild child and likes to get drunk and fool around. Grace starts Holby city hospital and starts working as a nurse. She...
Fucking Royalty by IshaHarawa
Fucking Royaltyby Isha Harawa
A sibling battling with taking care of her younger Siblings through casual sex.While a young stubborn empires son comes to the city looking for a wife due to his fathers...
FANTASY: an erotic dream poem by DaggerDarkstar
FANTASY: an erotic dream poemby Dagger Darkstar
The fantasy will always be what you make of it...
sunflowers and roses  by anonymouse4
sunflowers and roses by anonymouse4
Annie lane is 28, still living in the spare room of her best friends house and working a job she hates. Her boss doesnt a miss to belittle her and tell her how dispensab...
Melting For The Playboy by Silent_Pearl
Melting For The Playboyby A. Camilie
" Adam and Eve created love, Romeo and Juliet made love, Samson fought for love, Jesus died for love. So Gabriella what are you going to do for your love for me?&qu...
The moment our eyes met...  by Arya_Reyes
The moment our eyes met... by Arya_ Reyes
[GRUVIA SCHOOL LOVE STORY] The moment our eyes tales began... Juvia Lockser, a 17 year old energetic, enthusiastic girl, who's moving back to her hometown af...
Family Connections - A Riverdale Story (Archie) (EDITING) by FanFicsByMTF
Family Connections - A Riverdale MTF
**I do not own any of the Riverdale characters** -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Lauren came to Riverdale to find the answer to one of her most asked questions: who is her father...
Together by Bloomingrain692
Togetherby Bloomingrain692
An Indian girl named Autumn dreams of becoming a singer songwriter but she fears she won't be enough for the world. Her friend Eric has always been there for her. He's a...
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✨Diego Martir My Papi✨ by AriXSugar
✨Diego Martir My Papi✨by Ari
Diamond Chong is a huge influencer, her fans and social media take over most of her life but for some reason she cant get a boy that was in her past out of her mind.
Forever by brettchristineee
Foreverby brettchristineee
After the boy she loves disappears, college senior Charlie Scott is forced into a life ruled by heartbreak. Until the popular, star athlete, and bad boy Jackson Thomas t...