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king ☑️ by Papipeach
king ☑️by Papipeach
{TharnType fanfiction} {MPREG} Tharn Kirigun, the next in the line of becoming the king had to marry his soon to be bride's younger brother, Type Thiwat, the third child...
Love?Bet!(mewgulf fanfic) by mewwwie
Love?Bet!(mewgulf fanfic)by มเอียะ
Gulf Kanawut has went on a date with almost 200 persons,but still he's single. An app called "Cupid matcher" is famous with its tagline "Helping you to a...
Eternity ☑️ by Papipeach
Eternity ☑️by Papipeach
{TharnType fanfiction} {MPREG} "I hate you, tharn. I'm never going to marry you!" - Type. "Do you think I like you? I hate you, too, you dummy!" - Th...
Hello Doctor by mysnowflake4
Hello Doctorby mysnowflake4
Gulf saw his girlfriend die right in front of him due to a tragic accident. He is not the same anymore. Depression and nightmares consumed him. After being persuaded by...
Boy Toy by Punkwritter
Boy Toyby weirdo
Can A smartest,richest,snob and moreover egoistic guy can fall for his boy toy...?let's see the simple love story of a Rich Guy Mew Suppasit will fall for his boy toy G...
Secretly Loving Him [MewGulf] by kpop_eonnie
Secretly Loving Him [MewGulf]by kpop_eonnie
Gulf Kanawut is secretly in love with Mew Suppasit for three years already. Mew Suppasit is known to be a cold-hearted guy and has rejected plenty of his admirers. Will...
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC] by lettenicx
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC]by lettenicx
Mew Suppasit is the most wanted man in the school. He is what the girls and boys called, "an all rounder". Mew got the looks, he is flawless in not just his lo...
Regression [MewGulf] ✅ by gupiloverr
Regression [MewGulf] ✅by gupiloverr
Mew unknowingly wishes on new year's eve for a two years old gulf to see how cute he were. so when next day he woke up to an adorable child waddling around in his condo...
Twin Brother' Fate ☑️ by Papipeach
Twin Brother' Fate ☑️by Papipeach
Book 2 of Twin Brother' Series. {MewGulf fanfiction} {MPREG} Gulf is an ever so silent and most introverted person one could cross paths with. He grew up in an orphanage...
You, Not Her(COMPLETED) by swarno2000
You, Not Her(COMPLETED)by Swarno⁸•²
Mew and Gulf seem to like the same girl and try to get her attention Until one drunken one-night-stand makes them realize their feelings for each other. #1 on MewGulf🎉 ...
Type a pregnant man ... who was living his life in the hell with his husband and his in laws... both mom and son toture him and beat him for getting pregnant... one day...
The Killer Loves You🧩 by Myblueworld12
The Killer Loves You🧩by Myblueworld12
✅☑️➡️COMPLETED⬅️☑️✅ Fic Summary: Mew is a professional assassin with unbeaten missions. After being away from murder for a while, he takes on a new mission. He calls hi...
Secretly Married by call_me_avi
Secretly Marriedby Avi
The childish Gulf Kanawut is secretly married to the famous and cold, University heartthrob, Mew Suppasit. Enjoy Reading! ❤ 🌞🌻 (⚠️ Mpreg) Started: 16/11/2021 Complete...
When the Night Falls (COMPLETED) by Nikkawaanjai
When the Night Falls (COMPLETED)by Nikkawaanjai
MewGulf Fanfiction. ❤️
Anything For You by Nishthn
Anything For Youby Nishthn
Another university romance which seems easy but isn't as it seems. One with a pain and another one with a hidden secret trying their best to make each other happy and e...
Twin Brother' Love ☑️ by Papipeach
Twin Brother' Love ☑️by Papipeach
Book 1 of Twin Brother' Series. {TharnType fanfiction} Type, a 27 year old working guy with a boyfriend of 5 years, lives a happy life. He's soon going to get married wi...
How Can I Love You? by gulfofthailand
How Can I Love You?by love
Jongcheveevat family is the famous family in Thailand, they owned a building of Condominium and also the development company which has built a lot of houses and mansions...
how dare you touch my baby! [MewGulf] [Complete] ✅ by gupiloverr
how dare you touch my baby! [ gupiloverr
Gulf gets molested by a fanboy and Mew is ready to flip whole Thailand.
THE JOKER'S BID (Completed)  by Waanjai_Erottika
THE JOKER'S BID (Completed) by ☀️BAI🌻
One shot: A Flight Attendant's Mistake by Pathologymaster
One shot: A Flight Attendant's Pathologymaster
Flight attendants grave mistake brings Tharn a rich business man and Type a passenger with 3months old baby to meet . Inspired from a random insta reel