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Sweet Admiration (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Sweet Admiration (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED You know how you sometimes get a crush on someone older? That's exactly how Gulf felt towards Mew, his childhood friend's older brother. Though Gulf only spent...
My Possessive Fiancé  by Sadykim
My Possessive Fiancé by Sadykim
People say to keep your love life last long you have to trust and give your partner a full freedom. I can say I'm 100% trusted him because he love me so much, no way he...
Road To You - MEWGULF AU (COMPLETE) by lemonjunkxx
Gulf Kanawut has been in love with his best friend, Mew Suppasit, since they were in high school. Sadly, Mew has a long time girlfriend and he told him that he is planni...
"အရိပ်မဲ့ရဲ့ချစ်ခြင်းတရား" by MayHninThazin
"အရိပ်မဲ့ရဲ့ချစ်ခြင်းတရား"by May Hnin
Unicode.. မှောင်ခိုလုပ်ငန်းနှင့် တရားမဝင်အလုပ်များကို လုပ်ကိုင်ပြီး အရိပ်မဲ့ဟု နာမည်ကြီးသည့် မြေအောက်ဘုရင် Mew Suppasit ဖခင်ရဲ့ အမှားကြောင့် မထင်မှတ်ပဲ မြေအောက်ဘုရင် Mew...
The Flight Attendant ✈️❤ (COMPLETED) by Moon_lovets
The Flight Attendant ✈️❤ ( Moon
A simple yet heartwarming story of MewGulf. NOTE: Hello everyone, This is my MEWGULF story. The characters are not mine. This is just a fanfiction. Please note English...
✤ 𝙋𝙍𝙀𝘿𝘼𝙏𝙊𝙍 ✤ [𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗱] by viviiiiMG
✤ 𝙋𝙍𝙀𝘿𝘼𝙏𝙊𝙍 ✤ [𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲 vivi
"It works only one way Prince. My way. And since it is my way, you are mine. Anything related to you is my business." DISCLAIMER - All credit goes to original...
BABY'S DADDYby 💜🌞❤️🌻
"who are u" "I am his dad" "what hahahahaha...." "why are u laughing" "because u are joking which is not good joke" &qu...
Between The Scenes [MewGulf AU] by dropsofdewww
Between The Scenes [MewGulf AU]by A man da ✨
"There's nothing I wouldn't do for these stolen kisses with you between the scenes." ✨ [MewGulf AU] {DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Everything that hap...
Taming Gulf: MewGulf by sadhappysoul
Taming Gulf: MewGulfby sadhappysoul
Gulf is wild, filthy and has a bitchy attitude. He lives each day as if it's his last. He is faced with a dilemma when he has to choose between love and happiness. #This...
"အချစ်ဟူသည်"/ "အခ်စ္ဟူသည္" by MayHninThazin
"အချစ်ဟူသည်"/ "အခ်စ္ဟူသည္"by May Hnin
Unicode... နှစ်ဦးသဘောတူကွာရှင်းခဲ့သော မိဘများမှမွေးဖွားလာပြီး ထိုင်းနိုင်ငံ၌ ဆောက်လုပ်ရေး Company ကိုတည်ထောင်နိုင်သည့် အစ်ကိုဖြစ်သူ CEO Mew နှင့် နိုင်ငံရပ်ခြားတွင် ကို...
My Boss Is My Ex🖤🏳️‍🌈 by Punkwritter
My Boss Is My Ex🖤🏳️‍🌈by weirdo
MEWGulf were in love with eachother but eventually Gulf broke up with him, . . after 4yrs when Gulf found out his new ceo is his ex boyfriend what will happen to him? l...
SINLESS (COMPLETED) by swarno2000
Mew, the ruler of the underworld, in charge of punishing all the wrong doers in the world. One day he finds out about a human boy named Gulf with supposedly no sins. Una...
A Promise Of Romance (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
A Promise Of Romance (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Mew, an English nobleman, is every bit the handsome prince---except he doesn't have a damsel in distress. After finding out his late father's will stipulates t...
I Am Dreaming Of A Captive Love by mahi_trytowrite
I Am Dreaming Of A Captive Loveby Mahi
"I did all this because I love you so much" This sentence... And one more... "I did all that to protect you" These two sentences have lots of meaning...
Tua Aeng (Soft Version) by AllLoveMatters
Tua Aeng (Soft Version)by AllLoveMatters
Mew Suppasit is the CEO of an entertainment agency in Thailand, a successful actor and entrepreneur. His most recent success was in a BL series called Tharn/Type. While...
that one night  by kaur_preet321
that one night by kaurpreet
this love story start after one night stand This is my first fanfiction so plese enjoy the story 😊
"My Attitude P.A" (Completed)  by lunamagines
"My Attitude P.A" (Completed) by Luna
"My Attitude P. A" Highest ranking no. 1 Story written by: Luna🌜 Started: December 6, 2020 Ended: January 15, 2021 Excerpt Mew Supassit a well-known and suc...
My co-star got me pregnant by Pathologymaster
My co-star got me pregnantby Pathologymaster
Mew and Gulf are most shipped Bl couples with strong fandom and have undeniable attraction towards eachother. Thier fandom falls once the series is over . And Mew sugges...
Sweet Mellow ( On Hold ) by 0li87_980
Sweet Mellow ( On Hold )by o
gulf a sweet yet grumpy boy who hates sweets and mew a rude ceo who loves sweets. let's see how the story unfolds
Quietby Mewgulfs daughter
When A bubbly, outgoing, CEO, and friendly man meets a quiet, antisocial, sad man