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Sweet Admiration (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Sweet Admiration (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED You know how you sometimes get a crush on someone older? That's exactly how Gulf felt towards Mew, his childhood friend's older brother. Though Gulf only spent...
Road To You - MEWGULF AU (COMPLETE) by lemonjunkxx
Gulf Kanawut has been in love with his best friend, Mew Suppasit, since they were in high school. Sadly, Mew has a long time girlfriend and he told him that he is planni...
FEUD: MewGulf by sadhappysoul
FEUD: MewGulfby sadhappysoul
Mew and Gulf meet when they are both rock bottom in life and they become each other's pillar of strength. However, dangerous circumstances await to bring down the pillar...
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My Stepbrothers [Gulf x Everyone] by gupiloverr
My Stepbrothers [Gulf x Everyone]by gupiloverr
Gulf is spoiled baby of Suppasit family. His step brothers would give anything to him...... except a boyfriend.
That Stranger || BrightGulf by Nightwings_Callisto
That Stranger || BrightGulfby Angel~ 🌙
"I have looked all around the country for him, but failed! Who's he? Why does he seem in big trouble... Maybe I should forget about him..." It's not normal to...
Smile (Complete) by hazel_crescent
Smile (Complete)by Anya
"This Type is kind of a weirdo. He looks about twenty years old, but behaves like a twelve-year-old." "He's not a weirdo. He's not okay..."
Blessed Moon by Kheinnox
Blessed Moonby Kheinnox
A story of legend, fate and love. Mew Suppasit, a true blood alpha, honed as the next Alpha of the Riverwolf Pack. CEO of multiple companies, stern, stoic and cold to t...
Love In Reverse: Our EVOLution ✔ by call_me_avi
Love In Reverse: Our EVOLution ✔by Avi
Mew and Gulf have been friends since childhood. They grew up together and were close as ever.. but they had a public secret; they were actually friends with benefits. Th...
LOVING MY TWIN SISTER'S HUSBAND (Completed) by shekanawutsuppasit
LOVING MY TWIN SISTER'S HUSBAND ( shekanawutsuppasit
"sweety please love and take care of my husband when I'm gone" "hon, called me selfish but I don't want to seeing you in another man or woman. so I w...
Happy Ending by MLNatan
Happy Endingby MLNatan
Bright chuckled softly. "I'm Odie. The stupid dog. Garfield's true friend. I like it actually." "But you're not stupid." Gulf stated. "For you...
Psycho  by sadhappysoul
Psycho by sadhappysoul
A psycho is on the loose, killing the suspects of a hate crime that not only happened once but twice. Detective Kanawut has to figure out who it is and at the same time...
Love Once Again by BlackBeetle3
Love Once Againby Black Beetle
a love story between Mew, Gulf and Bright
Fallin For My Sister's Ex.. by shekanawutsuppasit
Fallin For My Sister's shekanawutsuppasit
Kristoffe mew Baby..! babe will you marry me? Gulf Andrew I'm sorry I can't. ________ English is not my language forgive my wrong typos hope you enjoy reading 🙂 th...
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Exchange to Love  by whenmariawrite
Exchange to Love by Tixna
If your life had EXCHANGE for your father's company wealth what would you gonna do..... Type Phawatthakul is the only child of there family , after his mom died he got...
My Secretary and I by khunPhi_YaiNong
My Secretary and Iby AlexTasha Waanjai
"I was Very Happy being a Secretary and I love my job. I was very happy with my life. Until the unexpected night that will change everything." "being a B...
My Husband ?  by kuchbhechalga
My Husband ? by I love you
Mew- will you marry me gulf . Gulf - sure . Mew ( from this day you are mine and mine alone your body soul is mine from now , I will take care of you love you but you ar...
🔥   เมีย - THE WIFE 🔥  by OpiumCoca
🔥 เมีย - THE WIFE 🔥 by Opium Coca
"I don't care if your husband's gonna kill me but I can't hide my feelings anymore. I love you, Sir Gulf. I really do." ...
Revenge  by Sadykim
Revenge by Sadykim
"I will make your life suffer live hell" Tharn "Do what ever you want and wait for my turn" Type
Body Language (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Body Language (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Gulf Kanawut is pretty, popular, and sought after. What could possibly be wrong with his life? Everything. Though he's known as the 'Cool Beauty' of his colleg...
blessings of moon by aumharihara
blessings of moonby aum harihara
blessing of destined mate from moon tharn (thara kiringun) the strongest alpha wolves , soon to be the king or leader of pack age 17 smart , handsome sexy, dominant,ric...