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Secretly Loving Him [MewGulf] by kpop_eonnie
Secretly Loving Him [MewGulf]by kpop_eonnie
Gulf Kanawut is secretly in love with Mew Suppasit for three years already. Mew Suppasit is known to be a cold-hearted guy and has rejected plenty of his admirers. Will...
မင်းဖြစ်နေလို့ (Because you are) by ChanMyaeNyeinNyeinWa
မင်းဖြစ်နေလို့ (Because you are)by Amour(😇😇)
ဘာဆိုဘာမှ မလိုဘူး အရေးကြီးတာ မင်းဖြစ်နေရင် ရပြီ
The Superstars Charmer by harafness29
The Superstars Charmerby FarahMae
In Thailand show business there is an actor that they dubbed as "The Luck Charmer" they call him that because all of his works are very successful not only tha...
The Lust of the CEO [COMPLETED] by uwumatee
The Lust of the CEO [COMPLETED]by Cantaloupe
[Book 1 & Book 2 inside] Book 1: A mean and an arrogant Mew Suppasit the CEO of his company meets the sweet and innocent Gulf Kanawut. However, he doesn't treat him as h...
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Beat by Allananananana
Beatby Allana Watty
"Love is, when you look at the person, and you knew right away that both of your hearts follows the same beat."
Love Conquers All (COMPLETED) by Elliez1432
Love Conquers All (COMPLETED)by Elizabeth Igot
The society we are living is harsh where power and money is the biggest foundation to live a life. A world where love between both men is disgusting and unacceptable. Wi...
Crazy Love🔞🔞💜(Completed) by Riccamg
Crazy Love🔞🔞💜(Completed)by RICCAMG
Mew....မင်းတို့ ငါ့ကောင်လေးကိုမထိနဲ့......😠😠 Gulf.....ကိုကိုကလေးကို ညာတယ်😢😢 ကိုကို ကလေးကိုတကယ်မချစ်ဘူးးး😭😭 ဒုတိယMewGulf Ficလေးပါ 😘ဖတ်ပေးကြပါအုံး❣️ နည...
MY CALMATIVE by deebamanja
MY CALMATIVEby Deebamanja
MewGulf's Love Story
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙩𝙝 𝙐𝙣𝙩𝙤𝙡𝙙 by Nattharin_Jung97
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙩𝙝 𝙐𝙣𝙩𝙤𝙡𝙙by Nattharin Jung
ဖွင့်ပြောလို့မရတဲ့ အကြောင်းတွေကို တစ်ယောက်သောသူ သိအောင် ပြောပြချင်လိုက်တာ ကြာလာရင်တော့ ရင်တစ်ခုလုံးသာ စုတ်ပြတ်သတ်သွားမယ် အကိုကတော့ တစ်သက်လုံး မသိနိုင်တော့ဘူးထင်ပါရဲ့~
Thai BL Actors Chatroom: Do or Die by sadhappysoul
Thai BL Actors Chatroom: Do or Dieby sadhappysoul
Popular Thai Bl Actors find themselves in a mysterious group chat. MewGulf ft Art ZeeSaint ft Perth BrightWin OhmFluke MaxTul KaoEarth BounPrem MeanPlan KristSingt...
His Liability (Completed) by Emilliooooo
His Liability (Completed)by Emille Alejandro
A fanfiction for MewGulf. Highest ranking: #1 in HOT RISING Stories - June 15, 2020 #1 in MewGulf category - July 22, 2020 #1 in Waanjai stories - August 10, 2020 #2 in...
It was you all along by geeseofafeather
It was you all alongby cinnamon rolls
It was again the time of the year where one of the nation's most influential people had to pick a wife and get married. It was considered an honour to be selected as onl...
Arranged marriage  by cupcakecupcake184
Arranged marriage by CcupcakeE
Gulf kanawut, son of Tay kanawut Gulf is raised by his father tay. Gulf doesn't have any other family member except for his father. he loves his father so much. he also...
LOVE SIREN by Fuujoh_Shii13
LOVE SIRENby Fuujoh_Shii13
Gulf Kanawut, a freshman who just want to have a peaceful and normal college life. He got accepted to his prefered University with his best friend. He just want to finis...
Little Angel  by btsdna78
Little Angel by black_soul
Fluke Natouch, a 23 year old who work at a cafe. He work for himself so he can earn money. He never could have imagined that he will be babysitting a child what'...
💜✨You Are My Everything✨💜 by Riccamg
💜✨You Are My Everything✨💜by RICCAMG
ထိုင်းနိုင်ငံရဲ့အောင်မြင်ကျော်ကြားပြီး နာမည်ကြီးတဲ့ Me Mine Groupရဲ့ ပင်တိုင်သရုပ်ဆောင် Mew Suppasit 🐼ရုပ်ရည် ပညာအရည်အချင်း ငွေကြေးဉစ္စာမှာ perfectဖြစ်နေပေမဲ့ ငယ်ငယ်ကခံ...
What Change You? by harafness29
What Change You?by FarahMae
Mew Suppasit has been modelling since he was just a child while Gulf Kanawut started when he was 9. They are always at every high fashion brand events because designers...
Tharn Type : The Coming by Highpriestess33
Tharn Type : The Comingby Highpriestess
Follow the new sorcerer T. Kanawut on his passion filled journey with Tharn. Learn magic and social norms and then alter all his understanding of it under the apprentic...
 Accidentally in love♥ by KimNamjoon145016
Accidentally in love♥by KimNamjoon145016
This is when gulf and mew get married. Mew loves gulf but will gulf accept his love..? Enjoy na kha~
secret lover by cupcakecupcake184
secret loverby CcupcakeE
[Completed] This a fanfiction of mewgulf. Mew is the CEO of TTS company, he loves gulf since his university days but he did not dare to say his Love... Mew secretly show...