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My Boss is Gay by Dtbler06
My Boss is Gayby dtbler
gulf is an architect looking for a job , he meets mew, the boss of the firm he applies for. they both get closer and start working on projects together. while gulf focus...
yin and yang by annharrislee
yin and yangby N.Lee
SYNOPSIS YIN AND YANG "The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark swirl, is associated wi...
Missing (Complete - Unedited) by UnimportantName
Missing (Complete - Unedited)by Newbie_Queen
*Mewgulf Fanfiction* Mew has always liked Gulf, but he had to keep it low because of his past mistakes. Gulf thought they would just film TharnType and be done with it...
MY CALMATIVE by deebamanja
MY CALMATIVEby Deebamanja
MewGulf's Love Story
The Light ✨ A MewGulf AU - bxb - by tillyisbae
The Light ✨ A MewGulf AU - bxb -by tillyisbae
Gulf Kanawut is a 22 year-old who is willing to work in any job available for him, but the job has to be a decent and honorable one. Currently, he is a private investiga...
PDA: MewGulf by sadhappysoul
PDA: MewGulfby JLC
Acting was ok, it was scripted but everything that came after had been their own volition. They say actions speak louder than words but the two should've known it was n...
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC] by lettenicx
Let Me Court You [MEWGULF FANFIC]by lettenicx
Mew Suppasit is the most wanted man in the school. He is what the girls and boys called, "an all rounder". Mew got the looks, he is flawless in not just his lo...
Stockholm Syndrome (MewGulf AU) by MewGulfFujoshi
Stockholm Syndrome (MewGulf AU)by MewGulf Shipper
Mew Suppasit, a leader of a famous gang in Bangkok, had to take the younger brother of his crime partner for ransom because he had betrayed him and ran off with the mone...
So, I Married An Anti-Fan?! [MEWGULF] by chocoka__i
So, I Married An Anti-Fan?! [ TW: soft4mewgulf
What happened when the star, Mew Suppasit met his anti-fan, Gulf Kanawut? . . . 《Inspired by a Chinese movie 'So I Married An Anti-Fan' which starring Park Chanyeol and...
A Human? Or A Cat? (MewGulf) by Qiel_Uwuzz
A Human? Or A Cat? (MewGulf)by qieluwuzz
Like every other rainy day, Mew run to his home, only to find a cat laying on the ground outside, it is wet and unconscious. *What should I do? If I take him, Chopper wo...
LOVE SIREN by Fuujoh_Shii13
LOVE SIRENby Fuujoh_Shii13
Gulf Kanawut, a freshman who just want to have a peaceful and normal college life. He got accepted to his prefered University with his best friend. He just want to finis...
His Liability by Emilliooooo
His Liabilityby Emille Alejandro
A fanfiction for MewGulf. Highest ranking: #1 in HOT RISING Stories - June 15, 2020 #1 in MewGulf category - July 22, 2020 #5 in English category - July 12, 2020 #10 in...
My Mr. Perfect (MewGulf/BrightGulf/BrightWin) by Uncle_Mew_Fangirl
My Mr. Perfect (MewGulf/ Uncle_Mew_Fangirl
For the perfectsionist Mew Suppasit, Art is his definition of "perfection". Pretty, elegant, smart, charming. Simply flawless. But Mew's mom wanted Mew to marr...
MewGulf - Những mảnh tình yêu by giselle524
MewGulf - Những mảnh tình yêuby Thuỷ Linh
Mỗi chap là một trong những mảnh tình yêu thuần khiết giữa hai người con trai...
The Other Side Of Friendship by AjunglaKichu
The Other Side Of Friendshipby Arenjungla Kichu
An unexpected turn of events led to the separation of three Bestfriends: Mew, Gulf and Alexis. When they get back together after six years, Will the popular football ca...
Red by UnimportantName
Redby Newbie_Queen
*Mewgulf Fanfiction* Mew looks and acts like a cutie, but could sulk at you sometimes. His heart has gone through multiple breakups, but all of those times, he was alway...
MewGulf's Photobook by deebamanja
MewGulf's Photobookby Deebamanja
My pictures collection of MewGulf. (Credit to the owner of their pictures)
Crossing The Line [MEWGULF FIC] by mii2heart
Crossing The Line [MEWGULF FIC]by mewgulf~mii2
How could one describe Gulf Kanawut? Upon first observation, one might say he was quiet and shy while others may have taken him as cold and emotionless. But when Mew Sup...
OffGun Fun Night Live by SpellWolf
OffGun Fun Night Liveby SpellWolf
Completed ✅ Off and Gun host another episode of OffGun Fun Night (Live Stream). They have some special guests and things go further than they ever have in terms of fan s...
Ideal Date: Book 1 by sadhappysoul
Ideal Date: Book 1by JLC
Book 1 of the Ideal Love Mini Series. MewGulf BrightWin Mew and Bright have life changing secrets they are not ready to share with their partners.