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Paper Thin by snapitsbrittany
Paper Thinby Brittany Watson
Wattpad Pick: High School Hijinks - March 2, 2018 || After standing up to the popular crowd on her first day at Alcott High, Melody Reese's start at a new school becomes...
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Hidden secrets by desipooh1999
Hidden secretsby Xoxo_desiipooh
London has been getting raped by her father since she was adopted.......she doesn't go to public school and also gets raped by her brother.................read the book...
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Lost Souls by terrible_timing
Lost Soulsby terrible_timing
Was it the way she breathed when she fell asleep? Was it the way she looked after every fight? Or was it the way she smiled even when the pain ate her alive? Paisley isn...
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The Glass Window Poet by Heart-Heroe
The Glass Window Poetby Heart- Heroe
The Glass Window Poet is a collection of my Poems that I wrote about various experiences and observations. Like My Open Diary: Its about love, crushes, heartfelt emotion...
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Boarding School by ZephyrT
Boarding Schoolby Zephyr
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~Good Books You Should Read On Wattpad~ by EunoiaRose
~Good Books You Should Read On Wat...by emi
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I Love You (Cameron Boyce) &  (Cody Simpson) by JosieLeblanc
I Love You (Cameron Boyce) & (Cod...by 😘
Cameron and Taylor. Cameron is famous. Taylor is not. Star-crossed lovers. It is very cute as said by pop tiger magazine. A love triangle begins to form between Taylor A...
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Obscura: The Dark Chamber Series Book 1 by MoGreene
Obscura: The Dark Chamber Series B...by MoGreene
Dreaming of the Future is not always a Gift! Sometimes, it can be a Nightmare... An ordinary young man finds himself in a middle of a chain of murders as he begins to dr...
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Sweet Little Lies by tyyypical
Sweet Little Liesby tyyypical
Lucy and Mark, they're just like Romeo and Juliet...if Romeo was unfaithful and slept with tons of girls and Juliet forgave his constant adultry. They go through hell an...
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Beautifully Crazy by sardonic_clouds
Beautifully Crazyby Rachael
hand·cuff ['han(d),kəf] NOUN 1. a pair of lockable linked metal rings for securing a prisoner's wrist. This is the evil, yet clever contrapti...
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Step-Siblings (Louis Tomlinson FanFic) by missa321
Step-Siblings (Louis Tomlinson Fan...by Mars
So there's this girl that I've hated for like...let's see, my entire life! And now her dad is marrying my mum and she's moving in down the hall. We both can't stand each...
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My Secret Tutor by margo_15
My Secret Tutorby margo_15
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Valerie's Return by AriiEleece
Valerie's Returnby Arrion
Valerie is give another chance to have the life she has always wanted in this sequel to "His Valerie". She is given the body of Allison Rogers, a small store o...
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Unexpected (lesbian) by Imnotindie
Unexpected (lesbian)by Imnotindie
Gym class with 40 of the prettiest soccer players and dancers has this poor lacrosse playing girl struggling with her sexuality. Will she become one of the elites of the...
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In Your Mind [YAOI] by Aovaix
In Your Mind [YAOI]by Aovaix
[warning// just some gay shit tbh. ] ;^)
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high school drama by spence-reid
high school dramaby GalaxyPrincess
ok its a criminal minds Svu cross over hioe you like it its my first cross over fanfic hope you love it
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My Beta (boyxboy) by thetorturedyouandi
My Beta (boyxboy)by Daniela Rodriguez
An amethyst series: Book one My Beta (boyxboy) Kallus Murray is an outsider, an omega. His only duty in life is to serve and clean for Amethyst's most powerful pack, Bl...
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The Sempiternal Ten by -xRazanx-
The Sempiternal Tenby -xRazanx-
17 year old Rose Walkman graduates high school and takes up a job working in a music shop with her best friend Lina. However, they meet 18 year old Alex Stevens who is...
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Overwhelmed by Kenziebc
Overwhelmedby Kenzie
With tragedy behind her, Aspyn is forced to leave and go to a summer camp. With no friends, or anyone she knows really, Aspyn has to adjust to this new environment alon...
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