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DEKE (An Alpha Male Motorcycle Club Romance)Book 1 by WriterOnEndorphins
DEKE (An Alpha Male Motorcycle Victoria St. Laurent
Jenna Childs and Deke Jeter grow up together as the closest of friends in the little town of Las Palmas, but unbeknownst to them, a terrible secret forces their lives ap...
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Run Bad Boy Run (2016 - Complete - Edited) by simranm17
Run Bad Boy Run (2016 - Simran Multani
Ember Chance thought she'd seen the last of her tormentor when he was shipped away for good. Finally she was free of his bullying. But Hayden Cross is back and out for r...
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Something About The Bad Boy by LinkinRomanceToMars
Something About The Bad Boyby LinkinRomanceToMars
"I'm so attracted to you Allie. The way a metal is attracted to a magnet, or an electron is attracted to a proton; Allie Rose Anderson, that's the way I'm attracted...
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Finn Taylor by TheMockingjayReads
Finn Taylorby Caelyn Haupini
"What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person." - John Green Finn Taylor is a mayfly - here one moment and gone the next. Elle Green...
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PROJECT CPH4: District X by JRscribbler
PROJECT CPH4: District Xby J.R
PROJECT CHPH4: District X (First part of the trilogy) is the story of eighteen year old Londoner- Ali Ford, the Fashion world's upcoming designer who is given the opport...
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The Life of a Teen Junkie by KassandraVivu
The Life of a Teen Junkieby Kassandra Vivu
She's addicted to the forbidden fruit that she wasn't meant to taste. the fruit wasn't meant for her but it was meant for someone else, but it's to late because she's al...
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Just a Commoner by slutilyadorkable
Just a Commonerby Slutily Adorkable
He knew he loved her. But he also knew his friends won't accept that.
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Unforgettable Touch by 1SkylarGrey1
Unforgettable Touchby 1SkylarGrey1
"Hey!" I yelled back at him, but he was already gone by then. People can be so rude sometimes. Specially men. Who do they think they are? -Cara After a painful...
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Taming the Bad Boy Alpha (On Hold) by WriterInsanity
Taming the Bad Boy Alpha (On Hold)by livia
**Story Not Edited** Ariana Rogers is next in line for the Alpha title. Cory Adams is also next in line for the Alpha title. The difference? One wants it, the other one...
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I Need Saving, Oh and Chocolate! by Wolves909
I Need Saving, Oh and Chocolate!by Autumn Garling
"Come on princess live a little." His voice broke through all the music and noise. I kept my back to him, but I slowly pulled up my shirt. I had on a black lac...
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The project - Dylan Obrian by Rara2203
The project - Dylan Obrianby Rara2203
Mo, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line. Dylan, is the definition of a Bad Boy...
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Mafia's Killer Princess by _rand0m_1
Mafia's Killer Princessby Ally
"Breathe, in and out in and out. I huffed and i crouched down next to a box seeing two armed guards with an Ak-74. Great, father only gave me a pistol. As I look u...
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Double Take by capuletsbirdie
Double Takeby hannah
When Jane Saito gets invited to spend the summer at her mother's friend's beach house in San Francisco, she meets Mason Jones, the boy who refused to play with her 10 ye...
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The Bad Boy Neighbor by Brookethebooknerd
The Bad Boy Neighborby Adlynn
Brooke is a girl with insecurities like any other girl, only her insecurities are about other things than what people think. Their about how she acts and how she is goin...
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His girl (Cameron Dallas fanfiction) by Baconislife484
His girl (Cameron Dallas Baconislife484
(Cameron Dallas fan-fiction) Starting her senior year at a new school in a new town, normally shy Penelope Evans is forced to face the challenge of working with the sch...
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Midnight Love by emmandra19
Midnight Loveby emmandra19
Emma and Cassandra, two best friends have been living their life in an ordinary way. Until, two boys with bad reputations move next door. Join these two in the ride full...
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the bad boy saved me by ryxnlol
the bad boy saved meby r
15 year old, thalia hayes. she has lived in seattle, washington her whole life. she's your average girl when it comes to popularity, but her looks outshine the popular g...
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saving him (under editing) by ledayaleslie
saving him (under editing)by Daya
Antonio Russo is a big time gang leader in Westerloch, He's 18 and controls the whole city. He owns the police department and is scared of nothing. People consider him...
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The Bad Boy Is My Stepbrother ✔ by Queen_Essie966
The Bad Boy Is My Stepbrother ✔by E$$ie
After being force to move to another state in the United States of America, seventeen year old girl named Carly Lopez moves with her Dad into his new wife (Madison) hous...
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Magnetic Romance (EDITING) by KatherineForever_317
Magnetic Romance (EDITING)by K A T H E R I N E
Have you ever dreamed of finding...the one? Of course you have, we all have. We hold on to that hope that there is an invisible string attached to our hearts that on th...
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