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Lost Memories by EJTuan
Lost Memoriesby Nattharin
A/N: I usually write fanfics about MarkJin and recently, I've been a big fan of these two Thai actors and a shipped couple, MewGulf! So I decided to write a fanfic for t...
Claiming his Heart by JAYTYPE
Claiming his Heartby JAYTYPE
Mew is outgoing and always surrounded by friends .Poised, rich, and extremely handsome, he's the perfect alpha. Chased by many, his Heart remains with one person only. C...
Wild Soul by annharrislee
Wild Soulby N.Lee
What would you do when you fell in love at the first sight? Would you take the chance or let go?
Eclipse  by Luna_Moonlight0089
Eclipse by Luna_Moonlight0089
Gulf Kanawut, a rising photographer, finds himself caught up in the murder of a high profile model. Now his friends have reached out to the best lawyer in the field. Mew...
Missing Piece Of My Heart by NiaMGlover
Missing Piece Of My Heartby Neha Sathyan
Mew Suppasit a young business man,a perfect boyfriend/husband material was able to fulfill almost all the promises he made to his late girlfriend.....except fi...
Chances Are by pararanch
Chances Areby pararanch
Princess Hours! AU where the activist and leader party Mew Suppasit is the appointed Crown Prince after the nation's coup d'état happened. Little did he know, his grand...
Between The Scenes [MewGulf AU] by dropsofdewww
Between The Scenes [MewGulf AU]by A man da ✨
"There's nothing I wouldn't do for these stolen kisses with you between the scenes." ✨ [MewGulf AU] {DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Everything that hap...
Hold Me Tight by 6Quinn
Hold Me Tightby Quinn
[Zawgyi] အဆံုးသတ္မွာ မဆံုဆည္းႏုိင္မယ့္ ေရစက္မ်ိဳးေတြနဲ႔ က်ေနာ္ ေရစက္ကုန္ခ်င္ၿပီ။ - Mew Suppasit ဆရာ တဲ့။ က်ေနာ္က ကိုကို လို႔ ေခၚခ်င္တာ။ - Gulf Kanawut [Unicode] အဆုံးသတ...
Story Of Us by Umaipeace
Story Of Usby umaipeace
Friend??What friend mean to you?? For normal person, friend is person who will talk to you,sharing whatever he or she has with his/her friend. Its same with Mew and Gulf...
TharnType The Series - My Flower Boy by PrinceAyutthaya
TharnType The Series - My Flower Prince Ayutthaya
Tharn, wonderful good looking and rich guy. He is a famous second year student around the university. Boys and girls insist to make him as their boyfriend. Tharn is a mu...
Love Stories Over A Cup Of Coffee by ReinedelaNeige
Love Stories Over A Cup Of Coffeeby ReinedelaNeige
In a coffee shop at the heart of Bangkok, a cheerful young man became shy upon meeting a gorgeous younger lad, a doctor tries his best to heal his broken heart with fak...
Honey Loves Bear (Boys × Boys) by ishqemajlis
Honey Loves Bear (Boys × Boys)by Anu Dey
Childhood love is most pure it's an essence which makes your life complete. Love is not child's play but what happens when a child falls in love. Mew and gulf whose worl...
My Problematic RANTS and Opinions on Popular BL Series by Symon_Zee
My Problematic RANTS and 🌈Symon_Zee🌈
As you can already tell from the TITLE: This will be my safe place where I will be expressing my RANTS and other THOUGHTS on the BL shows I am currently watching, have w...
Mew pulled me back, tight against him. It was a little uncomfortable as he was lying kisses along my neck and back. I can also feel his erection rubbing my ass. He rocke...
Bro With Love by sadhappysoul
Bro With Loveby sadhappysoul
He was a brother with love but his love was not the sweet type, it was one so destructive, despised by many, one that was illegal. It was a toxic love only death could c...
Harbinger by nurix5
Harbingerby nurix5
It started when he picked up an action figure. Gulf is a game and toy enthusiast, working in a start-up company for gaming and animation. At one event, he met Mew, someo...
Love Unexpected: MewGulf  by sadhappysoul
Love Unexpected: MewGulf by sadhappysoul
The love between Mew and Leo is one never seen before, one no word can explain. Unfortunately they get in an accident and one dies. In the realm of spirit, their souls g...
Be Your Boy, You Will Be My Man💓 (Unicode+Zawgyi) by NannpyaePyaeAye
Be Your Boy, You Will Be My Man💓 Pyae Pyae
အမှတ်မရှိတဲ့ငါ့အသည်းကထပ်ချစ်မိပြန်ပြီ ညီမလေးကိုအသက်တမျှမြတ်နိုးသလို မင်းကိုလဲဘဝနဲ့ထပ်တူချစ်မိနေပြီ 1: MEW SUPPASIT ကိုယ့်ကိုကိုယ်လိမ်နေရတဲ့ဘဝက ငရဲတမျှခံစားရတ...
Behind the Screen [Instafic] by thedualityofohsehun
Behind the Screen [Instafic]by tsukishimakei
Gulf is a model who has a lot of meddling friends. Mew is a rising singer whose heart has been broken before. What will happen when they meet?
Red by UnimportantName
Redby Newbie_Queen
*Mewgulf Fanfiction* Mew looks and acts like a cutie, but could sulk at you sometimes. His heart has gone through multiple breakups, but all of those times, he was alway...