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One Last Kiss by polcaricka
One Last Kissby Ericka
Dark Blue Kiss the series alternative sequel where in PeteKao's story continues as they face the destiny's playful game. After they graduated, what do you think happen t...
Newwiee The Mannequin (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Newwiee The Mannequin (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
What if a mannequin suddenly turns to a human?
DBK3 Daddy Baby Kiss by CholoAyuyao
DBK3 Daddy Baby Kissby Cholo Ayuyao
Finally finished the continuation of my TayNew FF DBK3, Daddy, Baby, Kiss. I'll post it here on my WP on March since I donated the 12 Chapter Novel to The Fan Support fo...
Arrange Marriage by Newwiee_myworld
Arrange Marriageby NewwieeTaehyung
Tay Tawan Vihokratana the CEO of Vihokratana group's a straight man has to marry the gay guy New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun the CEO and only heir of the biggest company in...
Dilemma (A Taynew/EarthNew/NammonNew/JasonNew Story){ON HOLD}  by Lovemebabyboy1
Dilemma (A Taynew/EarthNew/NammonN...by Lovemebabyboy1
When New gets a chance to study in one of the elite school in Bangkok through scholarship, he felt he was on top of the world. This was his dream and finally his dream c...
|| Hidden || {Completed✔️} by PreranaSL
|| Hidden || {Completed✔️}by Pedu♥️
Singto was an employee on krist office. While working with singto, krist slowly fell in love with him and forced him to marry him. On the other side new love's tay b...
in hate | TayNew Oneshot by DELULUPOLCA
in hate | TayNew Oneshotby innocentpolca
"i hate you" "i am in hate with you too" just a list of things Tsundere Tay hates about New,, yeah he hates New's presence alright,, he just hates Ne...
Who are you? (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Who are you? (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
Tay suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorders (DID) or known as multiple personality disorder. He often ends in different places with no idea of what had happen. &quo...
Smile - Mpreg (Completed) by thousandtales
Smile - Mpreg (Completed)by thousandtales
"Tay, shall we get a kitten?" New asked during their dinner. "Why Hin? We both are busy. We can't take care of it" Tay replied. "But it is so...
So This Is Love ( Oneshots ) by simping_potato_bitch
So This Is Love ( Oneshots )by simping_potato_bitch
The AUs i know you wanted Book starring Mr Tay Tawhipped Mr Newwie Kittiphoom A simpingly sassy writer To everyone who is reading this "you're loved and you are ve...
Tired Days, Sleepy Nights by Nyx_Seraphim
Tired Days, Sleepy Nightsby Angel
Tay is tired from all the work he had throughout the week. Sometimes more than 2 in the same day. After a long and tiring week, all Tay needs this weekend is rest, sleep...
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Falling Deeper | TayNew one shot by purpolca
Falling Deeper | TayNew one shotby leii
Tay realized that the love he has for New grows every moment they spend together
To Keep Going On by FiiJaa
To Keep Going Onby FiiJaa
2moons fanfic Beam disappeared after his one-night stand with Forth. No one knows where he went. Until he returned 7 years later. the characters belong to Chiffon_cake...
LET OUR FATE DECIDE by lazywriterhoe
Tay is about to confess his feelings to New when all of a sudden New declares about him getting arranged married to someone. Tay is completely broken and want entirely f...
Age Is Just A Number (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Age Is Just A Number (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
Tay Tawan, aged 40, is a CEO of WalkKing - a very successful model agency in Asia. He is rich, handsome, kind-hearted, and also happens to be a single father. Meanwhile...
Falling For You (COMPLETED) ✔️ by Yayashcj98
Falling For You (COMPLETED) ✔️by ZomDyDy
Newwiee who is famous at GMM University for his arrogant attitude suddenly life start to change when the guy that he hate the most suddenly come back to haunt his life...
dribble & scribble - taynew au by TerToMyHin
dribble & scribble - taynew auby WIZARD
just a small things collection of taynew^^ #taynew #petekao #karanachi #peachhome #polca #polcasan
Faces Of Love : The Trinity   by Cris_Peraya
Faces Of Love : The Trinity by Cris Peraya
Fame. Friendship. Pressure. Love. What will they do to achieve the last? In the chaotic world of showbiz, how will these three couple find their way to each other's arm...
Hate to Love by Kitsing0062x0206
Hate to Loveby Jaan
Kongpob is the Head Hazer of the faculty along with his friends Em, Tew, Oak and Wad. Maprang and Prae are in the medical team. Arthit, Knot, Prem, Bright and Tutha ar...
Beautiful Love | TayNew oneshot by dreams9204
Beautiful Love | TayNew oneshotby dream gie
a TayNew oneshot stories it's another cliché story of my favorite BL Couple I mean ship couple in the world of BL in Thailand. this is my second time writing a one shot...