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The Daughter Of Night by live_life_with_books
The Daughter Of Nightby Em
1st Place in the Percy Jackson Wattys 2018 * '"So it's settled then." Zeus said, "In order to solidify our truce with Nyx Apollo will marry Nyx's demigod...
❝you never believed i was dead?❞ ❝never.❞ ariel was tough. and percy liked that. in which ariel is a forbidden maiden that defies the one thing she wasn't supposed to...
Percy Jackson, Raised by Apollo by Beanqwer
Percy Jackson, Raised by Apolloby A_butt_cheek_on_a_stick
What if Percy was never a son of Poseidon? What if Sally was never his mum? What if he was, instead, raised by Apollo? Perseus is Apollo's biggest secret. After being f...
The Day Mortals Met The God Perseus by Irisofthewaters
The Day Mortals Met The God Perseusby Irisofthewaters
Its been 57 years since Thalia was made Immortal. Its been 50 years since Percy was made a god. He serves as the God of Heros and Rivers. its been 43 Years since Nico...
Percy Jackson: The Light Bringer by AlmightyMortal
Percy Jackson: The Light Bringerby Samanth Martis
[[{ Daily Updates }]] Percy Jackson's life changes completely when he is chosen by Lucifer to be the light bearer. Before he leaves though, he whispers something that ch...
Ouranos Percy by KenkenSite
Ouranos Percyby Kenkensite
This fanfic is about Percy is being forgotten and betrayed by everyone in the camp. Little didn't they know Ouranos the Primordial God of Skies is watching and when the...
persephone ✔ by simp4riddleandlevi
persephone ✔by ♡Πίστις♡
a retelling of the tale of persephone and hades --- highest rankings - #1 in greek, god, greek mythology, hades, hecate, olympus --- ❝she wore silk dresses and flower cr...
Betrayal Leads to Adventure by PersassyFTW
Betrayal Leads to Adventureby Persassy<3
When Percy no longer feels welcome at Camp Half-Blood, he leaves to create a new life for himself. With a little help from two demigods and some potions from Medea's Dep...
lacuna [connor stoll] by potatoesyeeted
lacuna [connor stoll]by j
❝born to make history.❞ connor stoll was the last piece of her puzzle. lacuna (n.) a blank space, a missing part [connor stoll] [percy jackson and the olympians] [the...
On My Way Home by _Sunchii_
On My Way Homeby _Sunchii_
"There'll be people you can't trust." "Remember me, tell my story." "He made her smile for the last time, she saw blood at the corner of his lip...
Percy Jackson gets Banished From CHB by Adin17_2
Percy Jackson gets Banished From C...by Adin17_2
Percy gets banished from CHB because of Athena. Read to find out more! I don't own the PJO series obviously Or the Eragon series!
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Hero by Darkgamer08
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Heroby Darkgamer08
At the end of the battle of Manhattan, Percy kills Luke, thus destroying Kronos. But while fading , Kronos uses the last of his powers to curse the hero who ruined his...
The One Who Brought Peace - Mount Olympus  by ElizabethAsitimbay
The One Who Brought Peace - Mount...by Elizabeth Asitimbay
Divine was her name. She was the one who brought peace but also fear. She was the first born of Rhea and Kronos. She was powerful, yet she used it for good. She brought...
Pertemis•The Fifteenth Olympian by ReadersBlog1234
Pertemis•The Fifteenth Olympianby Lana&Kate
PERTEMIS When Percy is betrayed by his friends and girlfriend, he is broken, he has nothing to live for,but the award ceremony for the defeat of Gaia might change that...
My name is Tyrael not Percy by Infamouswriters
My name is Tyrael not Percyby Infamouswriters
Pain. Anger. Sorrow. These are the words best suited to describe Percy when Annabeth cheated on him. He was broken. Annabeth had broken the great Percy Jackson and in tu...
My command.  by SlytherinPrincess000
My command. by SlytherinPrincess000
Pertemis fanfiction. Warning contains a lot of smut. Like a lot. Contains some thalico moments/smut.
Isabella Jackson-A PJO And Avengers crossover by oddball_writer
Isabella Jackson-A PJO And Avenger...by simp
Isabella Jackson. Daughter of Poseidon. Sister of Percy Jackson. Saviour of Olympus. Survivor of Tartarus. Avenger. Wait, Avenger? Isabella never had an easy life...
The Reading by fair1015
The Readingby dontcallme_annie
What if to make a dire descion the demigods of camp halfblood and camp jupiter go back to the past and tell the ancient greek gods of their stories? #3 in percyjackson S...
Stupid Mortals meet Demigods [SMMD] by ThiraK1234
Stupid Mortals meet Demigods [SMMD]by Ţħira
What happens when then Seven plus Calypso, Nico and Will are forced to live normal lives outside the camp?? Will they be able to pass the judgments they receive form mor...
People Meet Percabeth by HunterofArtemis0605
People Meet Percabethby Hunter of Artemis
Different Gods, Demigods and mortals meet the famous Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, also known as PERCABETH!! Rick Riordan owns the PJO and HOO series not me!