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Voldemorts Daughter by caitdarlington
Voldemorts Daughterby miss darlington
(Draco Malfoy fanfic) Emerald Cressida Riddle. The daughter of the goddess of love, Aphrodite and a wizard, Tom Riddle. Emerald has been training in Camp Half-Blood fo...
Poseidon & Athena by Tonicon
Poseidon & Athenaby ToniCon
Series 1 BOOK 4 (Spin-off) Orginal release 2014 "If rest was a sign of weakness, then we would all be dead." Blue eyes settled on mine as I slowly looked over...
The Football Player's Unknown Children by kourtneybooks18
The Football Player's Unknown Kourtney
Scarlett Burk is 21 years old. She had been dating her boyfriend, Braden Parker, for 6 years. Her boyfriend just graduated from Oregon State University and she is one ye...
Shot Through Time {Lexa x Reader} ON HOLD by deadk0ta
Shot Through Time {Lexa x Reader} Kota
*Crossover of the 100 and PJO *Female Reader You, a child of Hades, agreed to go through their "Time Machine". The robot made it, but the time period they cho...
Betrayed, Hurt and Unwanted. (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Book_worm_4_life_987
Betrayed, Hurt and Unwanted. ( lover of books
"Thalia Grace, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Nico Di Angelo are much too powerful. They must be executed immediately!" Zeus thundered. "But, my lord...
My Mafia Prince by PPPIMP
My Mafia Princeby Paulette Agbolosoo
"Darkness can't drive out darkness, only light can do that." ............................. He was invisible, ambitious, a cold-hearted murderer who would kill...
Over the last three years, Milo Fleamont Potter has been on a never-ending adventure since getting back in contact with his little brother and it's nearly cost him his l...
craving |PERCY JACKSON| [book 1] by Jackisnotokay
craving |PERCY JACKSON| [book 1]by Jackisnotokay
she craved to belong in a world full of monsters, gods, and magic. he just craved to be normal. sometimes you don't always get what you want. [book 1 in the Unclaimed Da...
The Key to Ruling a Broken Kingdom (Girl x Girl) by Inkfriend
The Key to Ruling a Broken Inky
"Love doesn't discriminate." -Lin-Manuel Miranda ---- Ever since she was a young girl, Princess Persephonie was given o...
Wisdom's Daughter by TheQuietHufflepuff
Wisdom's Daughterby TheQuietHufflepuff
Tessa Moore is a demigod; cousin to Scott McCall. She's the daughter of Athena. The curly blonde, gray-eyed girl long ago caught the eye of the dorky best friend, but sh...
Athena - The Luna Warrior by TheGreekWarrior
Athena - The Luna Warriorby Athena
I, Athena Xiphos, the daughter of Alpha Zeus Xiphos and Luna Metis Xiphos has been in Camp Rogue since fifteen years. In the past fifteen years I was groomed to be a fi...
Percy Jackson One Shots by omgitshappenning
Percy Jackson One Shotsby Six Fingered Man
*COMPLETED* Demigods and mortals and gods and monsters... Need I say more? DISCLAIMER : I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, nor the Heroes of Olympus
Rust and bone | Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes by Marieealt
Rust and bone | Winter Soldier Marie
Athena Pierce was her father's greatest achievement. A third super soldier. Robbed from her childhood and teenage years and forced to kill on an evil organisation's com...
Snape x OC: Athena. by Dead-and-Alone
Snape x OC: Majorly Disappointed.
Snape survived but at a cost. Dumbledore had to work a lot of things out including how his owning the three deathly hallows allowed him to conquer death. Although the ol...
Athena {A.Summers} by GGreen03
Athena {A.Summers}by LeViOsA
Roberta was found by Charles Xavier when she was just seven years old, he and Raven took her in to their home in New York and helped the young mutant grown into a young...
The Gates of Tartarus | ✓ by fandomsarehorcruxes
The Gates of Tartarus | ✓by Jocelyn
"Prove you're an Olympian, and I'll listen." Hermes held out his hand. The air shimmered, before a staff burst into existence. And i mean literally burst into...
The Guardians and their doors.  by Irisofthewaters
The Guardians and their doors. by Irisofthewaters
Sequel to Mortals meet the god Perseus. Reunited with some, separated from others, the guardians are trapped in an alternate dimension where they must "nudge"...
Started With A Dare - A POTHENA STORY ✔ by EverlastingTrash
Started With A Dare - A POTHENA Trash
WE GOT TO 26K JFOWEKLSD THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT EVERYONE "I dare you to ask Poseidon out." That was too much for Athena. But if she doesn't do it... etern...
Arranged (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by WiseWolf826
Arranged (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)by Mary-Kate
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase hate each other with a passion, and everyone at school knows it. Regardless, their parents decide that the best course of action for the...