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Frankenstein's Guide (Book 1, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) by lhansenauthor
Frankenstein's Guide (Book 1, Lina Hansen
Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth can dive into books, but she isn't prepared for a monster - and a ruthless murderer killing her tourists. Ike is fighting the aftermat...
Wonder over Worries [K. Havertz] by fandomfanfiction005
Wonder over Worries [K. Havertz]by yulina <3
"You can let this wash away or watch it all catch fire together" {For someone to loose their hope in love there always is a reason. There always was pain, ang...
Winter's Shadow by Abyss3_21
Winter's Shadowby Abyss3
What happens when a little girl is discovered to be a mutant, and is sold off to the military to become the ultimate weapon? What if you paired her with a hearty super s...
So this is what hell is like...  by Chernobyl_Child
So this is what hell is like... by a
Countryhumans groupchat dude.... If you have any country you want to see just ask me and I will deliver? I'll only have 10 or something at the start... So basically yea...
Aftermath  by Forelle1234
Aftermath by Forelle1234
In a world where countries have magic abilities. Countries can roam in the sky with wings, explore the deep sea with fish tails or see in the dark like cats. Some can su...
Hetalia Drabbles~ by pinkandyellowhuman
Hetalia Drabbles~by Stepa Co
My compilation of Hetalia drabbles. They're Reader OC x Country because I can. Requests welcome~
Katja  by Flowerscantfly
Katja by Flowerscantfly
Pskov, Russia No one had expected the Germans to come so soon . No one knew the Germans would defeat Russia so easily. Katja Kuznetsova is an eighteen year old girl w...
*ɪᴛ'ꜱ ʏᴏᴜ | Third Reich x reader by DawgItsMe
*ɪᴛ'ꜱ ʏᴏᴜ | Third Reich x readerby Dawg it's me
You, a sergeant who's assigned to bodyguard his son. Him, a ruthless war criminal who has no intent for mercy. _____ uhh, yea so I guess this is an x reader. I do not su...
Star Crossed Enemies - *Published and Updated* by anmendezbooks
Star Crossed Enemies - * A. N. Mendez
NOW PUBLISHED! Find it on Amazon (paperback and ebook) and Barnes & Noble (paperback and hardback). TOP 100 in Barnes & Noble's Romance Bestsellers List! This is an exce...
A CountryHuman Smut and Fluff Oneshot book by 284zunblo
A CountryHuman Smut and Fluff JustanotherRandomuser
WARNING: contains smut and lemons (In editing) Read at your own risk There is also fluff Any characters I use are not mine Hope you like these stories
Ocean Eyes by JayCobIsNotHere
Ocean Eyesby JayCobIsNotHere
When the allies cornered Third Reich, they didn't kill him. Nor did they capture him and tortured the German. Instead, they decided to find the root of Third Reich's inh...
Countryhumans scenarios! (Tried my best) by Poland-or-Polska39
Countryhumans scenarios! (Tried ⭐️Poland + space⭐️
I doubt anybody would even read this, but I decided to do this for fun :> Anyways, I tried adding the characters I know, y'all can request any countryhuman and I wil...
The Aftermath by Herobrinecat28
The Aftermathby SomeWeirdCat28
It is the year 1945.The war is over,leaving only dust and ruins.Nothing is what it used to be.Germany just came back unexpectedly,not knowing why.His territorry does not...
Germany x Reader by bloodyeclipse19
Germany x Readerby Error
Sorry Fellas this is for the gals. In this story Germany is a little bit old he is 19 while you are 13. Sorry first time writing.
Hetalia x Reader Drabbles (Requests Open)  by Shy_Shy1077
Hetalia x Reader Drabbles ( Shy_Senpai
Hetalia x Reader one-shots request what you want ~ (^.^)
Where Winter Meets Summer (Rusame Countryhumans) by OnyxxCrow
Where Winter Meets Summer ( OnyxxCrow
"Trust was something that had been robbed from him, along with his eye, and his smile. One betrayal. That was all it took to bring forth an Eternal Winter..."...
Dancing with the Badboy by footyholic
Dancing with the Badboyby Mia Jacques
I was surprised when she ran her hands down my abs, almost to the waist band of my pants. "Mila," I warned, watching her bite back a smile. There was unmistak...
Footballer Imagines  by vamps14x
Footballer Imagines by ❤️
This story contains imagines of Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Trent Alexander - Arnold, John Stones, Kyle Walker, Mason Mount, Declan Rice, Jude Bellingh...
Alternate History by Sp3ctral_52
Alternate Historyby Sp3ctral_52
Matthew Legier, an Office Worker in his mid-20s, by an incident in his home country his life was cut short... Only to find he had regained consciousness in a new body, a...