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Claimed By The Devil Himself. by SepticMoma6721
Claimed By The Devil Jordan Taylor Davies
Warning 18+ content. Contains swearing, sexual scenes and slight drug use. Don't forget to vote and comment!🥰 "Hey, you should watch were your going!" His to...
AUDITION  by Nithya_Harkins
AUDITION by Nithya_Harkins
Terrible audition done by a young director makes the thing goes wrong.
Mr Capo & Mrs Assassin | 18+ by latrinkies
Mr Capo & Mrs Assassin | 18+by Lisa William
1st book in the 'Mafia minds' duet. If I had known that all it takes to shut you up is filling your pussy, I would have done this sooner," he says, a smirk playing...
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Miss Vee by MarionKE340
Miss Veeby MarionKE340
Vick is stripped and forced to stay naked in school for a whole day. Read as Vick struggles to fight a boner which keeps popping on his exposed cock and the humiliation...
Taking What I Want  by rubyjane1391
Taking What I Want by rubyjane1391
Allison and Dylan are spending a quiet evening alone. Or so they think. When an intruder breaks into their house, they're not prepared for the demands he makes. Noah kn...
I Want To Undress My Bestfriend  by lespria
I Want To Undress My Bestfriend by Pria writes
Warning - Extremely erotic and sexual. People below 18 might find it disturbing. Suggestion to my readers - Visualize everything! Description - I am in love with my bes...
My Best Friend's Hot Brother (18+) by myauraismoonstone
My Best Friend's Hot Brother (18+)by Jessica
We are all on the cusp of orgasm, prompting Kelsi to move to sit on Jackson's face as he continues to penetrate me. His mouth works over her sex and while she and I are...
#LetMeInsideYou #Taehyung ff# by Emptylove28
#LetMeInsideYou #Taehyung ff#by Emptylove28
Fluffy Shorts 18+ NSFW by D4ddysL1ttl3Angel
Fluffy Shorts 18+ NSFWby TheLyricalWriter
** NONE OF THE PHOTOS ARE MINE I GOT THEM FROM GOOGLE** *****18+***** Also, Wattpad took down my previous stories and I've no idea why lol This is a short collection of...
My Madam and I by CharlesWiFi
My Madam and Iby Charles Maduike
It's about a young man that was used by his boss to satisfy her sexual urges. He also has other female friends he sleeps with for pleasure. He's really good at sex. The...
Dive into Temptation [ManxBoy] by GrimJulius
Dive into Temptation [ManxBoy]by GrimJulius
*COMPLETED* "Do I mean nothing to you?!" He spat out the words, his voice laced with fury. "What are you talking about?" I strained against his iron...
LOVE ON A TOUR (LOAT) #wattys2020 by angelprincess24
LOVE ON A TOUR (LOAT) #wattys2020by Dr. Tina Meherchandani M
Dr. Sophia Taylor, 25 year old girl from India, is a very talented and smart doctor. For her patients, she is similar to their God. Just her smile makes thousands of men...
Reversed.Feeling. ENG by loganfanficshots
Reversed.Feeling. ENGby Logan Henderson
𝘍𝘢𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘏𝘰𝘵18+ ¹ª 𝘌𝘥𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯: Version: English SYNOPSIS: It was only supposed to be a surprise birthday in honor of the 32 Years of "Carlos Pen...
The Late Night Collection by lorrainejblackwood
The Late Night Collectionby L. J. Blackwood
Indulge in a collection of tales crafted for your intimate late-night rendezvous. Settle in, let your imagination roam, and savor the allure of each story, designed to...
Road Trip by Enrico_11
Road Tripby Enrico_11
Follow a young couple's steamy adventure
The Dark Secrets of Emerald Palace  by Eccentric_soul_24
The Dark Secrets of Emerald Palace by Neeraj Shrivastava
Rishabh Raghuvanshi marries Pragati Mishra to trap her but twist in the tale is that Pragati has her own agenda to get into Raghuvanshi family to avenge them . How will...
B R E A K F A S T by MoodyJewdie
B R E A K F A S Tby MoodyJewdie
"Mmmm you're such a messy girl" she leaned down and spoke into my ear. She quickly grabbed my neck holding my head up to see our fine ass neighbor Toya starin...
Daddy's Little Slut by DelindaSinclair
Daddy's Little Slutby DelindaSinclair
"You want me to fuck you like a whore, is that it?" His eyes darkened as they narrowed on me while I swallowed hard, realizing I had been backed up against the...
Crown by AuthorJaydaJace
Crownby Pade💜
Final edited version. Ranked #1 in billionaire, 22nd November 2023 Ranked #2 in love at first sight, 22nd November 2023 Ranked #1 in control, 17th March 2024. Ranked #3...