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descendants one shots by The_BatCats
descendants one shotsby The_BatCats
Ben Hades Harry Jay Carlos Gil I only write x readers. Or OCs I make up to help me write. Request anytime. Will not know when request will be out though. Also you can...
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persephone ✔ by ifailtounderstand
persephone ✔by ♡fk♡
a retelling of the tale of persephone and hades --- ❝she wore silk dresses and flower crowns, she was soft and she was loved and then she was stolen, this is the story t...
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Lexi's Undoing | Book 1 by neverfakeit
Lexi's Undoing | Book 1by Morgan Rider
Lexi just knew her birthday weekend would be worthy of myths and legends. How right she was. ...
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The Girl that Hades called Persephone by LunaHart13
The Girl that Hades called Perseph...by Luna Hart
~~~Major editing at the moment as I didn't expect so many readers! This is honestly my first draft, and I know there are errors left and right. Slowly but surely I'll h...
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Descendants 3 Hades x reader *slow updates* (sorry!) by SurvivingWithDaryl
Descendants 3 Hades x reader *slow...by TheEaterofWorlds
You are the daughter of the most feared villain if all time, and no I'm not talking Maleficent she doesn't even come close to your father, the Chernabog. Doesn't ring a...
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A Flame To His Hook by Devilangel19980
A Flame To His Hookby Angel Moon❤
When Mal is chosen to go to Auradon and she becomes good along with the core that's when May becomes angry at her younger sister for abandoning her and her family can Ma...
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Sinner  by little_lover123
Sinner by Elizabeth
A deal is a a deal a sin is a sin, no matter how good it makes you cum. -- "Elija" He said, his lean fingers traced my jaw slightly- barley there. "Yes...
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Choosing Family by Ginnyrules27
Choosing Familyby Ginnyrules27
AU) "You abandoned me when I was a baby." What if Hades hadn't abandoned Mal when he left Maleficent? What if he had chose her? How different would Mal's life...
A Kiss of Darkness by Cupid_princess16
A Kiss of Darknessby Anne S.
A peculiar teenage girl was kissed by a mysterious stranger. She didn't know that kissing him will make her his for eternity. Who is he? Well, he is the one only god of...
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Wanted by Hades by atdvb22
Wanted by Hadesby Amy
"Don't cover my bite marks," he said with a smirk planted on his lips. "I want people to know you are mine." Isabelle lived most of her life alone...
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Thanatos by Lexi-the-book-worm
Thanatosby Lexi
The three fates can only determine the fates of mortals. But that's never stopped them from intertwining the fates of mortals with the lives of the gods. Especially when...
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Dark Shadows (#1 of Dark Shadows Series) by IrelandBCook
Dark Shadows (#1 of Dark Shadows S...by IrelandBCook
The man on the throne abruptly stood up, his dark black eyes shining with an untammed flame, one that turned everything into embers. It was obvious that this powerful ma...
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I'm Yours by CherryBlossom2214
I'm Yoursby CherryBlossom2214
Who said being a god was easy, never mind the love life. So when the wedding of Hades and Persephone takes a big twist, things get real interesting. Will it be good or...
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Shadow Traveling to a Whole New World by Jedigirl135
Shadow Traveling to a Whole New Wo...by Jedigirl135
Life at Camp Halfblood was finally settling down and Nico Di' Angelo was finally happy. Everything seems fine until one night Nico has a fight with his boyfriend Will So...
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Silence and Death by pineapples22-
Silence and Deathby pineapples22-
Hades and Somya in place of Persephone. A story of Somya learning her place in a cold underworld.
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Hades Stole My Panties by tatortotmajesty
Hades Stole My Pantiesby mom
It's not everyday that the God of the Underworld sneaks into your bedroom and steals your panties. It's not everyday that you offer your soul to the God of the Underworl...
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QUEEN OF DEATH by rubyruins
❛THEY WOULD TELL YOU OF A KING WHO STOLE ME HELPLESS FROM MY SUNSHINE GARDEN.❜ They won't tell you about the woman who came to him sublime, lily eyes and lily lips. A ki...
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Only You by DevilSpawnXoXo
Only Youby Sara ★
Three words. Eight letters. Say it, And I'm yours. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Disney Descendants ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Ben Florian Beast x OC ☆ ☆ ☆...
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Entwined by agatharoza
Entwinedby AJ Rosen⁷
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION On her eighteenth birthday, Avery Montgomery will discover who the Greek gods have chosen as her soulmate. But what if it's not the boy she's fa...
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Lore Olympus One shots by homosapein123
Lore Olympus One shotsby homosapein123
⚠️I DO NOT OWN LORE OLYMPUS OR ITS CHARACTERS! ALL RIGHTS TO THE CREATOR⚠️ this one-shot book will contain the following...: fluff💕💕💕 angst🖤🖤🖤 (I will only do smut...
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