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Published by Wattpad Books & Penguins UK. Read the free chapter here! {completed story} The Fiction Awards 2019 #1 Winner for Best Teen Fiction | The Wattys 2018 LL | Highest rank #1 in Teen Fiction, Wattpad, and Adventure. Wattpad Read for The Week. Featured in June 2018. --------- ❝Truth or dare?" I rolled my eyes. "Dare. I got enough truth tonight and you know me inside out anyway." "Dare, hm? Let me think of something." Putting one finger on her chin, my best friend gave me a once-over. "I want you to kiss my brother." "Are you crazy?" She knew how much I hated her brother. I glanced up just in time to meet with a pair of dark green eyes, looking straight back at me. Damn. ❞ Turning 18 is great, but sure as hell, not the age where you're ready to have a soulmate. Our badass MC, Avery Montgomery, who does not have romantic bones in her body isn't just any regular girl. She's a part of the Ancient Greek community known as the Hellenicus. Once she turns 18 she will be able to hear her soulmate's thoughts which help her in finding the said soulmate. So, will it be Carlos, her dreamy crush, or Adrian, her old childhood crush? Surely, it cannot possibly be her best friend's annoying older brother Vladimir, right? Making a decision can be hard but being indecisive is definitely not an option. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ⚠️ written by #army; contains BTS references ✌🏻💜 "This book is the most original Wattpad story that I have read yet. The concept is incredibly detailed and is super creative. I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. Adrian is swoon-worthy! It's astonishingly underrated and deserves so much more recognition. I'm very excited to watch it go so far" #1 TE Award "Wow. Original. New. Exciting. Fresh. Beautiful. @agatharoza takes the standard teen YA structure and flips it on its head. Teen Fiction meets Ancient Greek meets telepathy."


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