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The Other Wheeler || Eddie Munson x Y/N by HellfireClubMember3
The Other Wheeler || Eddie Munson...by HellfireClubMember🔥
Y/N Wheeler is often the forgotten sibling. Always in the background, she grew up ensuring that everyone else's needs were met besides her own. When she meets Eddie &quo...
9-1-1 oneshots by djhotpink101
9-1-1 oneshotsby fanfics 4life
most buddie but it'll have the others and will probably have some chapters about Bobby being a dad.
Home The Hard Way *Single Dad! Eddie Munson X Steve Harrington Steddie Series* by heavenandhiwater
Home The Hard Way *Single Dad! Edd...by heavenandhiwater
Eddie left Hawkins in 1986 with no reason to ever return. But now, a few years have passed and life has changed. Eddie finally returns home and has to deal with everythi...
In Flames // 9-1-1 Fox (seasons 1-4) by akila47
In Flames // 9-1-1 Fox (seasons 1...by akila47
"Keep your confessions Cause babe I'm no saint We're playing with fire" - In Flames, Digital Daggers Mariana Ramirez doesn't let people into her life. At twent...
I wanna be yours | eddie munson x reader by RoseHoneylxs
I wanna be yours | eddie munson x...by RoseHoneylxs
It was 1986, and after a tragic accident, you moved back to your childhood town, Hawkins. However, it was not as you remembered it. The small town wasn't the same after...
SICKNESS °•Eddie Kaspbark•° by ali_licia0305
SICKNESS °•Eddie Kaspbark•°by Alicia Pfahl 🌹
"What's up?" I ask curiously, Eddie looks up at me with those capturing eyes of his. I could see the gears turning in his head. "I've realized that... Ear...
❦♰❀ reddie smut ☿✿☆ by uhidklmao
❦♰❀ reddie smut ☿✿☆by uhidklmao
reddie smut!!!!! all characters are of age and up!!! none of the stories belong to me, i find them all on archive of our own (ao3) and they will be that way unless i sa...
Conflicted (Buddie) ENGLISH VERSION by Kit-chenSink
Conflicted (Buddie) ENGLISH VERSIONby Vile
After a long battle against justice, Evan Buckley, mostly known as Buck is finally back at house 118. Injured in duty, his main purpose always was to take back his job o...
Where Ever You Are, You Have To Come Back by AnaaaLoveys
Where Ever You Are, You Have To Co...by J. Anaaa
After the lawsuit and their talk at the grocery store, Bobby, Hen, Eddie and Chimney didn't talk to Buck. Maddie suggested something to Buck, but she didn't expect how t...
Eddie Munson Imagines and One Shots by Little_Annie_
Eddie Munson Imagines and One Shotsby Little_Annie_
Smuty & fluffy fanfiction about our oh so loved Eddie Munson. Eddie x Reader | Steddie | Eddie x Steve x Reader
Killing Me Softly ✔ •Eddie Munson X OC• by Stark_Oblivion
Killing Me Softly ✔ •Eddie Munson...by Stark_Oblivion
Harper O'Brian- The local Nerd/Emo/Freak or whatever the world called her to make itself happy had lived a practically normal life, minus the "disappearances"...
9-1-1. by HazzaStyles2021
9-1-1.by HazzaStyles2021
Based on Season Three... Ashleigh is seen enjoying the day with Christopher (Eddie's son) at the beach. However, the beach-goers soon realise a tsunami is heading their...
To The End || EDDIE MUNSON x READER|| by cullionly
To The End || EDDIE MUNSON x READE...by cullionly
When Y/N meets her younger brother, Dustin's friend Eddie Munson and they start to hang out. Soon a great friendship forms, but will it go farther? 🥇- #Dustin 8/13/22...
Steddie Oneshots by NorwegianFrog
Steddie Oneshotsby NorwegianFrog
It's like the title says. It's a book of Steddie oneshots. I don't really do smut (except on special occasions) because it makes me uncomfortable, so this is just a lot...
Suburban Blues // Billy Hargrove  by hellyeahhargrove
Suburban Blues // Billy Hargrove by hellyeahhargrove
"You think you're something special, huh?" "Oh I know I am" When East meets West in the middle.
My Little Psycho (Patrick Hockstetter) by PatricksPsychoxo
My Little Psycho (Patrick Hockstet...by PatricksPsycho
Reina Jacobs is the school's good girl, but all that changes when she catches the eye of certain member from the Bowers gang. (damn that summary was shit but it will h...
A Toony Kind of Love by Bee_Vomit_Queen
A Toony Kind of Loveby
I OWN NOTHING!!! I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY OFF OF THIS!!! IT IS JUST A FANFICTION MADE FOR FUN!!! Male!Jessica Rabbit X Female!Reader Based on the movie but a reader inse...
[🎮The Alpha Betas🎮]: (Male Reader x Alpha Betas) by Ruisu5678
[🎮The Alpha Betas🎮]: (Male Reade...by Ruisu Naegi
[Also, due to Wattpad's new policies, all characters are aged up to the ages they need to. Might make the story make no sense, but blame Wattpad for that. Hate the game...
latent love [eddie munson] by obsessedmunson
latent love [eddie munson]by munson obsessed
Emily is Dustin's older sister, she only recently moved back in after years of being away with her abusive biological father. This is when she meets Eddie. Everyone in h...
𝑪𝒐𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒅 - 𝑬𝒅𝒅𝒊𝒆 𝑴𝒖𝒏𝒔𝒐𝒏 by cherryharries_
𝑪𝒐𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒅 - 𝑬𝒅𝒅𝒊𝒆 𝑴𝒖𝒏𝒔...by ᵃⁿⁿᵃ
In which Avery Harrington is at first forced to be close with a certain Hawkins High freak, but soon they'll grow to like each other while fighting the unimaginable, in...