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trashmouths wife ➵ richie x reader by 1-800-spaghetti
trashmouths wife ➵ richie x readerby ella
⋆"why don't you blow me, trash mouth?!" ⋆"gladly!-" ♔"welcome to the losers club-" ♔"Asshole!" ☾"your just a loser!" ...
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Hush •Stanley Uris• by Khaleesi_wh0
Hush •Stanley Uris•by Tabitha🎥
The 'Mute' girl from Derry's nightmares come true. "You came back for me." "I always will." - {HIGHEST RANKINGS} #1 in Itmovie #5 in stanurisxreader ...
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✓ | ophelia,    stanley uris! by voidoleff
✓ | ophelia, stanley uris!by 𝐇.
𝐎𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐀! ━━ ❝YOU'RE QUITE THE CHARACTER, AREN'T YOU, OPHELIA?❞ [ stanley uris x fem!oc ] [ swearing ] [ mature themes ] [ plot & cover by me ]
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Walking Buddies // IT by straykakashi
Walking Buddies // ITby Chan💗
After a flying hat hits her lap, Lacey gets off of her bus to return it to its owner. After having a slight conversation with the losers club she makes them walk her hom...
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channel 7 - bill denbrough by selfisharchipelago
channel 7 - bill denbroughby hi, i'm dom
not really a plot, just lots of cute moments :) completed! 8/2/19
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 𝑵𝒆𝒘 || Eddie Kaspbrak by dolaxn
𝑵𝒆𝒘 || Eddie Kaspbrakby :)
Summer Hanscom and her family were new to the old town Derry. After meeting the 'Losers' she was faced with one of the most challenging Summers of her life. Based on the...
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FEELINGS // Stan Uris x reader by whowantlasgna
FEELINGS // Stan Uris x readerby whowantlasgna
"Holding in your feelings is unhealthy." "I don't have a healthy lifestyle."
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lover ☾e.k. x reader by _areyoureddieforit_
lover ☾e.k. x readerby _areyoureddieforit_
"ʜᴇʏ ᴇᴅᴅɪᴇ. ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙɪʀᴛʜ ᴄᴏɴᴛʀᴏʟ ᴘɪʟʟs?" "ʏᴇᴀʜ, ɪᴍ sᴀᴠɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜʀ sɪsᴛᴇʀ." ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏ/ɴ ᴛᴏᴢɪᴇʀ ʙᴇɢɪɴs ᴛᴏ ғᴀʟʟ ғᴏʀ ᴇᴅᴅɪᴇ ᴋᴀsᴘʙʀᴀᴋ, ᴛʜɪɴɢs ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴀ...
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ECARLATE - S. URIS [1] by moonbunniee
ECARLATE - S. URIS [1]by _
❝ you two don't need a kiss to show your love for each other. ❞ ____ {✔} COMPLETED [OCxStanley Uris] I do NOT own IT. Highest Rank: #201 in Fanfiction.
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It oneshots by YaboISmOlwIlLy
It oneshotsby jojis_fried_rice
I'm bored so here ya go
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CHERISH ° ( STANLEY URIS ) by -zdempseys
CHERISH ° ( STANLEY URIS )by hadephobia
❝ 𝓼𝓪𝓭 𝓫𝓲𝓻𝓭𝓼 𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰 ❞ ˢᵗᵃⁿˡᵉʸ ᵘʳⁱˢ ⁱᵗ ⁽²⁰¹⁷⁾ © ᵃˡˡ ʳⁱᵍʰᵗˢ ʳᵉˢᵉʳᵛᵉᵈ ⁺ ⁻ᶻᵈᵉᵐᵖˢᵉʸˢ
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     ✓ | colors of the wind, mike hanlon. by benshanscom
✓ | colors of the wind, 𝓕
𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐎𝐅 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐃! ━━ ❛ if you live your life turning others into adversaries, you will never know the beauty of harmony. ❜ in...
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Control // It (2017) // Stanley Uris by vancityirwin
Control // It (2017) // Stanley madison s.
In which Stanley Uris finds himself infatuated with the ill-mannered and beautiful younger sister of the infamous Henry Bowers. * "I hope you find the strength to s...
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group chat | jaeden martell by straypuffs
group chat | jaeden martellby 𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐃
━━ 𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 have you ever been in a group chat with a celebrity and clown them, only to have them reply to you one day?
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FEAR | BILL DENBROUGH [ 1 ] by horriblyvoid-
❝ tasty, tasty, beautiful fear. ❞ #1 IN IT MOVIE | bill denbrough | IT MOVIE 2017
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𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐥 [ 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑛 𝑤𝑜𝑙𝑓ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑑 ] by -disbmyfandom
𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐥 [ 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑛 𝑤𝑜𝑙𝑓ℎ𝑎� 𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐞𝐬
' 𝒃𝒆𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝑰 𝒎𝒆𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝑰 𝒏𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒌𝒏𝒆𝒘 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒃𝒆 𝒂𝒃𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝒂𝒕 𝒔𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒔𝒎...
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MASTER (Restored/Updated 2019 version) -pennywise xreader. 18+ by Invisible0521
MASTER (Restored/Updated 2019 Invisible0521
"Hushhhh-h-h, babydoll," a mixture of blood and saliva dripped on my collarbone and ran down my cleavage. I trembled and sobbed against the wall, "please...
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IT IMAGINES by asthmaticeddie
IT IMAGINESby asthmaticeddie
{ #48 IN FANFICTION !! } A compilation of requests and any ideas I get I take any requests for the IT cast or characters! Enjoy!
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Shy Love | Stanley Uris by ronxald
Shy Love | Stanley Urisby ❛kris❜tina
A STORY IN WHICH, A group of friends fight to stay alive when a certain evil returns to the small town of Derry. The Losers try to get rid of IT once and for-all. Bonds...
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Angel |Stanley Uris| by ewwyatt
Angel |Stanley Uris|by ━ 𝐤𝐚𝐦
❝ BUT ANGEL YOU'RE ALL I WANT ❞ Elizabeth Tozier has been head over heels for her best friend for as long as she can remember. She has tried teasing him and making him b...
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