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Little Ezra || agere by northstarjam
Little Ezra || agereby jam<3
Ezra is a little, who has never had a true caregiver. After being rejected by his parents after finding out about his age regression, he moved in with his best friend an...
Feral~  Harley/OC/Joker by MilkToast_172
Feral~ Harley/OC/Jokerby MilkToast_172
You're there, With all the attention directed your way. They're intrigued to say the least. You prove yourself when you protect Harley in a dangerous situation. And you...
Little Kook {{Vkook}} *slow updates* by Beautifully-Little-
Little Kook {{Vkook}} *slow update...by -Max-
Jungkook is a little. It helps him to relax. His friends don't mind, they find it adorable. Especially Taehyung.
Eager Beaver by HallowsEveWrite
Eager Beaverby Hallows Eve
Cooper, a height challenged American boy, recently made the move from America to the small town of Welton, Canada. He wants to migrate to the Canadian Scouts and after s...
Lyra's Big Change  by user34411720
Lyra's Big Change by Emmie Pereira
It's about an average teenage girl who just turned 14, she is a freshman in high school, and it's a week before summer break. She is pulled out of class early one mornin...
little king | agere by littlbearcub
little king | agereby ꕥ sleepy baby ꕥ
"little king.. don't ever let your crown fall." his father whispers to him as his heavy eyes fall. [ ageregression ]
Taken by minilittleone
Takenby Hannah
Hannah was a 20 year old girl who lived by herself. She is 5'2 and 120lbs. She worked as a Dog sitter who would go to houses and walk and take care of peoples dogs! Litt...
Small Little Secrets by OliverHisPuppy14
Small Little Secretsby Oliver L
When a transgender, self conscious, and anxiety-ridden, Age Regressor named Oliver Alcores (pronounced Al-core-ez) begins searching for a caregiver to take care of him...
Summoning Daddy. by Cendrillon1996
Summoning Daddy.by Cinderella
As the tittles says, I summoned him, expecting to be loved, worshipped, taken care of. What I received was a spanking to my bum and a scolding for my attempts. But I d...
His obsession and Her tiny secret by babybunnydoll19
His obsession and Her tiny secretby babybunnydoll19
(NOT A DDLG STORY IT IS ONLY SFW AND AGE REGRESSION) Little bit about Bell and Lance:Bell is a 19 5'1 girl ,she weights 159 pounds , lance is 21 and is 6'8. TW: I'll pu...
SOLD. by Cendrillon1996
SOLD.by Cinderella
The world has changed, vampires are a thing now, you can belong to one, to have a giant amount of money, the money would go to your family or people of your choice. Andr...
Baby Julius by randomboy300
Baby Juliusby randomboy300
Very small teenage boy gets adopted by family who treats him like a baby.
Giantess short story's  by GiantessRuby
Giantess short story's by GiantessRuby
Hello this will be a bunch of small story's that are one or two parts maybe three and updated frequently please give suggestions!!!
Kacchan can't know! by ForeverFanfictionB1
Kacchan can't know!by Orangeyougladididntputmyname
Midoriya thinks Bakugou will be disgusted if he finds out he's a little. Putting off little space has unforeseen side affects on Izuku's mental health though, and Bakugo...
Fluffy ATEEZ Oneshots🧸 by cuddlepilefics
Fluffy ATEEZ Oneshots🧸by cuddlepilefics
Cute Ateez sickfics and littlespace oneshots Requests closed #1- agere (26.11.2022)
The Conniving Crow by FictionByMJ
The Conniving Crowby MJ Creations
The Conniving Crow is a Haikyuu reader insert fanfiction that follows the story of Ukai Keishin's younger sister, (y/n), as she unexpectedly arrives at Karasuno High Sch...
Kpop Sickfics / Hurtfics by RosyFoxx
Kpop Sickfics / Hurtficsby RosyFox
Contains stories from multiple kpop groups, in scenarios where they're hurt / sick, and other members caring for them. Stories about BTS, Seventeen, Stray Kids, TXT and...
𝙳𝚛𝚞𝚗𝚔 𝙶𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝 - 𝙽𝚂𝙵𝚆 by skullcrushingslut
𝙳𝚛𝚞𝚗𝚔 𝙶𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝 - 𝙽𝚂𝙵𝚆by skullcrushingslut
Ghost is intoxicated, he comes to your room. What will he do next?
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Lonely Kitten by cuddlepilefics
Lonely Kittenby cuddlepilefics
Minho is a lonely cat hybrid, who has lost everything or well, except for his blanket, trying to survive in the streets. Jisung is a rapper with the stage name J.One as...
Ma Fille Chérie | Billie Eilish by thepartysovernow
Ma Fille Chérie | Billie Eilishby ivy
(My darling girl) Billie Eilish, an newly founded musical artist gets a message from a fan. She quickly finds herself off into the deep end when she realises she's fall...