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Fantasy Bites by Fantasy
Fantasy Bitesby Fantasy
A collection of short fantastical flash fiction, drabbles, and other quick snippets.
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The Ape and the Tree by QuackRacc
The Ape and the Treeby Wm. Nathan Quackenbush
This short story is about an Ape who wants to be something else, to fly. He talks to the Tree who can teach him how to truly soar the sky, and his true purpose.
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Short Stories by Ball_Python_Lover
Short Storiesby Wings of Fire and Books
Greetings! In this book I'll post short stories I write and other random things that come to my mind! There also will be some previews to books I'm thinking of writing...
Pain And Love - Short Stories by isi_jgr
Pain And Love - Short Storiesby isi_jgr
Short stories about life, pain and love. Because sometimes we are helpless and can't do anything besides watch in pain, sometimes our emotions completely take over no m...
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Six Words by minoh_writes
Six Wordsby minoh.vaw
Six Words Is All It Takes. This is a collection of my six word stories and poems that'll make you feel some type of way. #14 in sixwords. (05. 21. 20)
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"I want to ask for your opinion. Let's have our first wedding anniversary, shall we?" Actually Mew didn't want to have such a big event like that but his famil...
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Fine Lines by SouthernWriter540
Fine Linesby Iris
- Playwrite- Order of Appearance Alexander Jackson: Patient with liver disease and ex lovers with Viv Viv Applegate: Patient from a car accident, dehydration and ex love...
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Circles in Hell by Craysiis
Circles in Hellby Pete :)
When Theodore fakes his death, attends his own funeral and nobody shows, he goes on a revenge murder spree.
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The Reed Pipe: A Collection of TMNT Shorts by HarvestBowman
The Reed Pipe: A Collection of Sunset Magpie
Do you like comedy? This collection of TMNT short stories will truly delight you. Everybody likes to laugh. Cover art by Harvest Bowman, the author.
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Memes by dorissaltyqween
Memesby dariequeen
just spam really
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A Moment of Forever by YaBoiBaily
A Moment of Foreverby [dan]
Tangled in a void. Alone together is all that they would ever be.
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A[U]CTOR by Anunimouse96
A[U]CTORby Anunimouse96
A bunch of short stories that I made on Auctor.
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Soulmate AU Stories by cecil_seamus_james
Soulmate AU Storiesby cecil_seamus_james
New story every chapter based off of soulmate AUs and prompts. I've made all of the characters in this book. Credit for the prompts and AUs go to their creators,
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Tales from The Castle (Short Stories) by RenaFreefall
Tales from The Castle (Short Rena Freefall
Short stories that follow the lives of the characters from The Rose Quartet Series. (Warning - contains spoilers - suggested read related novels first) The most common s...
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WIB (Wanita Itu Berkata)_[COMPLETED] by AlHaafirah
WIB (Wanita Itu Berkata)_[ Al Haafirah
Wanita itu adalah makhluk perasa. Selalu suka memendam rasa. Hingga akhirnya terluka karena rasa. Wanita itu juga merupakan makhluk yang cerewet. Kalau tidak cerewet sec...
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Vampire Dimension. by Ash_Otaku_weirdo
Vampire Be you. ❤️❤️❤️
What happens when you are just playing hide and seek with your friends and you aren't found? I peek my head out of my little hiding spot, only to find dust everywhere...
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Atypical 27 by Eden_Romeo
Atypical 27by Eden_Romeo
My life is very different to other people my age. While they're out at parties, or going to festivals, I'm busy taking care of my daughter, May, and my younger sister Vi...
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