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Beside You | Calum Hood by letsfkingdance
Beside You | Calum Hoodby amber
I never would've thought I would run into him 4 years later... Beside You | Calum Hood | COMPLETED (EDITING) Ranked #4 in New Calum Hood Fanfictions - Original Version o...
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Broken Fangirl [m.c] by whyhxmmo
Broken Fangirl [m.c]by clifforina
{Sequel to Fangirl, I recommend reading it before you continue} Michael and I were two peas in a pod. Best friends, and dating in my mind. Then, something changed in him...
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5sos brother sister moments.(Requests are Open) by LukeRobertisbae
5sos brother sister moments.( (^-^)
In this book it will show many different 5sos moments with there either older or younger sister. Requests are always open and fill free to message me if you have any.
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A&A is ending really soon!!! :'( by iamannieburke
A&A is ending really soon!!! :'(by ANNIE BURKE
Austin & Ally is ending really soon!!!! :'(
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the boyfriend :: fivesos au by ignrdfangirl
the boyfriend :: fivesos auby LAURIE
“you're not real,” in which the boy she painted came to life.
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Homeless // Calum Hood.  by cucchiaia
Homeless // Calum Hood. by Maria Claudia Sarritzu
«Ho fatto diverse cazzate nell'ultimo periodo e mi sono creato una pessima fama, tanto che la stampa ogni giorno pubblica un articolo su di me. E non dicono cose carine...
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Don't Let Me Go//C.H by idiot_calum
Don't Let Me Go//C.Hby 5SOS
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Motorcycle Savior (Devil's Poison I) by irelandsdream
Motorcycle Savior (Devil's S-
Charlie Slade has been running ever since she left her home town in Texas 4 years ago. She can't deal with anything In the future because she is forced to relive her pas...
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Over It by -Hemm0
Over Itby Elena Hemmings
"Hide me, it's Scarlett."
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Louis tomlinsons long lost twin sister by shakirastylesxx
Louis tomlinsons long lost twin 1d+5sos lover
Charlina is just a normal 18 year old girl with no siblings well that's what she thought at least but what will happen when everything goes down hill for her
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Got dynamite by I_dxnt_have_a_name
Got dynamiteby Luke's wife
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Bad Girls Club by Iamridinganarwhal
Bad Girls Clubby Holly Chanel
Ebony, your typical bad girl, has moved to a new school where she bumps into 4 hot aussies while bunking, they all want her but who does she end up with?
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The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Ebbbzz
The Girl Who Cried Wolfby Ebbbzz
Ever since Arla Nixworth was little, her father always told her stories of the wolves that lived in Maryfield. She never believed them. Until she met a boy named Luke He...
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He makes you feel insecure by elliepeters273
He makes you feel insecureby EllieH
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Blink // l.h by HemmxngsClxfford
Blink // l.hby TeddyBearMuke
Once upon a time, I met a boy. Not just ANY boy A boy so powerful I used to not believe in Love at first sight. And to think It all happened At a Blink-182 concert.
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Broken // m.c by minihemmo
Broken // m.cby minihemmo
Broken Torn in two or more pieces, split. His heart was split in two. Yeah, that's how he'd describe it.
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Torn || Calum Hood by BlaireKnox
Torn || Calum Hoodby Blaire Knox
"I left him back then, alone. And now, he had left me, Torn." [sequel for "Torn - Calum Hood One Shot] All Rights Reserved. || © BlaireKnox (used to be On...
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the big blue house : lashton,muke,cake by -b-w-s-
the big blue house : lashton, 2020 ! i’m back !
Luke didn't know why Michael couldn't walk down a street without holding someone's hand. Luke didn't know why Calum couldn't bring himself to sleep with his bedroom ligh...
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