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Hades Doctor by Eliabeacsp
Hades Doctorby Eliabeacsp
Eyes of raging hellfire calculates my every move as I am pulled over broad shoulders, his touch, too warm for someone so cold. A prophecy which came into play with one w...
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Suflete rătăcite- Misterul fetei din pădure by theblack_wolf07
Suflete rătăcite- Misterul fetei TheBlackWolf
Mara, o fată simplă, studentă în anul 2 la foto-video și Photoshop, în București, se confruntă cu o superputere. Ea poate să vadă si sa comunice cu spiritele. Nimeni nu...
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Blood-Sakura : The Paranormal Residence  by FlameClow
Blood-Sakura : The Paranormal Deep
Uncanny events started to occur around Kei when his father inherited an ancient house. As the chain of unexplainable incidents started to push Kei towards the very edge...
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Kissed by a Cataclysm by SophiaMills9
Kissed by a Cataclysmby Sophia Mills
Cecelia begins her new life, with hopes and dreams for the future. That is until life gets in the way once more, reality becomes twisted and her nightmares returns. Una...
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Colby Brock X reader ~Sacrifices And Love~  by Katnipsfanfics
Colby Brock X reader ~Sacrifices Katnipsfanfics
You're Katrina's best friend and she has invited you to spend a month at the traphouse. It sounds fun and easy but will this month turn out to be harder then it seems?
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Thread d'horreur by behappy322
Thread d'horreurby behappy322
Découvrez plusieurs thread d'horreur dans cette compilation si cela vous plait j'en ferais plus. Je publie aussi les Thread en anglais et en espagnol.
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Asansör by BagimsizHikaye
Asansörby Kaneki Ken
Korkunç Dur Haaa :D
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Leyendas De Terror by Lumione030908
Leyendas De Terrorby Patatoe
Toda clase de relatos de terror, desde creepypastas hasta muñecos diabolicos. Espero que tengan horribles pesadillas :3
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SCP Reader by Kazear
SCP Readerby Kostantinos Giakalis
The organisation SCP stands for Secure Contain Protect.This organisation gathers all anomalous objects,entities and phenomena in order to not destroy the world.Their mot...
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His Soul by yukirstyn
His Soulby ᴄʀɪs
"Kaluluwa lang ako! Hindi pa multo!" Kafziel Holzknecht, isang kaluluwang nahiwalay sa kaniyang katawan matapos mabagok ang ulo. Only one person could see him...
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Indigo City by irenesuchaqueen
Indigo Cityby vitaminyujin
17 year old Indigo Jones has a lot on her plate. Her abusive mother, overachieving sister, annoying friend and mean P.E teacher all drive her to the breaking point when...
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Chaska  by sonikaboyat
Chaska by sonikaboyat
................................ On her fifteenth birthday Princess Chaska of Northland received a shocking news. Something that was enough to freeze her blood. The frag...
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A princess travels into time to prepare for combat to save her kingdom from falling apart. This is after learning that her stepmother,a mistress of evil, has much to pla...
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Hunter's Moon (Book One of the Hunter's Moon Saga) by AmberClay4
Hunter's Moon (Book One of the A.M. Clay
Riley Black's been a zombie since her parents died. Throughout the summer, she's gone from party to party, trying to drink away the pain. When she goes into the woods...
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Reprobates by LouiseBlackwick
Reprobatesby Louise Blackwick
From the bestselling author of the "Vivian Amberville" saga, comes the surreal novella of a man's journey through Limbo. Freshly arrived at the Totermann Inn...
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The Easter Play by jakrabbit
The Easter Playby Jak Rabbit
Jack had a gift, but it only got him in more trouble... until one day he got sent away to a special school to learn discipline.
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Tell A Tale: The Darkest Night (Book 2) by MiraHarlson
Tell A Tale: The Darkest Night ( Ugomma
This is the second book of my "Tell a Tale" series and it cannot be read as a stand alone. Synopsis contains spoilers. A rose to adorn your hair with my love...
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CREEPYPASTA'S by legendarylink
These are stories of creepypasta's, they are a form of fiction where the intent is to scare the wits off you. Creepypasta's are very mature from profanity, gore and may...
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The Ressurection by epic_gamer-69-420
The Ressurectionby epic_gamer-69-420
A 17 year old boy suddenly suffers 3 gunshots to the chest during a shooting at a cafe. He lay with a hollow heart and a missing pulse. His eyes wide opened, rolled back...
Leurs âmes me suivent by Ilikewriting002
Leurs âmes me suiventby i like writing 002
Tristan est un garçon né en Belgique. Il a tout pour être content, une grand maison, une belle famille sans conflits ect.. Mais un soir, quelque chose de bizarre se pass...
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