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The Swordsman (Kimetsu No Yaiba) by Red-Rider
The Swordsman (Kimetsu No Yaiba)by JohnnyKaiDavidCasper
Genohara - The Pillar of Paper ✒ While the Demon Slayer Corps Pillars are busy slaying the Twelve Blood Moons, one such pillar is tasked with a much more treacherous mis...
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Rose and Thorne (Darkly Devoted Series Book 2) by KateLorraine
Rose and Thorne (Darkly Devoted KateLorraine
Vivienne has spent the last three years living with the knowledge that she killed her true love. She finally begins to move on and date her college friend, Daniel. As sh...
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Hazed (A Devil May Cry Fanfiction) by R0sels
Hazed (A Devil May Cry Fanfiction)by R0sels
A mysterious figure comes through town and nobody knows who she is, but she seems to have had a life there. Trying to live peacefully with her own issues, she stumbles u...
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~Breathe~ Kimetsu no Yaiba x !Demon! Reader by Unknowntypewritter
~Breathe~ Kimetsu no Yaiba x ! UnknownTyper
Breathe y/n.... breathe.... It's not worth it. He's not food. Their not food. Just-... breathe. I can make it. I can save them. I thought to myself as I resisted the ur...
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The Wayward Daughter by spntrueforever
The Wayward Daughterby Melanie Morgan
Emily Becker's life flipped upside down on the evening of her 17th birthday. She was cursed as a baby with angel blood. Now getting ready to be taken by the Angel that h...
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The Hunter [BxB] by lemonade1919
The Hunter [BxB]by lemonade1919
Robyn Moore is a hunter who doesn't follow the rules that the government made, and the number one rule is no one is aloud to cross the border line. Robyn being a rebel h...
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Lotus (Giyuu Tomioka) by lazyneko_
Lotus (Giyuu Tomioka)by lazy kat
"What doesn't kill you, will make you wish it did." Lotus, her mother always called her that. A beautiful flower born from muddy waters. A lotus has the abilit...
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Reincarnated as Vergil in another world. [On Hold] by TrapBoyoEvo
Reincarnated as Vergil in Vail sumeragi
Y/n is a normal human boy,when one day he got killed by fallen construction works. He meet god and in return he gave him a second life. Reincarnated as a half-human half...
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Naruto the Neglected by DemonKyuubi124
Naruto the Neglectedby demon Kyuubi
Ik there is already these but oh well Minato and Kushina never died but the nine tails did attack but the third sealed away the nine tails in Naruto and little bits of i...
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Your Soul: Where Light Goes, Darkness Follows by Amare-Scribere
Your Soul: Where Light Goes, Amare Scribere
[ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] Sharp, pale, golden eyes roved over me. "Humans. They disgust me. But their souls... their souls are the only thing they have that p...
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Supernatural Gif Imagines by wxnchestersnephxlum
Supernatural Gif Imaginesby Kylee Winchester
Smut included
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Fangs by Emilywat028
Fangsby Emily Watson-Hughes
Can a Vampire fall for a Shadow hunter? Raphael Santiago meets Ebony (Danielle Campbell), a kind hearted, fun-loving college student and shadow hunter, unknowingly rai...
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Nightfire | The Whispering Wall #1 by giveitameaning
Nightfire | The Whispering Wall #1by S E Harrison
Fear the dark. Bar the doors. Don't breathe a word. Wait for the Hooded Men to save you. The people of Nictaven live in fear of the night; governed by magic no one save...
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Frostbite //Kimetsu no yaiba male reader insert by xXBboyGenkaiXx
Frostbite //Kimetsu no yaiba Bboy Genkai
After a tragic event, (Y/N) Yamakaze decides to become a demon slayer, traveling to remote places, seeks to learn the ice breath, a breathing technique almost extinct, l...
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Feel No Evil by XO_Monstar
Feel No Evilby XO_Monstar
Little 7 year old Georgie has a hard time distinguishing what's real and what isn't, sure you might write this off as the typical childhood imagination, but these images...
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☆ Exorcist 24/7 ☆ (Colby Brock X Reader) by weirdo364
☆ Exorcist 24/7 ☆ (Colby Brock X weirdo364
What happens when you're called to watch over a hot guy and his friend while they play games with demons? ...And what happens when you fall for him?
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The First Stone by AuthorJoNarayan
The First Stoneby Jo Narayan
First in a collection. See The Strategist for part 2! ~*~ We aren't alone in this world. It's a lesson that Will learned the hard way on the night of his twelfth birthda...
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Armored High by SeraphinaJulietta
Armored Highby Seraphina Julietta
Serena, a young teenager, has PST Diorder. Her fourteen years were wasted by tragedy and all that things she has seen and been through. But finally when she was relieved...
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Nocturnal [COMPLETED✔️2018] by robyncfrances
Nocturnal [COMPLETED✔️2018]by 🍂r o b y n🍂
When Nyx Forbes moves into a new home with her antique dealer parents and little brother, she hopes that the change will heal her crumbling family and finally bring some...
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deomonology by evas_survive
deomonologyby Adeline Rudd
im studing this and therorys and basicly being paranioed
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