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Fire & Feather by arielklontz
Fire & Featherby Ariel Klontz
When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understandi...
Kidnapped to Another World by -naosu-
Kidnapped to Another Worldby -naosu-
Lies. Deception. Betrayal. Dungeons, & Magic. The students of Kobe High School find themselves sucked into the vortex. Shun finds himself & his classmates sucked into t...
Mark of the Harbinger (Book 1) by rentachi
Mark of the Harbinger (Book 1)by Ren Tachibana
More than anything, Grae Winters wants to live an average, boring life. No surprises, no magic, and definitely no vampires. Unfortunately for Grae, she's anything but no...
The Life Of An Ordinary Villager (Touhou x Male Reader)  by MrBrainRot
The Life Of An Ordinary Villager (...by Brain Rot
The land of Gensokyo truly is a marvelous place, where the unthinkable is possible and fantasy can be brought to life A colorful cast of characters, terrifying man-eatin...
L.O.T.S. by GuardianLOTS
L.O.T.S.by The Guardian
(You can get .epub and .pdf types free from Google Play Store) The Guardian Lineage, which has managed to survive since the time of King Jehoshaphat and became a secret...
The Third Awakening by fantasiarium
The Third Awakeningby Fantasiarium
In the mystical realm of the White Kingdom, citizens begin to awaken extraordinary magical powers - and some even twice, with enough determination. This surge of superna...
The Beast Within by LadyInTower
The Beast Withinby LadyInTower
A family lost and a son alone. A boy's life at its end and beginning. An adventure filled with fantastical terrors, where a child becomes a monster, and a monster become...
Bloodlust Dystopia (Shoto Todoroki  x Katsuki Bakugo) by Vanil_Eclair
Bloodlust Dystopia (Shoto Todoroki...by Vanil Eclair
Shoto was the heir of the Vampire Kingdom while Katsuki was the only prince of the Werewolf Realm. They were childhood friends that always went to play together until th...
Red's Wolves by druidrose
Red's Wolvesby MB | M.Dalto
Alera lost her mother early in life and was raised by a strict king for a father and the many nursemaids who crossed themselves before touching her. It wasn't until she...
TMNT/MLP EG/SONIC/Cartoon BLACK MAGIC Crossover Edition by Awesome_Turtle_
TMNT/MLP EG/SONIC/Cartoon BLACK MA...by Midnight Mage
Hey guys, Ok I may have a few time off uploading art recently, it's because I was working on a drawing of the Black Magic TMNT/MLP/SONIC Xover fic, you all know the stor...
Tʜᴇ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Pʀɪɴᴄᴇ (ʙᴛs 𝑓𝑓) by dazzana
Tʜᴇ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Pʀɪɴᴄᴇ (ʙᴛs 𝑓𝑓)by dazzana
[COMPLETED] Kim Taehyung, an eighteen years old boy living a regular life with his family and friends until one night changes it all as he is drifted into the dark land...
Amity and Enmity by BlairDarnell
Amity and Enmityby BlairDarnell
(Book Three of the Harm and Harmony Series) Status: Ongoing (updated every Monday) Though it has been several months since the calamity that they had faced, Corinna Warr...
Nosferatu: Light | Book 3 by TateCsernis
Nosferatu: Light | Book 3by T.Csernis
• Book 3 of the Nosferatu series • When Zalith's attempt to save what remains of his people fails, he resorts to a last-ditch effort to get them to safety. But will his...
The Lost: Book Two of The Whitechapel Chronicles by LittleCinnamon
The Lost: Book Two of The Whitecha...by Lindsey Clarke
'Whitechapel. The East End of London. Streets of tawdry degradation and grisly dark crimes of unlimited horror.....' From the comforts of London's middle class suburbia...
The Legends of Kartas | Ongoing by BTSXPRESS
The Legends of Kartas | Ongoingby BTSXPRESS
Everyone feels it. The demons, humans, and elementals. . . whether they notice or not, they feel a war brewing, and so does Two. The Demon Days are approaching as the th...
The White Demon (Hiatus) by amey78
The White Demon (Hiatus)by Amayarelis
In a world where delinquents are connected to sorcerers and monsters known as Curses. A girl who is half Curse and daughter of the most powerful curse who's rival to th...
Evil Angel Raven Queen (COMPLETED) by RavenQueen1600
Evil Angel Raven Queen (COMPLETED)by Sammy
This is the story about how Raven Queen fell from grace after all the torment, bullying and slander she's been throughout her years of being in Ever After High. She was...
The Devil's Blade of Tears (Devil May Cry X Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) by Me-Gagu-Re
The Devil's Blade of Tears (Devil...by Me-Gagu-Re
It is the early 20th century in 1915. Dante is a 23-year-old half-demon and half-human hybrid who was raised and born in Red Grave City. He is born to a demon knight kno...
Dawn Of Magic:The Chosen One  by MalachiJayden
Dawn Of Magic:The Chosen One by Malachi Morningstar
What if you were told that magic was real? What if you were told that all sorts of supernatural beings co-existed amongst humans? This is the story of Benedicta Belt...
Fractured Red by calmwolf
Fractured Redby Violet
[Completed] Redaliya wasn't her first name. Before she changed it, what seems like a lifetime ago, she was called Opalescence Alkingsly. This is her story. One that's be...