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Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Truly by AlmostPsycho
Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Trulyby Almost Psycho
He was very angry. He was looking at me like he wants to either rape me or punch my face. "I can expla- " He cuts me off. "You have been a very very bad k...
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White: Dark Secrets, Dangerous Princes (Complete) by TheWhiteSeries
White: Dark Secrets, Dangerous Pri...by R A Black
When love brings death, family brings misery, and magic solves no problems, it's hard to find happiness. ***MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNER! SEE DETAILS BELOW*** For a long time...
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Inside the Beast's Castle by no_kidding
Inside the Beast's Castleby Kidding
"As soon as you believe you are a monster is when you become one." After many years of war, the kingdom of Edria is finally in an era of peace--peace obtained...
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|| The Dawn of Darkness || by EmilyTheHorcrux
|| The Dawn of Darkness ||by EmilyTheHorcrux
✨ Book 2 ✨ Sequel to Modification ✨ Estela's going back. Back to where it all started. Back to the place where everything changed. She's returning to resume the task sh...
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Dance of Flames and Fury by hashtagdopee
Dance of Flames and Furyby hashtagdopee
Most girls Circe's age couldn't say they looked death in the face twenty-two times and survived the encounter. Circe can. While princesses in other countries were groome...
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Rapture by TimorRon
Raptureby T&R
In a world ruled by creatures of the dark, Elena is chosen by their king for a task no woman could take. #1 in Horror 8/2/2020 #1 in Paranormal 12/2/2020
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Vhalkira: The Cursed One by LiannaNovic
Vhalkira: The Cursed Oneby LiannaNovic
Vhalkira is a fighter. Once, she was blessed. Her gift was seen as heaven sent and the world had rejoiced upon her birth, but then it had quickly changed. Before Vhalkir...
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MUTE: I'm Fine ||The Promised Neverland FF Ray x Reader|| by Thinker_Belle_Riz
MUTE: I'm Fine ||The Promised Neve...by Rizbelle L.
Mute: The spoken word "I'm fine" The Promised Neverland FF Ray x Reader || English Published : April 8, 2019 Because of an unknown reason, (Y/n)...
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Akame ga Creed! ✅ by matthewlr24
Akame ga Creed! ✅by MLR
{COMPLETED} [Warning: Intense Violence and coarse language. I recommend watching Akame ga Kill if you haven't seen it yet, its a good show.] The Hooded Assassin returns...
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Wicked Waters | Oceana Book I by CeeMTaylor
Wicked Waters | Oceana Book Iby C.M. Taylor
A dark foe. A forbidden love. A deadly, high-seas quest. Mercenary sailor Jack's past comes back to haunt him when his crew receives a commission during the height of hu...
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Kami [ONC II Shortlister] by OctaviaLocke
Kami [ONC II Shortlister]by Octavia Locke
Want to spend your summer mired in some millenniums-long blood feud between Shinto deities? No? Well, neither did twenty-year-old Juliana Nagisaka, but when summer vaca...
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Dominating The Troublemaker by DangerouslyShady
Dominating The Troublemakerby S. Padgett
"Troublemaker" : a person who causes difficulties, distress, worry, etc., for others, especially one who does so habitually as a matter of malice. →← "Tha...
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The Face Thief by hiraethia
The Face Thiefby cour
''You don't want to be going that way, my dear,'' the voice cooed from everywhere at once. ''Ancient things that feast on flesh have made their home there and just now...
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Evil Angel Raven Queen (COMPLETED) by RavenQueen1600
Evil Angel Raven Queen (COMPLETED)by Sammy
This is the story about how Raven Queen fell from grace after all the torment, bullying and slander she's been throughout her years of being in Ever After High. She was...
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Alleviation (Book 5 of The Corruption Sequence) by NatashaDuncanDrake
Alleviation (Book 5 of The Corrupt...by Tasha (Natasha Duncan-Drake)
Draco, now cleared by the Ministry, has decided to reclaim his position as Prince of Slytherin, the first job being to get back his role as Seeker of the Quidditch team...
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Overlord: Wings Of Death by Smiley21355
Overlord: Wings Of Deathby Smiley 21
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The Dragon's Valkyrie by Eternalautumnfire
The Dragon's Valkyrieby Jeremiah Wilson
All her life, Saidy has only known two things: servitude to her slave master and the weight of a blade. Captured at a young age by a race of demons called oni, Saidy is...
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Love and Bites  by AlmostPsycho
Love and Bites by Almost Psycho
Patient's Details: Name: Xavier Vincent Age: 27 years old. Occupation: Antique Collector Illness: Agoraphobia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociative Disorder, He...
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Netvor .::Completed::. by RosesnWater
Netvor .::Completed::.by RosesnWater
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast There are stories about a monster who walks amongst people unseen, one that collects the hearts of the tragic victims who tr...
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The Midnight Storm (A New Dawn #2) by Dante_Greywolf
The Midnight Storm (A New Dawn #2)by D. Greywolf
[Book 2] Growing up isn't easy, especially not when you're Crown Prince Sebastian, heir to the Greenlander throne. While the God of Wrath reigns at court, the prince onl...
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