In Your Arms
By DoctorRockhard
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#1 in paranormalromance 02/06/19 #1 in aliens 02/27/2019 #2 in paranormal 07/10/2019 #2 in horror 07/18/2019 **COMPLETED** If there are a few spelling errors, point them out if you see them so I can fix it! Thank you for the reads, if you like my story please consider leaving a star :') { "What are you?" Farrah asked in a low voice, still clutching the outfit close to her body. Isen tapped a long nail against his hard jaw, trying to figure out an appropriate response to her question. He eventually shrugged, shaking his head like it wasn't important. "I have been here ever since the Purification." He glanced up at the starry sky, "Things are much more different down here..."} xxx No human expected their demise would arrive from the heavens, disguised in a bright, foreign blue light that instantly killed billions. Farrah is a survivor, and as far as she knows, the only one. All she has left is a small house in the town of Windsburg- an isolated, quiet area with food to provide for a whole community. But every place has its demons. When the sun sets, an unknown entity lurks through the town, only to leave and repeat the same process the next night. Farrah has managed to avoid confronting the creature, but an unexpected turn of events forces her to be outside at the wrong time- an action that would result in her making contact with a fearful, yet unusually friendly monster... ((Cover art by King Klaus Wicked!))

The Creature of the Night

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In Your A...
by DoctorRockhard