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Rogue || A/B/O universe √ by Laventriloque
Rogue || A/B/O universe √by Laventriloque
"If I catch your scum rogue ass on our territory again I'll rip your head off, is that clear?" The Alpha order tainting his words are so deep and intense it m...
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [Larry \Niam\Zouis] A/B/O Short Story by Harri-Boo
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [ Hi There :3
Harry and Liam find Louis in the snow bleeding...Why is that? Alpha! Harry Alpha! Liam Alpha! Zayn(yes, he's in the story too) Beta! Perrie(I don't care that they broke...
Arranged Love (L.S.)✓ by prnbox
Arranged Love (L.S.)✓by prnbox
"What was the name of the son again?" Harry aksed with curiosity and something else, sinister-like in his deep, husky tone. "Louis. Louis Tomlinson."...
The Sovereign and The Sorcerer (Larry Stylinson - L.S.) by Shrawanika
The Sovereign and The Sorcerer ( Shrawanika
The silhouette of the person barely gave away his features. He could make out a tall frame, strength packing around his body like an armour. The scent hit him next, a th...
Alpha Lord by -cosmicmysteries-
Alpha Lordby Eternal Flames
What if Harry Potter is not as stupid as before. What if instead of hanging off Dumbledore's every word, he does a bit of digging himself? Harry isn't happy where he is...
Pack sweet Pack by tden084
Pack sweet Packby The-Dementor-on-the-Train
When a four-year-old Harry Potter is left at the side of a road anything could happen. But no one expected the wizarding savior to be found and raised by wolves!
The Lost Little Omega  by ohmygodhi_
The Lost Little Omega by P R I N C E S S
A lost little Omega named Louis is thrown out by his parents , he's gone for days until an unknown Alpha comes across a sweet scent among the woods.
Wilting (editing) by lovesicklarry
Wilting (editing)by Walls ▽
"so I think Louis should work as an assistant" "this useless piece of shit working for someone, no man he will just cause troubles, he is worth nothing&qu...
Beautiful Soul {L.S} by be-my-sunshine
Beautiful Soul {L.S}by We've Discussed It
LARRY STYLINSON, AOB, HIGHSCHOOL AU. Louis is an omega that just wanted to feel safe, protected and loved. When Harry first laid eyes on Louis, something in him sparked...
Dangerous Illusion by Alexa_tstyles
Dangerous Illusionby Alexa_tstyles
"You killed four alphas, including two guards." The alpha spoke for the first time his voice filled with authority. "Yes I did, they were stupid and weak...
Bottom Louis Smut by drunk_off_larry
Bottom Louis Smutby Addyson
A majority of these are going to be my own stories.
In A New Universe? by theamazingboggart
In A New Universe?by areusirius?noiamseverus.
Draco Malfoy refuses to go to the dark side. Was it a good choice? No. He got Avada Kedavra-d. But, he doesn't die. He simply wakes up in another universe in which.. he...
Cold Little Heart || L.S by Ao3Larry
Cold Little Heart || L.Sby 🌻
🔴This story is NOT mine. All the credits goes to the original author @seducedbycurls on Ao3🔴 Louis is a soft omega with an abusive past and an alpha child. A few month...
Daddy's Wittle Boy(Larry Stylinson) by gwapo2005
Daddy's Wittle Boy(Larry Stylinson)by gwapo2005
So hey guyssss, sorry in advance if I ever have wrong grammars here. English isn't my first language so pls bare with me😂😁 Louis Tomlinson. A shy omega who works at a...
Enter the Rose Garden by angelichl
Enter the Rose Gardenby larry stylinson <3
Soft heats make omega Louis clingy. Alpha Harry comforts him. (a/b/o dynamics, friends to lovers, falling in love, cuddling)
Bell Bottoms// Larry Mpreg// AOB by -louistyles-
Bell Bottoms// Larry Mpreg// AOBby ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Harry Styles is an Alpha who only wants to find love, but he shows this in a terrible way. He as slept with almost every omega in his small town. Expect for Louis. The o...
HOME | LS by vanyax28
HOME | LSby vanyax28
❝I'll make this feel like home.❞
Our Fate is in the Stars - L.S. by HoldinOnToDaylight
Our Fate is in the Stars - HoldinOnToDaylight
[ON HOLD] Harry and his mum move to Doncaster after a tragic accident that cost Harry his ability to walk. He is paralyzed from the waist down, trapping him in a wheelch...
CEOmega | l.s by dejalou
CEOmega | l.sby vee
The person on everyone's lips was the CEO of Empire Music. The CEO who inherited a 4.5 billion company at only 21 years of age. The CEO who made the meanest of people c...