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Sweater // Larry ✔️ by gaylarryland
Sweater // Larry ✔️by emily :)
Louis and Harry dated in middle school, where Harry gave Louis a large sweater that mean't alot to Harry. In college Harry and Louis meet again. Sadly, Louis doesn't rem...
The one with the tattoos || l.s by _kiss_me_you_fool_
The one with the tattoos || l.sby _kiss_me_you_fool_
Basically Harry hates Louis, because Louis is gay. But fate brings them together and Harry is not sure what he feels about the other boy. Jealousy, anger, hate and even...
first words ; larry au by tomlinsuper
first words ; larry auby maggie
when someone turns 18, a word appears onto their skin. however, isn't just any word - it is the first word that they will say to their soulmate. "OOPS!" "...
Things I Can || Larry Stylinson by plzdaddy
Things I Can || Larry Stylinsonby bakugo’s gf 🏹
"I don't know why I'm like this." - Gay, dainty, cross dressing Louis Tomlinson meets a 'straight' asshole named Harry Styles when Harry has to go pick up his...
The Things You Do For Love || Larry by harrywyd-
The Things You Do For Love || Larryby K r i s h i
Harry has been head over heels for Louis Tomlinson, his childhood crush. He tries everything in his power to get the boy to notice him, but when things don't go with acc...
Follow Your Dreams {Larry Stylinson} by fabflake_stylinson
Follow Your Dreams {Larry Zenpai
An AU where 20 year old, Louis Tomlinson, a well known artist and song writer, guest judges on AGT and meets the next big thing in, not only the entire world, but his li...
Be my Love by DreamerEmma
Be my Loveby Emma
CZĘŚĆ DRUGA OPOWIADANIA "BE MY MEDICINE" (Uwaga spojlery!) Rodzina Tomlinson-Styles to nietypowa rodzina składająca się z dwóch zupełnie różnych facetów, doras...
Larry Stylinson one shots by ethereal_larry
Larry Stylinson one shotsby Tess Healy
So... this is basically a Larry Stylinson smut and one shots book. All of the stories here are written by me. Thanks for your attention and please your horny minds, swee...
In the Name of Love (Larry Stylinson) by harrys-rings
In the Name of Love (Larry Court
Harry Styles gets dragged into the woods by his best friend, and then they get separated. Harry, terrified and not even wanting to be there in the first place, wanders a...
Hiding from you (Larry Mpreg ) by lyana2222
Hiding from you (Larry Mpreg )by lyana2222
Harry and Louis are madly in love, at least they tough so. But Louis still trying to forget his past and a crazy PR-manager are not making it easy for the couple. Thin...
Things I Can't (Larry Stylinson) by LindsayIsTheCraic
Things I Can't (Larry Stylinson)by Lindsay (✿◠‿◠)
Dear Diary, There's nothing wrong with loving another boy, right? I'm not any different from the others. I'm still the boy who was born on February 1st. I just happen to...
Back To You || Larry by harrywyd-
Back To You || Larryby K r i s h i
Harry Styles, a twenty-five year old returns to his hometown after seven years. He never expected to get something good from the town that he despised, let alone the lov...
White Walls (L.S) by larrywinning
White Walls (L.S)by cassady
being stuck in a mental hospital doesn't seem so bad with harry by your side. or, harry and louis coincidentally end up being roommates in a mental hospital and they ma...
my brother • larry by vihibes
my brother • larryby <3
in which harry and louis are step-brothers. not weird, right? what if you were sitting alone in your room, wondering why your little brother locked his door and had his...
Where Are You Now? •larry• [complete] by oopsipeedonharry
Where Are You Now? •larry• [ two of us.
the one where harry is really depressed, and his heart aches a lot.
U N S T E A D Y •larry• by oopsipeedonharry
U N S T E A D Y •larry•by two of us.
[ complete ] The one where two unfixable, broken souls somehow find each other, and manage to work through their problems. Because no matter how unsteady their lives are...
only the brave | larry stylinson by tomlinsons-ukulele
only the brave | larry stylinsonby 𝚓𝚊𝚜🎷
louis hated love, harry changed his mind. {complete}
The Only One - Larry Stylinson by stylinperf
The Only One - Larry Stylinsonby larry af
Cliché, cute, sweet, and stuff. But not every moment is meant to be lived in fluff. © stylinperf, 2015. All rights reserved. *COMPLETED*
Little White Lies (Larry Stylinson AU) by sarahraspberry
Little White Lies (Larry sarah✌️
21 year old Louis Tomlinson was the #1 fan of the boyband One Direction and it's members: Harry Styles, Liam Payne & Niall Horan, but especially Harry. He was in love wi...
The white lie by itstilliswhatitis
The white lieby itstilliswhatitis
Harry worked at a subway station, waisting his life, too scared to follow his dreams. Every thursday a girl with beautiful blue eyes took the 3.18 train. He always looke...