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Not me.. by depressedavocado_13
Not me..by Who_tf_am_I
When Harry runs away from home he needs a place to stay... Louis with Eyeliner. (Emo) Harry as the popular kid ⚠️There are triggers and I'll put them down here (it migh...
Unintentional Love (Larry AU) by onenipplesummer
Unintentional Love (Larry AU)by Clifford.
Louis is a punk guy and Harry is a mute by choice and a nerd/flower child. They are total opposites. But opposites attract right? Maybe they attract but not without a...
Fix You (Larry Stylinson) boyxboy by whitestarsblack
Fix You (Larry Stylinson) boyxboyby whitestar
Harry is a boy who likes skirts and the color pink. Louis is a boy who likes the color black and Harry. Feminine!harry Punk!louis All rights reserved Don't copy my sh...
Story of my life by Tuck99
Story of my lifeby Kitkat Queen of Weirdos
Punk x Geek highschool Harry is the geek who is shy and antisocial but extremely weird when you get to know him. Louis Tomlinson.... what tosay about him... he is the pu...
Flower Tattoos by daddystreet
Flower Tattoosby </3
Louis groaned and reached for his phone after hearing, or rather feeling, it vibrate. He looked at the screen and furrowed his eyebrows, why would an unknown number cal...
You're My Property Now. by TheCurlyGirly2051
You're My Property Now.by Courtney
In every school there are the Bad boys. They rebel against anyone and don't care what people think. They are the people that draw everyones attention to them and crave t...
The Perfect Couple. by jimxnpark
The Perfect Couple.by Marissa💁🏽✨🙌🏼
Harry and Louis are a couple in high school. They think they're a normal couple. However some people don't believe it because they are opposites. Flower child? Punk? Peo...
Ink Stains, Razor Blades, and High Notes (Larry Stylinson) by eatreadwritesleep
Ink Stains, Razor Blades, and High...by eatreadwritesleep
Harry Styles is a sad mess of a boy who kind of thinks about dying all the time, stutters ferociously when nervous, sings very well but doesn’t think so, meets a band, s...
flower crowns // l.s. by fools-dream
flower crowns // l.s.by ☾
harry likes pretty pink flowers and louis enjoys ink and piercings. **This story contains possible triggers. Read at your own risk.** started in 2015, finished in 2017. ...
The Bad Boys' Baby [L.S] by Bob28Larry
The Bad Boys' Baby [L.S]by Alix
Harry is the innocent boy who wears flower crowns, he has a huge crush on a badboy. Louis is the popular badboy who rules the school and has too many tattoos, he has a h...
Crawling Back To You by anorexicdweebs
Crawling Back To Youby anorexicdweebs
To which harry and louis are punk boyfriends and drug addicts but one is worse than the other.
The Tutor // l.s. by foreverme20
The Tutor // l.s.by foreverme20
[Completed] Louis Tomlinson needs a biology tutor. But will his biology tutor just teach Louis about biology? Or will they also teach Louis how to love?
Light It Up (On The Run) by smileyourepretty
Light It Up (On The Run)by Ronnie
"You're quite relaxed for someone who has a gun pointed at them." "You won't shoot me." Harry dares, hoping Hydrogen (or whatever his name is) can't...
The flower crown. (AU. Punk!Louis-FlowerChild!Harry) by UnusuallyNotTall
The flower crown. (AU. Punk!Louis...by UnusuallyNotTall
Harry was gentle, an angel for everyone who knew him. Harry was tall, really tall. He had an slender body, but not in a unhealthy way; he was well built, his long torso...
flower crowns //l.s.    by pary-hMr
flower crowns //l.s. by parisa✏
هری عاشق گل های خوشگل صورتیه و لویی با جوهر و پیرسینگ حال میکنه. Persian Translation
Saying goodbye  (Larry stylinson) by directioner_xo_5
Saying goodbye (Larry stylinson)by Directioner
Louis was a dick. He hated everything and everyone. Except one person. His only exception was Harry styles. Louis and Harry grew up together and fell in love along the...
Trouble | Harry Styles (REVISING) by DeadlyxStyles
Trouble | Harry Styles (REVISING)by An ✨
Being in a new school is a drag, Emma knows this. But her mind is changed when she's pulled into a clique she didn't expect to be in. And then she meets him; Harry Style...
Just can't let her go {Punk Louis Tomlinson fanfic} by weisdirectioners
Just can't let her go {Punk Louis...by Marchonce
"Why do you keep pretending you're afraid of me?" He hissed, obvious anger in his eyes. "Because Louis; if I'm not afraid of you I'll end up loving you!&q...
How much he drives me crazy  by 2louhaz8
How much he drives me crazy by 2louhaz8
high-schoolers fall in love all the time... what did you expect? bottom harry (Tdi)
Beyond Repair (Larry Stylinson AU) by 50ShadesOfZen
Beyond Repair (Larry Stylinson AU)by Julia and M
Louis Tomlinson, a troubled boy with one too many tattoos and piercings, was opted to attend uni by his Nan. Well, more forced. He isn't happy about going. He isn't happ...