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The Trickster x Fem!Reader by sparklewolf171
The Trickster x Fem!Readerby *bites lip*
YANDERE KILLER YANDERE KILLER • A self insert love story between Ji-Woon Hak (Trickster) and the female reader. - Will contain: +cursing +sexual content +blood/gore +inc...
Michael x Werewolf Reader - Dead By Daylight FanFic by spicypiscesEH
Michael x Werewolf Reader - Dead B...by Spicy Pisces
A small fanfiction that I write with a different view for the enitity, and not the usual villan ones. I kept michael as a main character and the reader as werewolf so en...
Dead By Daylight: Laurie Strode X Reader(Male) by DarkHope570
Dead By Daylight: Laurie Strode X...by DarkHope570
As you are going for a job interview as a nurse. The Entity calls upon you to participate in an endless realm of life or death. It was all confusing to you at first unti...
Dead By Daylight : More Than Just A Killer by MemeLordAndLover
Dead By Daylight : More Than Just...by MemeLordAndLover
"They took many lives away, jet the they still so human. Unlike some others..." Sorry if my english is bad, english is not my first language. ⚠️Spoiler for th...
dead by daylight memes (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by Sam_Morrison
dead by daylight memes (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)by Sam Morrison
Just a few dead by daylight memes. I laughed so hard so I hope to make you laugh too :3 They don't belong to me so much love for the creators
Killer Instincts (DBD x Male Reader) by 10BingusPingus01
Killer Instincts (DBD x Male Reade...by ❤ Bingus ❤
A young man stuck in a killing game. The objective? Escape or get killed. But can he do that when all the killers look so cute to him?
Upon the Gaze (Ghostface X Reader 18+) by FountainBa
Upon the Gaze (Ghostface X Reader...by Milk✿Vampire
In my boredom in quarantine, I got back into classic horror movies. I don't know why, but I find Ghostface to be oddly attractive. Maybe because he's a daunting yet goof...
Starstruck by Blood [DBD the Trickster x reader] by Cutiepiedoom
Starstruck by Blood [DBD the Trick...by Doom Senpai
Trials had become second nature to you and the pain and death barely seemed to affect you anymore. You couldn't remember how your old life was like before this, just the...
From the Sky // Susie x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
From the Sky // Susie x M!Readerby raku.
[HIATUS] Lemme cut it short for ya~ (Y/N) is a expressionless boy, He is one of the smartest people for his age, He became a nurse to follow his mother's footsteps after...
Loop - Legion x reader by lol_Artiey
Loop - Legion x readerby lil_artiey
Legion is my favourite character from dbd, I don't care what players say, suck it >:D
The Game Changer | a Dead by Daylight x Reader Fanfic by Thorismyslut
The Game Changer | a Dead by Dayli...by ᚾᛟ ᛚᛁᛝᛖᛊ ᛗᚨᛏᛏᛖᚱ
[ DISCONTINUED ] You were walking in the woods with your dog at night, both enjoying the peace and quiet. But once you two were an hour away from home, a smell of fire b...
Wilted Frenzy by Light123hazerd
Wilted Frenzyby Light123hazerd
Lisa Rose was a girl that wanted nothing more then to be loved by her parents but sadly they only focused on her twin sister Ruby. She soon left only to find more despai...
Feral Frenzy || Susie x Female Reader by atreiiyu
Feral Frenzy || Susie x Female Rea...by Alexx
{Y/N} wakes up in the middle of the woods, surrounded by a thick mysterious fog after a car crash that should've been fatal. But she felt not a single pang of pain from...
Into The Fog - Dead By Daylight by SoggyTissues
Into The Fog - Dead By Daylightby Messy Issues
If you ever find yourself lost in the fog, be weary of who you trust, for not every survivor will have your back. If you wind up visiting the old Ormond ski lodge, don't...
~Male dead by daylight  x uke! Male reader oneshots~ by Aizaddy_Wheeze
~Male dead by daylight x uke! Mal...by RaspberryExplosion
Basically all of the male characters in dead by daylight x uke male reader oneshots, I'm gonna have a damn good time making this!
Remember Me (Michael Myers X Reader) by missesmurderer
Remember Me (Michael Myers X Reade...by Miss Murderer
the direction of the book has changed. Still lemons and fluff. But it got dark real fast.
Death Is Another Door ( Dbd X Male Reader ) by Father_Author
Death Is Another Door ( Dbd X Male...by ☕︎. . .𝐻𝑈𝑁𝑁𝑌✌︎
Y/N L/N a Famous Songwriter and Singer ever since you got away from an abusive household and started making songs with your first ever hit ' I Have No Friends '. After Y...
Our Mistakes || Dead By Daylight Susie X Shy Nerd Legion Male Reader by Frontful
Our Mistakes || Dead By Daylight S...by Frontful
I saw absolutely no fanfiction for Susie soooo... yeah.
The Gates of Hell (Male Reader x Dead By Daylight) by AerodynamicHotdog
The Gates of Hell (Male Reader x D...by AerodynamicHotdog
When people think of a Serial Killer, most don't think of a person who uses dogs in their crimes. You are a different case. Victims were discovered with chain marks and...
P r e y  by H0ney_Bee
P r e y by ✩𝔻𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕪✩
You've never believed in Entity's or ghosts. Anything 'other worldly' all of it was smoke and mirrors. Was. You remember leaving your apartment complex, stepping out t...