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Basics in Shenanigans! | QFTS 46 by undertalelover18a
Basics in Shenanigans! | QFTS 46by Xx_Alex_xX
We back this time I'll make a cover I promise TwT
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Any Way The Wind Blows by LuliWrites
Any Way The Wind Blowsby Luli Xú
A South Korean neurologist moves to Jeju City to start over after a fatal car crash. Even though he's determined to escape the pain of his past, a mythical selkie is int...
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Academy of Dragons and other abnormal beings by Splendid_Horrors
Academy of Dragons and other off brand Froppy
mythical creatures, teenagers, and sacred stones. what could go wrong?
MYSTICON: The Secret of the Water by overrdrreaming
MYSTICON: The Secret of the Waterby 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦
「 Mystic Series #1」 Sampung taon na ang nakaraan, hindi pa rin niya nakakalimutan ang nangyari sa kaniyang ina at ang mga mamayan sa bayan. Sa sampung taon na iyon ay si...
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Detective Magic by TheSurvivor1776
Detective Magicby The Survivor1776
Eden city, a place where anyone can be anything. "A city for all" in truth that quote is both true and false. Eden city is filled with kinds of creatures,both...
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My Sketch Book by CloverLilyWish
My Sketch Bookby Clover Lily Wish
It's my Birthday! (At least when I'm publishing this). So here's a little something something that I've been wanting to do for a while, but now I have an excuse to do it...
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Nowhere Companion Book by CatyaLeeFrost
Nowhere Companion Bookby Catya Lee Frost
The companion book to my story Nowhere
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Anywhere by CatyaLeeFrost
Anywhereby Catya Lee Frost
"We could go anywhere you know, anywhere." Serenity and Devan share their father's sense of adventure. From climbing trees to jumping in rivers the two never l...
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The Dragon Queen of Sol.  BTS fanfic by nightingaleWOLF
The Dragon Queen of Sol. BTS Wolf QUEEN
A girl who is just trying to survive in a world called life and college is thrown into a new one with seven handsome men who claim to be her royal knights and that she i...
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Something's Strange by AlexIsMyOc
Something's Strangeby AlexIsMyOc
You may not want to know, what's gonna happen.....
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Sky and the Heroes by Tiny_Dragonz
Sky and the Heroesby Tiny_Dragonz
"Why me though? I'm no hero. I'm a nobody." He smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder. The other five stood behind him, looks of encouragement on their faces...
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CROWN OF THORNS by queenhales
CROWN OF THORNSby — haley —
CROWN OF THORNS | pray to your dead, wear these thorns as a crown, and off with your head. [ original novel ] [ Book O...
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Journey Bound by Celestial_Dragon787
Journey Boundby FireDragon
Join Siren and the others on fun and interesting adventures. many adventures and mysteries await.
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My Ocs by alinefaerie
My Ocsby alinefaerie
Some of my ocs
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Heaven and Hellfire 02: The Heir of Kings by WilliamGabriel10
Heaven and Hellfire 02: The Heir Lord22
Relma Artorious grew up in the rural areas of Gel Carn, suspecting but not knowing her heritage. When the legendary sorcerer Gail Arengeth arrives and she overhears a su...
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Myth Games! (Roleplay!) by DragoonHooman
Myth Games! (Roleplay!)by DraconicAria
A roleplay me and my friends made, read to see the mechanics!
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【Undecided】BNHA x READER by CeliCruzz05
【Undecided】BNHA x READERby CeliCruz05
Y/n L/n She was a loner. Never depended on people, and never made a move to associate with any. She decided not to after her parents and children from her school who wer...
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Snakes in my hair? It's more likely than you think. by yancadoodles
Snakes in my hair? It's more yance
Juno is just an ordinary gorgon girl! She goes to an ordinary and boring school. She doesn't think of herself as a significant in any way. So why do bad things keep happ...
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{Comic In Process} by S-IT-S
{Comic In Process}by S-IT-S
This is for the people helping me make my comic
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