How to Destroy a Ri...
By miadaley17
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How do you get your hands on a whole load of cash? By manipulating an ego-centric rich boy, that's how. Sophie Wright wasn't always a Golddigger, but what's a poor college girl to do for money when unfortunate situations rob her of her part-time job. There were bills to be paid and family to support, so she needed a new source of money and fast. And that, my friends, was how Sophie Wright got herself into a new profession - Goldigging. Her mission was simple, get the cocky Nathan woods to fall at her feet. For someone as shallow as he was, all she'd have to do was bat her eyelashes, and the dumb boy would kneel down before her. And hopefully, the rich asshole's wallet would too. The plan was going to be almost too easy. What could possibly go wrong? ------------------ THIS BOOK IS COPY-RIGHT PROTECTED! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE THIS WORK AND PUT IT ANYWHERE ELSE. I WILL FIND YOU AND YOU WILL PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.


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How to De...
by miadaley17