A Dangerous Captive...
By mypleasingmemories
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Assassin x Mafia Boss - - - Adelaide is a trained assassin sent out to kill Romano Acerbi, the leader of the largest Italian mafia group there is. When her assignment to kill goes south, and she ends up tied to a chair in a dingy little room, Romano presents her with a choice - help him eliminate 10 different people and she will be rewarded with a generous amount of money, no strings attached. Adelaide is promptly submerged in a house full of secrets, backstabbers, love and lust, but she only hopes to leave and gain her freedom. Whether she will actually be able to do so is a completely different story. - "What's your question?" He took a step toward me "Kiss me." - TRIGGER WARNING FOR VIOLENCE, ASSAULT AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. COMPLETELY EDITED Awards! First place winner in The Flower Awards First place winner in The Green Leaves Awards First place winner in The Snowflake Awards Third place winner in The Scripturam Awards Rankings ! #4 in Love #4 in Fiction #3 in Murder #2 in Mature #1 in Seduction #1 in Dangerous #1 in Violence #1 in Humour If you've made it this far, just read the damn book pls and thank you

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