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Marriage Not Love by KrishMew
Marriage Not Loveby Krish Mew
This is a Vegas Pete fanfic and i don't want to give any spoilers so read the first chapter then you can understand the story line. This is Mprg Concept. Thank you for c...
Mend The Broken Heart by SnoffyJolly
Mend The Broken Heartby my bias is.......
Everyone has their favorite and so is mine too, let's welcome- 'TAWAN'.
Waiting for you by KrishMew
Waiting for youby Krish Mew
Vegas Pete story... "Do you marry me Vegas?" "Huh?" "Huh?" I can hear his friend's reaction but Vegas didn't even change his expression and...
With You [VegasPete] by SongNamNing
With You [VegasPete]by Song Nam Ning
🖤💙 This story is about Kinnporsche series Second Couple. Vegas and Pete. this story include their love and care for each other and some mysterious story around them. T...
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His Unexpected Marriage by Asterix21
His Unexpected Marriageby Asterix21
What happens when two opposites wake up to discover they're married? Kaycee has always tried to be the perfect daughter, sister and girlfriend. But her life falls apart...
Ada's Story - Kinnporsche Universe by Iseul444
Ada's Story - Kinnporsche Universeby Choi Iseul
What if Korn, when his sons were little, killed an Italian mafia family and decided to adopt the boss' daughter? This is the story of Ada, the older adoptive sister of T...
Drunken Mistake..........or not? #Wattys2015 by isabella_linner
Drunken Mistake..........or not? Anna S
© Anna Hailings-Sharma My Loved One (MLO) Series 2 Book 1 Not your typical drunken marriage story! When Cassandra Hanson's step-sister Marcie announces her wedding to C...
Hateful Love ( Vegaspete ) by Prac_02
Hateful Love ( Vegaspete )by Prac_02
A marriage arranged by the heads of both the families brought Vegas pete together, but will they be able to make everything work amidst all the misunderstandings? There...
my destiny (vegaspete)  by best_thing
my destiny (vegaspete) by best_thing
"you successfully caught my attention Pete and I promise I will make you suffer" -vegas. what if kinn didn't send Pete to spy on Vegas but pete ruined Vegas...
SECOND CHANCE (completed)  by SL800811
SECOND CHANCE (completed) by SL800811
what if vegas died and was reborn again.. what he do with his second chance If there is a grammar mistake plz forgive. English is not my first language.
The Hidden Heir (VegasPete) by BetterUnseen
The Hidden Heir (VegasPete)by Aster
Forgotten Memory by shailikesbl
Forgotten Memoryby Shai Likes BL
Vegas lost his memory after being comatose for one month. Pete runaway from Bangkok when he discovers that Vegas doesn't remember him. Two years later, Pete saw Vegas ag...
Return my wing (Freedom) by CollectingSoul
Return my wing (Freedom)by Collectingsoul
FANFIC: Pete was traded by his father who didn't have enough money to pay for the debtor which he borrowed during gambling. Pete was brought by Mr Gun who was the head o...
Kiss My Scars (VegasPete) by BetterUnseen
Kiss My Scars (VegasPete)by Aster
A fantasy VegasPete Fanfic.
We'll meet again •Bible x Build• by MilkyReading
We'll meet again •Bible x Build•by MilkyWattpad
"VEGAS! NO!" "I love you Pete" "Vegas please no NO NO NO!" Tears streaming down his face One last smile from his lover..
Leaving Behind by BeaBYL241
Leaving Behindby BeaBYL241
Pete travels back in time to the day he first met Porsche. He wished to resign and live the life before he became a bodyguard of the major family to realize that it is i...
The Hidden Side  (Vegaspete) by lilith_061269
The Hidden Side (Vegaspete)by lilith_061269
Pete Saengtham is a bodyguard of the major family. Everyone saw him as a fun person but what if no one know about his hidden side? What if he suddenly show the side of h...
Promise Me Forever by marry2055
Promise Me Foreverby marry2055
Cara Davis My dad used to say two things when I was little: "Men are all the same" and "Don't fall in love with an athlete". I believed both, until h...
VP's family outing ; untouched scars by trinygrins
VP's family outing ; untouched TRINYGRINS
Theerapanyakul's first family outing with both main and minor families! Mainly focusing on Vegaspete and touching on old scars that was left unspoken. 18+ ahead for cer...
New Addition by Alvidachaaya95
New Additionby Alvida
Vegas and Pete's relationship was never an easy one neither when Pete was in safe house nor after Pete resigned for the main family.... They have many differences, fight...