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A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol.6: Welcome to Ylisse(x Fire Emblem Awakening) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol.6: Danilo Ciak
Before he could celebrate victory, the Rider finds himself in a world of magic and knights. Will he defeat the new dangers with the help of new allies?
May The Future Be Bright: Kiran's Story by RoBluZernnyMaruno
May The Future Be Bright: Kiran' RoBlu Zernny Maruno Venisk Re...
Fed up with his own world, a teenager that desires to become a scientist is teleported to other universe where he will find what he always wanted... heroes that fight fo...
the supreme King of Time ( male Reader x crossover)(Discontinue) by Arthurpendragon285
the supreme King of Time ( male Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n L/n was just a normal student at beacon Academy, a fan of Kamen riders cause there justice and peace and leader of a team, but one night change everything cause the...
Blue Fate | Fire Emblem Three Houses Fan-fiction by Edentopia
Blue Fate | Fire Emblem Three Eden M
Freya Larkern is a warrior and the successor to the noble Larkern family name in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Choosing to attend the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Mon...
The Exalted Rose (RWBY x Neglected Male Reader x Fire Emblem Awakening) by Shenron12
The Exalted Rose (RWBY x Red Dragon Emperor
A boy whos family doesn't acknowledge him runs away and finds out that he was apart of something bigger (I don't own RWBY or Fire Emblem they belong to there respective...
highschool DXD X Fire Emblem Male Reader (Rise of the new hero king) by Skashi15
highschool DXD X Fire Emblem Skashi15
One tragic day the land altea falls to an enemy unknown to the hero king, sadly both the King and Queen die during the attack, but were able to send their child, (Y/N) t...
Multi Wars: Fire Emblem Warriors by CushiCushi
Multi Wars: Fire Emblem Warriorsby CushiCushi
(Y,N), was just relaxing till suddenly a portal appears sucking him in to a whole new world, which was normal to him since he's bean through so many worlds already, but...
Fire Emblem X Reader (Completed) by bbub14
Fire Emblem X Reader (Completed)by bbub14
Hello my lovely readers! Want to request characters for me too do? Well, here ya go! I'll only post when someone gives me a request so make sure to request often! So, ma...
The Day in Askr of Magician (Male reader x Fire Emblem) by Doctmar123
The Day in Askr of Magician ( Rider Anime Lover
Joins (Y/N) (L/N) the Magician born and come from the Kingdom of Lucis in Eos. Of the comedy, heartwarming and romance!
The Butterfly Gamer (female Oc Gamer x High school DxD) by DarkNarukami112
The Butterfly Gamer (female Oc Dark Narukami
Lucina lived a normal life then she died.Shortly after she died,she was chosen to be a gamer.But that's the thing she's going to be reincarnated in High School DxD...thi...
All This Time by Shining18
All This Timeby ❤️𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰❤️
Byleth hadn't meant to fall in love, but a certain Deer won't stop following her around everywhere. "Say, Teach-" "Claude, I'm going to pummel you." ...
Male reader x ssbu harem by Reggie4Smash
Male reader x ssbu haremby Reggie4Smash
You are in the world of smash ultimate. I'm writing this because I haven't seen to many of them Cover by TakerArts
Dead Money Man (Red Dead Redemption 2 x Male Reader) by RWBYCheesecoffee
Dead Money Man (Red Dead RWBYCheesecoffee
A member of the infamously vicious O'Driscoll gang has to adapt to a new life after an encounter with the Van Der Linde gang.
Fire Emblem: Unlimited Blade Works by Dragonslayer413
Fire Emblem: Unlimited Blade Worksby Dragonslayer413
Shirou Emiya Male Reader x Fire Emblem Awakening #1 fireemblem - 8/22/2019 #1 staynight - 5/20/2020
♡ SSBU One-Shots ♡ by XxWellHereIAmxX
♡ SSBU One-Shots ♡by ꧁ ❤︎ ꧂
~Enjoy!~ • Y/n will be a girl • No Lemons, Smut, etc. but there may be suggestive themes • No boy x boy or girl x girl • Only 'x Reader' stories • CRINGE AHEAD :D Reques...
Fire Emblem: 3 Houses X Reader Oneshots by Iwishtocommitunalive
Fire Emblem: 3 Houses X Reader Iwishtocommitunalive
So, I've heard that you like Fire Emblem. I do to. Welcome to the monastery, friend. Here, you will be able to find some adorable scenarios with different characters! Ok...
Super Smash Bros One-Shots (Discontinued) by ClaraAngel88
Super Smash Bros One-Shots ( Clara
Just some one-shots of various Super Smash Bros x reader. Requests are closed for the moment. I DON'T DO LEMONS. I am up to doing girl x girl and boy x boy now, even tho...
Three Houses Reader Inserts by Aqua_Fiction
Three Houses Reader Insertsby Aqua_Fiction
My first x reader stories ever! Lets see how it goes... Cover art is mine. Y/N is female unless specified otherwise.
The Angel of Razgriz by Jedisage
The Angel of Razgrizby Jedisage
"When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself... first, as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death upon the land, and then it die...
Fire Emblem memes by Juxxjix
Fire Emblem memesby Luca
《Finished》 Just some memes for the Fire Emblem fans out there.👌😫🔥 (!!NOT MY MEMES!!)