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Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Pokemon by Crazy_Fan_Girlz
Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Po...by Fanfic Writer
Moving from Kalos to Galar was very difficult for you. You didn't like much about the Galar region. You especially disliked the Champion, Leon. What happens when a twist...
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Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader x Leon) by KingGEURGE
Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader...by KingGeurge
The Dragon Tamer, Raihan. The Pokemon Whisperer, Y/N. And The Unbeatable Champion, Leon. They will encounter many things throughout their relationship, read to find out...
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Pokemon: The Shadow Battler by draknn
Pokemon: The Shadow Battlerby draknn
He was known only as The Shadow Battler, the King of the Underground. Nothing was known of him, not even his name. He only used a Luxray to wipe the floor with any who d...
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Ash's Twin Sister  by Blackpanda234
Ash's Twin Sister by Kira Linero
I'm Amanda Ketchum and my dream is to research all of the Pokemon in the world. (I forgot much about the Pokemon series so this will be my view if Ash had a twin sister...
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fates collide // an ash xy love story by hasaparty
fates collide // an ash xy love st...by Hannah⁷✨
When Ash receives a prophecy from Olympia that he will meet the love of his life at the Kalos League, he is both excited and confused. Turns out someone quite peculiar g...
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The Quiet Champion by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Quiet Championby 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
Ash Ketchum,After losing to Trip at the Unova League,He was heading back home with his younger brother,Red and he stumbled upon them and he was betrayed.They also kill h...
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Caught by SpicyChcken
Caughtby Elena↞
[ Professor Sycamore X reader ] UNDER HEAVY EDITING! As the champ of Kanto, you had certain responsibilities and had to fight trainers trying to take your title. This me...
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The Four Guardians of Earth by Aqieane1286
The Four Guardians of Earthby Aqieane1286
Ash Ketchum is a 7 year old kid back then, when a wild Usarang attacked him and Gary. He fought the pokemon and unlocked his aura abilities. And with that, Ash turned ou...
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Naruto World as Vulpix by Kira-no-Yukagure
Naruto World as Vulpixby Kira-no-Yukagure
What happens when Suzuki ends up in the Naruto work but as a Vulpix? Read and find out what happens!!
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Pokemon: The Queen of Kalos by ZenithSSawyer
Pokemon: The Queen of Kalosby Zenith Sawyer
(Ash x OC) All is well for our heroes, Ash and his friends, continuing on their Kalos journey. However, after seeing a performance by the Kalos Queen and Champion Zenith...
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Fairy Tail Eeveelution by Oathkeeper133
Fairy Tail Eeveelutionby Oathkeeper133
Elena is a Pokémon trainer who wants something better in life. Being the champion of the Kalos region was fun at first, but now it's just a burden to her life. She wants...
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Parallel Lines  (N Harmonia X Reader (Female) by FatWheatThins
Parallel Lines (N Harmonia X Read...by FatWheatThins
(Y/n) moved to Unova with her overprotective vulpix from Alola. What happens when she goes into the forest to meet Pokemon and meets a boy who is just like her? Will s...
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Izuku's Guardians by straycat0718
Izuku's Guardiansby straycat0718
In just one word, Midoriya Izuku lost everything. His friends. His parents. His home. Everything. That's how he knew that born as quirkless was a curse. But then, he is...
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Y/N's kanto adventure by JeAnnSong
Y/N's kanto adventureby Je Ann Song
Join Y/N as he travels with ash as they travel kanto. What will they see , who will they meet , what pokemon will they catch ? Read to find out
The Darkness That Needs Light (Necrozma Male Reader X Highschool DxD) by TheWyvernRider
The Darkness That Needs Light (Nec...by TheWyvernRider
( Pokèmon Necrozma Male Reader X Highschool DxD ) The brightest black crystal is here for revenge on the supernatural. Will he get his revenge or will he fall from the s...
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Pokemon High (male reader insert) by BlueVegetto
Pokemon High (male reader insert)by Vegetto Blue
Join the adventure of Y/N through Pokemon High
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No need for eyes by 7_squad
No need for eyesby 7_squad
At the age of 4, Izuku Midoriya was involved in something causing him to go blind. Watch as he gets into U.A and surpases the class greatly. (There will be a gender swit...
DARKNESS(neglected and abused darkrai reader x rwby) by ICANREAD265_2
DARKNESS(neglected and abused dark...by ICANREAD265_2
The darkness is the only thing that Y/N has ever known he was born in it, molded into it, and then he became the darkness after years of abuse from his family and he see...
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The GIrl With No Trust (Pokemon Fanfic) by HaileyXOXOkiller
The GIrl With No Trust (Pokemon Fa...by HaileyXOXOkiller
Some say I'm perfect Perfect long blond hair Mesmerizing blue eyes Others say I am a disgrace They are both wrong My mother is my star My father is evil My mom left us a...
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Ash Betrayed: The Collection by Pokemon_fan_13579
Ash Betrayed: The Collectionby God Himself
A collection of different Ash betrayed stories with different shippings and different stories to tell. I do not own the rights to pokemon and there will be NO lemons, bu...
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