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Pokemon Special School by YellowFan98
Pokemon Special Schoolby Yellow
Pokesupe AU. The Dexholders are perfectly ordinary children living perfectly ordinary lives, and like ordinary children, they have to go to school. This is their story d...
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The Ultmately Heroes! by MollySharpe182
The Ultmately Heroes!by MollySharpe182
A Pokemon fan fiction story your bound to enjoy! Genre: adventure of course! I'm a huge Pokemon fan myself but all credits for the cover must go too plush child
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The mishap by SharpClaw45
The mishapby Jaden
When espeon kisses jolteon, umbreon sees them and starts fighting with jolteon. Flareon comes in and tells each eeveelution to tell their pov's. Find out what happens in...
Love Live! Pokemon Master Project! by KyleKagamine
Love Live! Pokemon Master Project!by KyleKagamine
Honoka begins her journey through the Pokemon world. Disclaimer: I do not own either Pokemon or Love Live.
Pokemon x reader by Pikachu-Is-Life
Pokemon x readerby Pika-Chibi
These will be a series of one shots. Most of them will probably be reader as the trainer and I try to not to specify on gender. I do requests!
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My favorite Pokemon by Lucario75123
My favorite Pokemonby Lucario75123
Talking about my favorite Pokemon
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Pokehuman One-shots by dratiinii
Pokehuman One-shotsby brave man
Just a bunch of random one shots that involves Gijinka, aka Pokéhumans, and the reader.
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Pokemon/Pixelmon One-Shots (Open) by Autumn_Espeon
Pokemon/Pixelmon One-Shots (Open)by Autumn
Pokemon/Pixelmon One-Shots. Feel free to request a one-shot! Currently: Open
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Dedorian Civil War II by YanoZ1
Dedorian Civil War IIby YanoZ1
This book is about Dedora's second Civil War, Dedorians versus Caliberians. This war raged on for 5 years and follows the young heroin Lily. I do not own Pokemon, Ninten...
For a Big Heart ♥Book Two♥ by Lil_Jackie
For a Big Heart ♥Book Two♥by Bσσкѕ Gαlσяε
[Book Two] We're back! It has only been a short month since Wendy Marvell, the Sky Maiden, and her best friend, Carla, has joined Fairy Tail. Even when she has been on h...
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A Trainer's Journey ( A Pokemon story still in the making) by photographedwar
A Trainer's Journey ( A Pokemon st...by photographedwar
Charlie is a average teen in the kalous region. When his sixteenth birthday rolls around its time to start his new life as a Pokemon trainer. With his new friends and...
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Kagerou Project x Pokemon Crossover by Kido_Tsukaru
Kagerou Project x Pokemon Crossoverby Tsukaru Kido (Call me Karu~)
Time is slowly coming to a stop... Kido and Kano have to prevent this from happening. With all the time gears collected, they have to place them in Temporal Tower before...
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Eeveelutions by Evora_Woods
Eeveelutionsby Evora Woods
This book is about the eeveeloutions. I am crazy about eevees so this book will be filled with eevee facts. If you have any questions about eevee be sure to ask cause I...
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PokeCommunication by Lucario664
PokeCommunicationby Lucario664
Have You Ever Wondered What A Pokemon Is Thinking Whilst Battling, Inside A Pokeball Or In a Daycare? Well This Is The Books For You! It Os Full Of Funny Things Like Pok...
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Pokemon one shots by XxhayleighhxX
Pokemon one shotsby hayleigh
Just a bunch of one shots that involves everything Pokemon (especially Pokemon ships)
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RocketShipping~Denouncing The Evils of Truth and "Love" by DjFennekin
RocketShipping~Denouncing The Evil...by ➷ gwen ➹
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Right or Wrong (Ash x OC) by KillerSmiley90
Right or Wrong (Ash x OC)by MyDudeBaljeet
Mia Bellafonté AKA Amethyst is part of a secret organization dedicated to capturing Pokemon to use them as weapons. She had always believed that she was doing the right...
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You Look Familiar (Rewrite) by poke-fangirl
You Look Familiar (Rewrite)by Amethyst Jewel
It's here!! The redone of You Look Familiar!! Yay!!! For those who are new here's the description! In this story Kotone is a new student with a mysterious and haunting p...
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My Adventure in Johto region by Fedor14cool
My Adventure in Johto regionby Fedor14cool
Join Jc and togepi while they travel the Johto region and make fun memories! I hope you read it! Enjoy! The pokemon, pokemon world, pokemon characters in game(SS/HG) and...
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