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Klance: Truth or Dare by SevenSidedStories
Klance: Truth or Dareby SevenSidedStories
The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°...
The Omega With Blue Eyes by Lexi323
The Omega With Blue Eyesby Lexi Right
Lance McClain has wondered his whole life if anyone will be able to look past his Omega status and love him for him. When he meets two Alphas, Shiro and Keith, he feels...
Here,  Lancey Lance by yOuArEdEd
Here, Lancey Lanceby yeet my oof
-A Shklance Fanfic- Some how Lance forms cat-like features. How will the team react? How will his crushes react?
Nightmares (Klance) by nerds_are_king
Nightmares (Klance)by BlueEyedBeastie
Lance's nightmares are getting out of control. It's affecting his and the team's performance, but he's at a loss for how to fix this. Apparently sleeping next to a warm...
baby lance by love-smart-hinata
baby lanceby Plum
Lance gets hit by a new weapon the Glara made and is now a five-year-old. Palatines of Voltron will now be able to know how lance act like as a child.
The flying Paladin by Elliahrose
The flying Paladinby Rose
Everyone is born with animal traits. Whether you're born with ears and a tail, or claws and fangs, everyone is born with something. The most common is to have some relat...
The wings to fly (langst) (klance) by I_Want_A_Lemon
The wings to fly (langst) (klance)by I_Want_A_Lemon
In this world everyone that was born on earth is part animal angels are the rarest cause they have the ability to fly and heal. Lance is an angel and had a troubling lif...
Why Do I Matter Now? by Melancholic_Lotus13
Why Do I Matter Now?by Lotus
"So I'm just a goofball? I'll show them that they're wrong." Lance McClain is someone perceived as a goofball. He changes quickly and effectively, being silent...
Space Mom Lance by ladysheepdragon
Space Mom Lanceby crazygirl
This is just a little story about our favorite Cuban boy in Voltron. Lance the sweet, caring guy he is takes cares of his family no matter what form or who is in it. In...
The Bond by timidStar
The Bondby Star💫
While on a mission Lance and Keith Accidentally inhaled a chemical which should have been deadly. Instead of dying, The boys formed a special type of bond with each othe...
Klance - Heat by ediblesocks
Klance - Heatby ray
1 week power-saving drill. The heats off. 3 blankets, 2 pairs have to share a bed. Lance is warm. (i was 14/15 when i wrote this, i'm now 19 and really wish i had the p...
Langst OneShots by merrrkl
Langst OneShotsby Merrr
I will list any TW's in the oneshots I DONT OWN THE COVER ART!! Cover Art by: Sakura-Petal91 on Tumblr (Also thank you to Gay-ragh for telling me!!)
It's been days [KLANCE] by victorhughoe
It's been days [KLANCE]by victorhughoe
Lance is annoying, awful, can't take anything seriously and is a huge jerk. -Keith Keith is arrogant, awkward in the worst way possible, and has no emotions. -Lance Just...
Secrets by Lance2249
Secretsby Lance2249
We all have secrets but some are greater than others. What if Lance lied? What if he was still lying? When Lance was 5 he found out an old family secret. His family was...
Lost Time by americasings
Lost Timeby Space Armstrong
Allura held her brother close for the last time three quintants before her father shoved her into a cryopod. More focused on a poor alien prince finding out he's eons ol...
~~langst~~ (one shots) by very_anxiety_noodle
~~langst~~ (one shots)by Blue
{FINISHED} I've decided to make a fanfiction solely based on angst (ok maybe a little fluff). Lance is my torture victim. I would really appreciate requests! This will...
Our Baby Blue ( Shklance)  by freakygirl263
Our Baby Blue ( Shklance) by Winter Fawn
you read the title
How to Sign I love You by trashynightwing
How to Sign I love Youby Mrs. Grayson
UNDER EDITING Lance was always half deaf. He never told anyone except Keith. However one day his secret was revealed because of an accident... I don't own Voltron!
 The Loud and the Alone by Vol_Voltron
The Loud and the Aloneby Idk 12:46?
No one gave it a second thought whenever Lance would go quiet when someone mention family or Earth or how Lance should just be quiet sometimes. No one noticed until Lan...
My Mate (Lancelot) by DipityWizard
My Mate (Lancelot)by 🍀
Updates Whenever I Can! What happens when the son of Zarkon. Prince Lotor himself was at the age of needing a mate, or well he has been for... Four years, but no one sui...